Don't Wake Me Up

Being a teenager is all about making bank when it comes to a deposit in your daily slumber. Summer is the best time to lay around, doze off and not be reprimanded for it. I'm urging you to sleep all you can and lallygag as long as possible. After college, there's no such thing as a summer vacation (unless you become a teacher) so it's best to live it up while you can. Let the music play, dim the lights, and post a sign - don't wake me up.

First and foremost, for those of you who have been dying to know I am on twitter (My Twitter Account) and instagram (@drjotengii) - so follow me there for even more teenage ridiculousness through witty tweets and photofiltered madness. Secondly, on the topic of the title of this post. Yes, this has to do with Chris Brown. His latest album, "Fortune" just dropped and it's definitely worth buying. He's an amazing singer, dancer and all around performer. I read so many reviews and all the authors would write about were his past mistakes, and not even the topic at hand, his album. You can like a song without liking the people who sang it, and leave the past in the past, let's move on. Don't wake me up means to me that sleep is a teenager's best friend (BTW, that episode "Frenemy" was literally perfect, best episode so far). Sleep is like our staple, bread and butter and the highest necessity for us to function properly. So many nights during the school year would I spend wide awake, sitting in the bathroom or on the ground next to my closet while my suitemates slept just doing homework. It was literally crazy. Everyday I would fall asleep everywhere I went, including class, labs, meetings and club events. That ish cray. Let's just say I was more than a mess during the school year, and definitely did too much. This fall, something's gotta give because I will no longer sacrifice sleep. You shouldn't either. It's imperative that you get as much as possible, but too much is also that too much. You're 8 hours is great, anything over is being wasted. Wake up when you need to, and sleep when you can. It's good for you. You heal when you're sleeping (trust I know, the few times in my life when I've had pimple *so like 4 times in total, thank you flawlessness - the next morning after a good night's sleep I was back to being boyishly handsome) and it keeps those bags from under your eyes and those crows feet from your face. Plug in some tunes and drift off to a dream world. Just don't wake me up.

What have I been up to the past couple of days that relates to this blog post, well I've been doing the summer thing, like it's my full time job. I've been lazying around like nobody's business (oh my goodness, that reminds me of my Krypto the Superdog reference). Monday, I was busy adding events to my google calendar for IRA and hardcore obsessively coming up with RHA (residence hall association) ideas. Truthfully, I'm so excited for this year - not only am I going to run train like freaking US Olympians Ryan Lochte or Sam Mikulak, but I'm going to look good doing it. Here's som examples - "Candy & Other Drugs" massive candy bar with a drug expert panel) - "Neopolitan Social" (tons of free ice cream in weird flavors to learn about diversity) - "Mocktails Happy Hour" (risks of drinking and give out fun-flavored non-alcoholic drinks) and my favorite the Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction (students donate food, clothing or items for a local charity to get chips/money to bid on donated prizes, trips etc.) - so many more ideas. Speaking of sleep, I keep a pen and pad by my bed to write ideas I come up with while sleeping (that's why shouldn't wake me up). I also designed t-shirts, let me know which's one your favorite in a comment below. I did some follow up, businessy stuff and spent my night watching CSI: NY on TNT with Bianca. Uneventful Monday, but well played when it came to getting not that much done. One thing I've learned about sleep is that you can answer of lot of questions just by resting on it. Don't wake me up.

Some days it feels like sleep is the answer to all of life's problems. But seriously, it really does help a lot. Whenever I've got a problem, I just sleep it on out and almost always by morning I've got the answer. It's awesome. I know I'm super sleepy when I fall asleep with all my clothes on and my mouth is open and I drool a whole lotta bit. That's highly foul and totally TMI but you all love me. Tuesday was spent watching Big Time Rush's trip to Bel-Air (Fresh Prince montage and Antonio Riberio "Carlton" made a guest appearance) and eating a shat ton of Eggo blueberry waffles. I also took a trip to the pool in the neighborhood where we have a club membership since we purchased a lot (like the land you build a house on) and just never moved. The place was like empty, which was weird since it was 95 degrees out and blazing. It was my brother Christian, and his two friends, Collin and Nick just hanging out in the pool telling hilarious college stories. Oh, so many laughs - it was completely chill. Their iPhones all overheated in the sun, #teamAndroid and we dipped out (literally). Brother and I took a trip to Popeye's for some blackpeopleproblems and the mix up in breasts and thighs occurred, awkward. The breasts are massive, we wanted thighs. Gas station run for candy and it's back home to just relax. Late night talks happen with Bianca where we reminisce about our old lives as little kids and all the stupid things we used to do. It was so nostalgic, and so weird to realize that we can't actively access a lot of our memories of our childhood. That's years of information, happenings and memories just locked away. To think about our old lives was mind blowing, especially since how much we've changed, aged, and grown. It's like a dream. Don't wake me up.
Being a teenager is all about getting your summer sleep on. Y'all know we need our beauty sleep, we're teens, and we don't need to be looking ratchet. Get yourself together, keep yourself in the up and up with the upkeep and let it be known that if you have the audacity to awaken me from my slumber, I will end you. Don't wake me up?

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite song to wake up to? I would have to say the Wanted "Rocket" since it's so inspirational and not corny.


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