Being a teenager is all getting through those abrupt disruptions that pass through your life. Summer showers are few and far between but lately when it does rain it's like all hell breaks loose. It's like Noah's great flood with that epic ark of a ship. With global warming and that whole drought thing, it's been a dry summer (in more ways than one) - sometimes a sudden downpour is just what you need.
Global warming, I don't really know whether or not believe it's true. Some people believe it's just apart of the natural hearing and cooling cycle of the Earth, whereas other people like former presidential candidate Al Gore or Bill Nye that eccentric science guy are absolutely adamant that it's like the biggest thing that we as the human race will deal with. I'm still undecided personally, but I think the whole holes in the ozone (like in the Avengers) and greenhouses makes a lotta sense. Besides the weather lately has been an absolute mess. Like no meteorologist, no matter how ridiculously good looking or dim witted can even come close to predicting or forecasting anymore. It's officially been the hottest summer in history, like train tracks derailing like XXX: State of the Union, and tar melting on roads. That ish cray, grass is more than dead, only gifs from the Wanted (Max & Jay impersonating dry soil) can relay the desert style dryness, like the Earth is ashy currently. The drought and famine, the dying crops and the water shortages are like taking us back to biblical tines up in here. Then there's the freak storms and flash floods that just happen out if nowhere. Whatever you believe doesn't really matter, just get ready for the downpour.

Speaking of downpours, I've had an unreasonably wet few days. Saturday was an absolutely ridiculous day. My sister, Bianca, and I get dressed and ready to go out and run some errands while our parents were out of town (hell out of the state for that matter). We're about to go outside and the heavens open to the hardest, wettest and sloppiest rain of all time take over the Earth. We grab an umbrella and brave the torrential downpour. Let it be known that I have never ever driven in the rain, and I just had to do it with the windshield wipers going full force was unbelievable. I couldn't see more than like 20 feet ahead of me, the massive puddles on the side of the road were no help either. Drifting through done water ponds and going at a snail's pace. The roads were a splishy splashy mess. We're about to get on the highway, and someone had crashed so police were blocking the exit. Like damn, I made my first u-turn and we almost went back home but used the back roads to get to Wal-Mart. Only one town over and the rain was nonexistent. On to DSW for Bianca to get some high heels, y'all know I was not finna be waiting for her to try them all on. We head back home and car after car is just scrapped or flipped on the side of the road. Wow, what a morning, apparently nobody messes with mother nature. Downpour crises averted.

Let me tell you how completely terrifying it us for you fire alarm to go off in the middle of the night. It was 4 am on Tuesday, I still hadn't even gone to sleep from Monday (don't judge me, I watched 4 straight episodes if Greek on Netflix *I've made it to the Jesse McCartney 'Andylicious' episodes). All of a sudden the fire alarms where wailing their heads off like nobody even knows, I just hid under my covers and pretended to be asleep until my parents went downstairs to check for flames. Let's just say I have a pretty good idea what really set the alarms off the signaling one in the basement yet to have it's battery changed, so that lie sufficed for mom & dad. You all know when it rains it pours. Bad news seems to pile on and on, until you're drowning in it like Hilary Duff "Coming Clean" music video. But there's always that life jacket (Blue Lagoon: Awakening anyone?) to save you and soon enough the clouds depart and the sun starts to shine again. It can't and won't rain forever (there's a fixed amount of water on the Earth) - don't worry, whatever keeps raining on your parade will have to subside sooner or later. This morning it rained and the thunder that followed the lightning shook our house and woke be up. Rain is such a powerful thing, giving life to dying grass, and also flooding it. Put on your goulashes, bundle up in your rain coat and get ready for the downpour.

Being a teenager is all about being ready for whatever comes your way. Even if you're on a curb and get splashed with foul as hell street water, you'll eventually dry off. Getting wet in the rain is not the end of the world, and that also goes for any hardships or circumstances pertaining to your current teenage life. Summer is almost over, let the rain pour, let it come down, and wash it all away. We all need that downpour.

My blog post question for the day is ... when was the last time you got soaked to the core? Uhm, remember my first chemistry exam and being soaked to my boxers in my plaid shirt and khaki pants. I was literally dripping and sat in my seat, creating a puddle under my chair. That's classic.


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