Crunch Time

Being a teenager is all about doing the impossible in the shortest amount of time possible. Yes, I understand that by definition doing the impossible is literally impossible, hence the word, and having something go from impossible would make it possible - but who cares. Summer is slowly winding down, it's picking up speed and heading for the bend before we're officially back to school. Now is when you've got to make your dying summer wishes come true, prepare to enter the battlefield known as school again, and get it all done with what little time you have left. This is crunch time.

Let's start with the basics of back to school. First and foremost, you've got all those things you need to purchase for your room, plus school supplies, and most importantly clothing for yourself. If you're like me, and the word self-sufficient has no meaning to you (as in mom & pop magically supply your monetary needs) then this, my friends, might be the best time of the year. If you're absolutely lost and have no idea what to purchase (especially if this is your first year of college) have no fear my most viewed blog posts are here to save the day. Here's my patented and overzealous list for guys College Stuff List Guys & even more excessive list for all the ladies College Stuff List Girls - and you're welcome (Sadie from Awkward. voice). Those lists have everything you need and more to fully stock the small box of a room where you'll be spending the next year, getting way too close and personal with your inevitable roommate(s). It even includes numbers of each clothing item (apparently, in college you can have too many clothes - as demonstarted by my entire freshman year experience). If you're like me, and your college is ridiculously far away (oh University of Vermont - why must you be impossible difficult to get to; no direct flights from Cincinnati, 16 hour car drives, no train routes and no busses, eff you from your favorite campus celebrity, Joey O) - then mailing your stuff is the only way to go. Good luck with that (Fedex and UPS are your best bets, not excessively expensive and you can track your shipments, which is highly important). I'm telling you to get your stuff for school as soon as possible. If you're going to wait until you get there to buy it, you'll be out of luck. Teenagers and their overbearing parents run ragged through those stores and take all the good stuff. You'll be left with sloppy seconds, and what scraps are left for you late boomers and not so smart shoppers. Especially if you're designing your room obsessively like I did - order your stuff or buy it now so you get what you want and it all matches, perfectly (as it should). Now that you've got all those frivolous school supplies, food wants, and res. hall room necessities out of the way, we can get down and dirty with the best part. Clothing shopping. It's crunch time, kiddies, come and get it.

The best thing that ever happened to me was going to college. Not because I actually loved college (because I didn't - it was mediocre at best), or because my college is 60% women (it's noticeable, but with like the least diverse school in the entire universe it was slim pickings for even crush-worthy girlies) - it was the fact that I got to completely redo my entire wardrobe. I went from normal high schooler with touches of prep, to full on, preptastic, practically perfect prefect. It might take a lot of convincing, but if you can, I would highly suggest getting your parents to spend a little (or if you've got it yourself) on choosing your look and running wild with it. The thing about college is that you can absolutely wear whatever you want, so take this time to look your best (the best you that is). Be yourself, and express it - especially when it comes to clothing. But let it be known that you might want to look your age, wearing things that will make you look like a prepubescent wonder kid is not going to do you any good. Get your act together, hop on the latest trends and update that lion, witch, and the wardrobe. Guys, I've got you covered - if you're a mainstream guy with pretty much generic style your essentials this year will be dark wash skinny jeans, button up cardigans, plain colored t-shirts or henleys (the buttoned thingies) and full colored sweatshirts/zip-ups. This year, I'm stepping up my prep game and going all out with an array of blazers, even more plaid shirts, stylish jackets, and suspenders (braces if you're British). Every campus has it's own vibe and style. My campus is all about flannel shirts (there's a difference between flannel and plaid, learn it), drug rugs, cargo pants/shorts, vans and obscene t-shirts. Me, I'm not about that life and I like to look more than put together. In my hall I was told that I was overdressed, on a daily basis - which was fine, because it meant I was doing my job well. The stores I frequent, Abercrombie & Fitch (the factory of all my prepped out obsession), Hollister (same jeans, lower price), Jack Wills (British preppy perfection), American Eagle (for basics like sweatshirts, sweatpants and plain colored tees), H&M and American Apparel (suspenders, cardigans, socks & other necessities). That's pretty much it. Other than checking out the websites' looks to live-in, I'm channeling One Direction all the way (hence the plaid, cardigans, blazers, jackets & suspenders) - I'm like all of them in one. I also buy almost all my clothes online, more selection, and easier to put it all together. It's crunch time, grab the plastic and go crazy.

Lastly, it's time to get your last few things done before you head off to college or just back to school. I'm talking about those obligatory appointments, last minute hangouts and packing. Me, I've got dentist, and optometrist appointments coming up. Teeth check ups, refilling my contact orders and getting a new pair of back-up glasses are definitely apart of the "look." Next it's time to send out of my final round of text messages to all my friends to hang out. I leave for UVM in 16 days and since I'll be traveling next week, I'm running low on time to see some of my favorite people. A dinner just last catch-up session does the trick, complete with picture taking for mementos sake. I've got to say my goodbyes and see you soons but realistically I won't see them in person again until winter break (well Thanksgiving if we don't all have family stuff). It's always sad, but that's when you know you're actually heading off to school when you depart from your friends. It's important to see the people you care about before you go so y'all know your friendship status (I'm two years out of high school, the friends from high school are few and far between) and if you'll be keeping up digitally when school starts. Finally, there's the packing. Do it as soon as possible, wash your laundry for the last time a day or two before your departure date and clean your room for goodness sakes (who wants to come back to a mess). It's unreal to realize summer is coming to a close, but it's crunch time. Get going.  

Being a teenager is all about getting into go time. When you're running out of time, it's up to you to get it all done anyway. Make lists, check them twice, and head out to get things done. It's time to stop procrastinating, cease and desist the lallygagging, and get er' done. Time's running out, and summer is almost over. It's crunch time people.

My blog post question for the day is ... who do you channel when it comes to style? Y'all know I rep One Direction hard, other than that it's a variation of them all.


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