Being a teenager is all about facing your fears. Everyone, and I means literally everyone, and everybody is afraid of something. It's what makes us human, imperfect, and for teens it's what keep us grounded. Even if it's not a specifically ridiculous fear like some of mine, heights, ski-masked burglars, elevators, fish, spiders, snakes, and all insects especially bees & wasps (let's just say I'm not an animal person) - it's a broader fear like of failure, being hurt relationship-wise or death. It's normal, and natural - but when you learn to deal with it, or better yet conquer it, that's when you can make the most of your life. Superstition is not the way (Raven Symoné sit).

Superstition is one of those things that can drive people up the wall crazy. This past Friday was Friday the 13th, the third one this year (the maximum possible in a calendar year) - each of the occurrences were exactly 13 weeks apart as well. People were going bloody mad (the UK & Aussie invasion has corrupted me) for no reason. It's just a freaking date, and a day no different from any other. Letting some legend, myth or whack job scary movie get the better of you is just plain ridiculous. Chris Brown said it best, "Boo, boo, you gets no love" for all of that nonsense, hell nah. Chill the heck out and calm the eff down. Nothing's going to happen to you, Jason or Freddy Kreuger will not be tormenting you via dreams and what not. That creepy doll Chuckie, Jeepers Creepers, Psycho, Scream and Scary Movie - the list goes on and on - Bloody Mary (homegirl is a hangover drink with a celery stalk for goodness sakes, really) and Paranormal Activity. It's all just scary stories to scare you senseless, and if you let it get to you you're going to be walking around a mess instead of "riding around and gettin' it." Letting the crazy take over is not going to get you anywhere, and it's true the freaks really do come out on Friday the Thirteenth (Nicki Minaj voice "guess who's playing Jason") because everybody just seemed to be acting weird. Maybe it's just a figment of people's imaginations or horoscopes or psychic readings, whatever. All I know is y'all need to get a grip and get on over it - your instability is showing and it's highly unsightly. Overcoming fear is all about mind over matter. Your fear comes from somewhere, a memory, an incident, or maybe even a person. When you can figure out what that trigger is you can learn to work past it. Sometimes you've just got to expose yourself to your fear and realize it's not so bad. Like I've downgraded my fear of bees/wasps, I no longer straight bolt and runaway (which was super embarrassing) so it no longer dominates me not wanting to go outside in the summer months. Elevators, I'll use them and don't need to hold on to anything as long as no one jumps around (I don't play games with that crap - if I die my parents would kill me). Heights, I don't like to look over edges and what not, and roller coasters are scary as hell, but I'll ride them (and ugly cry right afterwards like Kim K) but if was crippled by this fear I wouldn't be able to even get to school, hence the whole airplane thing. Fears can tamed as long as you're willing to work on them. Use the help that's available if need be, your college has tons of resource and high schools have counselors to help manage these things. You've got this, superstition, no thanks.

Weird would be an understatement to describe Friday. I spent the majority of the day cleaning, just because. 7pm rolled around and I was supposed to play tennis with my friend Gabby, at the clubhouse but she was running a little late. So I get all dressed up in my all white like Wimbledon John Isner or Jamie Baker and prepare to play some tennis. Time keeps rolling by the and the sun slowly starts to set. I end up actually getting to watch "Summer Adventure Weekend" on Disney Channel (don't you dare judge me). Brand new ANT Farm, and Jessie - which I love. Two and half hours later, it's finally time to play some tennis. Christian and his friend Jamire, drive me over to her house in the neighborhood over, and after an instagram-able picture is taken, we're off to the courts. Freaking popped open cans of balls (lol, balls) and brand new rackets - I haven't played tennis since Spring Break back in March. Let's just say we both might have been a little bit of a huge mess. Double faults were not a good look and missing the ball completely was just plain sad. I was sweating, wholeheartedly and having an amazing time. After 4 sets, where I lost (whatever) - it was dark, and pretty much impossible to see the ball come flying over the net so it was time to make our departure. Home to shower up, and the three of us guys drove through the grass (since my dad parked his car behind my mom's in the driveway) over to Gabby's house to hang out and watch a movie. No one can decide on what to watch and it's slim pickings, after a failed Kat Williams comedy movie, we settle on Iron Man 2, which was actually pretty good (still like Captain America and Hawkeye better). We're all in her movie theatre room geeking out, telling stories from school, dying laughing and just having a chill time until the movie ends. Just after 2 am, and Christian, Jamire and I leave to figure out what to do. We pull out of her driveway and we see this cop SUV pull into the daycare parking lot adjacent to Gabby's house and bust someone. We stop to watch from the street until the policeman shines his flashlight thrice in our direction. We take off and decide to go for some Steak and Shake. Yeah, it was that kind of night. We take the highway, where they're like repaving the road (supes rando, ya know) - and there's police cars everywhere pulling people over left and right like it's their job (oh wait, it is). We make it to S&S and get our food from some overzealous workers and stop by the nearby BP for drinks. The sketchy gas pumping patron who kept eyeing us, and just the general creepy vibe we were getting from the night. It was Friday the 13th. We make it back to our neighborhood where another cop pulls over a truck for no reason whatsoever directly in front of us. So freaking weird, just more superstition working it's crazy. Saturday, same old same old - more tennis, with me getting even more sweaty and us tying for another 4 sets and getting back into our old rhythm. I watched the One Direction "A Year in the Making" special on Nickelodeon (already had seen it online last November - Directioners > Directionators) showered, and changed some light bulbs. I listened to music choice who played some of the Wanted and 1D while I vacuumed and went to bed. Uneventful night, superstition dispelled.
Being a teenager is all about overcoming the thing that gets you most. Having fears is not wrong it's letting them control your life and preventing you from doing things that is the problem. You have the power to take control of anything that scares you, there's nothing too scary, too much to handle, or too far out of your comfort zone if you're willing to confront your fears. It's up to you to do what you've got to do to displace the superstition and gain back that sense of reality. Superstition, uhm no.
My blog post question for the day is ... what's your biggest fear? Me, I would have to say losing any members of my family. I know eventually we'll part ways, but when that day comes my life will literally end, and until then I don't think about it.


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