Balancing Act

Being a teenager is all about managing your life. For me, being in college is like being in the center of a circus. Everyone and everything is flying by, there's people watching, and all eyes are on you. You're the main act, and eveyone's just waiting for you to impress them, or even better yet mess up. It's like walking the tightrope or high wire, with all these expectations and things that you do. Whether it be finding a balance between extracurricular committments and academics or sleeping verus social life - or my current favorite entertaining even the idea of joining the dating scene. It's a balancing act, and a tough act to follow - top that.
Pretending to be normal, and I mean actually pretending is like the weirdest thing for me about college. It seems like everyone knows me, and me not so much. Whenever my head starts to swell, I'm thankful for my roommate, Patrick, and suitemates, Jimmy and Joel, to keep me grounded. They keep me DTE (down to Earth) and pragmatic. Here's a vlog about learning how to balance out your life.
Balancing my lactate act this year has been harder than ever. I didn't think it was actually possible to be busier than I was last year, and somehow I currently am - like what kind of life is this. I feel like Lucy Lawless as Xena Warrior Princess or maybe Kevin Sorbo as Hercules - just an overall badass in a world of craziness. Monday for me was mundane as ever, I made it through my classes zoning in and out of real consciousness. I spent my midafternoon break eating a grilled cheese sandwich and falling asleep to the sweet sounds of boybandom. I literally gives none, I was tired as hell and super sure I was going to get an actual nap, but nope - no rest for the weary. Somehow I was kept awake and after that is time for biology lecture. Zipped through that, counting the minutes until class was completely over. You woulda thought I'd be done, but no such luck. I took a pitstop in the Davis Center and hung out in the UVMtv studio to listen to music and just chill. Balancing school work and all my duties as a major player in this whole UVM community thing might be a whole lot of overwhelming. Like that ish cray, I'm cruising for a mental breakdown any day now. Finally time for Board of Trustees Student Selection Committee - but I'm not allowed to talk about it - so there, that's all you'll get out of me. After that meeting I definitely felt like a little kid masquerading as a grown up. Everyone else seemed so put together, and more mature - but maybe that's just my mind playing tricks on me. Back to my room to lay around and pretend to do homework - and by pretend, open a textbook but sit on instagram, facebook, and twitter browsing instead. Over to the office to have a super awkward stint in the lobby bathroom cleaning out the gargantuan cotton candy machine in the miniaturized sink. It was ridiculous, just splashing pink sugar crystals and water everywhere like it was NBD. Another executive board meeting rolled by (confidential; not really but deemed unbloggable) and it homework time. I took time to sit down and just sit before actually settling into writing my biology lab report. Yeah, 2 am bed times are not a good look. All I know is when I'm snuggled with my teddy bear in my bed struggling hard not to break down in tears with how complicated my life is - that's when I'm doing my balancing act the most.

Almost everyday I'm truthfully amazed at my ability to do all the things I do. It's really unbelievable how a single teenage boy can do so much. Like it shouldn't be physically or mentally possibly, but I do it on a daily basis. Balance it all like a crumper in stilts. Tuesday meant waking up with a cold ass brick city draft in my room. I refused to get out of bed but eventually had to and get dressed. I missed the bus because I didn't bust my ass on the stairs and run (I knew it was coming and just power-walked). I ended up having to walk to the office but it was cool since it gave me time to get my mind right and my head on straight. Walking alone is one of those things that brings clarity for sure. With my office hours I was super freaking presidential, sending out tons of emails and making phone calls and leaving messages. Hilary Rodham Clinton has got nothing on me. Back to the Heights to change and get ready for tennis class. Serving and working for outright winners was what it was all about. I double faulted so many times it wasn't even funny. I was straight embarrassed, but at least my stroke was good - damn, give a brother a break. Back to my room to shower and head towards the office. In a godsend like fashion I caught the bus. I spent my next office hour doing a phone meeting which was new and I felt super old, like how old really am I; oh just 19 - because that's normal or something. Back to the suite to work on my bio lab report and attend lab. We went over how to properly write a scientific paper and all that data was just too much to handle (probably since I was fighting hard to stay awake). Done and done, and it was off to Waterman to pick up my graduation cap & gown (say what?) from convocation at the beginning of the year. I get to keep it for when I graduate in two years (jumping the shark hard). I entertained a long phone call and then got lost in the basement of that building. The place was a maze down there, finally I found a way out and booked in back to my part of campus (which would technically be all of it, #lolz). I got the mock-Thanksgiving dinner and went to my room to watch the season premiere of 90210 season 5. It was literally perfect and I actually cried (I don't care, that's my life) - too powerful for my own good. Later in the evening I went to a supplemental instruction session for organic chemistry - well dang, I didn't know how much I didn't understand until I got there. The instructor dude was awesome, I learned so much and he explained it super well so I'm feeling way better about the material now. More meetings and a YouTube session to introduce Krabby Patty to Bon Qui Qui. Day's done, 2 am once again. Balance that act.

Being a teenager is all about learning to get things to fit. Sometimes they may all work perfectly together, other times, things will be a complete and total mess. It's all up to you to tame the wild circus that is your collegaite life. Crack the whip, run the show, and be the ring master of all that is you. It's a huge balancing act.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the hardest part of being in college? This whole love life thing may or may not actually work out for me. While I'm constantly on the search to find the Michelle to my Barack - dating in college is a work in progress.


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