Washed Away

Being a teenager is all about handling your emotions. College is going to stressful situations you can go through as a young person. This is not the Carrie Diaries from Sex and the City or even Greek. This is real life, this is happening now, this is what's going on with you. Some people say that emotion is the driving force of all human beings, maybe I do, maybe I don't. All I know is that emotion is one of the strongest forces a person can have in their lives. Allow your body to be tantalized, let your heart run free and let your emotions wash you away.

Some things and people just have this hold over you, and whenever you interact with them you just can't seem to shake it. Somethings you just replay in your head over and over again. It's crazy how we always seem to remember the bad an overlook the good. Have you ever really thought about all the things that are happening your life? In retrospect when you stand back and look at your life you realize that the good outweighs the bad. It's just that the bad stands out more. I know for me that there are moments that are just too much for me to shake. I think about them all the time and I can't seem to forget them. Whether that be an awkward social interaction, the times I embarrassed myself, or when I called someone staring at me, they culminate like a tidal wave and wash me away. I get wiped out, overwhelmed and overrun by the power of those moments. It's too much to handle. Too much emotion. And too much of things that you don't want to deal with. Do you just laugh and shrug it off, or do you let it get you soaking wet? Teens all like to say that what other people think about them doesn't have an effective but let's be honest it always does in someway. It hurts. It's scary and it also sometimes makes you smile. Where the emotion takes you is solely up to you and you alone. It can take you up so high but also crash into you and take you to the deepest, darkest depths of yourself. Advice- don't let your emotions get away from you, but do let them manifest themselves as they come. Let it all wash away.

Let's just start off by talking about our feelings. Feelings are such a weird thing, one of the underlying plot points in the Vampire Diaries is humanity and how that means feeling, anything and everything. This season of 9O21O is shaping out to be one of my favorites so far because of how much actual emotion is being conveyed in all the storylines, thank you. Now, that has all been said in done - feelings, emotions, or that rainbow jazz if that's what you want to call it are apart of each and every one of us. There's this common idea that mean aren't supposed to cry, they shouldn't show how they feel and all this other crap. Let me tell you that that's why we have all these crazy ridiculous heinous crimes going on in college, boys (and I use the word boys, because real men know how to express themselves) don't know what to do with themselves. They sit around and play video games, vandalize property, cat call women, party and drink their sorrows away. That's not normal and that's not healthy. Y'all need to find an outlet for yourselves and stop using boredom or inadequate placement of your emotions as an excuse to terrorize the rest of society. (Excuse my rant but it had to be said). If you're a guy and you have emotions that doesn't make you weaker, a "puss-bag" or a "homo" (that's childish and completely opposite what's actually going on here) - it means you're a normal person. Honestly, the womens they love the men who know how to properly show all of themselves (aka my entire existence, ladies love cool Joe). Get it together and put yourself out there, talking about your feelings is only awkward if you make it awkward. That lump in your throat, the welling of tears under your eyes, or the twisting in your stomach, that's your emotions trying to make their way out of you. Let it happen, feel the weight being lifted off of you, and let it all wash away.
My week has been an ocean of emotion to say the least. Monday for me started off with class, after class, after class. I took a break and went to a dining hall #thingsthatneverhappen to meet up with underrepresented minority students who were visiting to fill them in on my escapades at UVM. Truthfully, would I recommend this school to people of color - probably not, unless they were willing to be open to not only teaching people about race, and learning from other people (and prepped to be offended all over the place). If they're up for that, then they should come here and accept the challenge. It's not for everyone, that's for sure. Monday afternoon was spent writing a midterm essay via iPhone diction (thank you Siri or Graham *what I named my phone) and playing Bejeweled Blitz. I had a meeting, of course, and it happened - end of story. Tuesday meant another awesome tennis class (legit love that stuff, highlight of my crazy busy weeks) where I played one of the students, Garner, as we tried to beat the court. Let's just say we might have epic failed. Office hours happened and I went to work uploading pictures to facebook and sending multiple emails like it's my presidential duty. Biology lab came super fast and it went by rather quickly as my partner and I powered through some phylogenetic tree making. More paper writing and bit of studying get sprinkled around before I'm up to Wednesday. Tomorrow's the big day, another organic chemistry exam. I hope I'm ready, I feel ready, but I'm also terrified to fail. Wish me luck. Let's see if I get washed away.

Being a teenager is all about being in charge of what you feel. Sometimes you have a say in what you're feeling but then there's other instances where emotions just take over and you're along for the ride.  We do our best to hide, repress, and pretend that were not feeling some of things we feel but it comes a point in your life you have to be real with yourself and lets you emotions run the course. College is the time to unleash your emotions, don't be afraid to fee. Let your feelings guide you. Your feelings are your inner moral compass. They're unique to you and you alone, and it's one of many things you can use them to navigate your collegiate life. Don't just get washed away.

My blog post question for the day is… how do you feel currently? Me, right now – I feel alive. I feel a little worried about the days to come, but I feel hopeful for the future.


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