Building Blocks

Being a teenager is all about making a fresh start. It's about laying a solid foundation, and having a sturdy base (Bring It On pyramid). If your very foundation is shaky, sketchy and a little shady, you can't even think about moving onwards and upwards. It's just like kindergarten (Gabriela Montez) where all you had were lettered cubes to construct magnificent imaginative towers of wonder. Go back to those basic fundamentals. These are the building blocks.
they say that you should follow
Relationships. What a trivial thing? Who even knows how they actually work? Is there like a rulebook somewhere that I'm just not reading. It's like I'm socially smart, but I haven't had all the training necessary for this kind of thing. It's like those ridiculous commercials where the old people have fallen and they can't get up. (I hate those commercials). Sometimes you just fall behind and you have to make do. But, there's always time and room for you to grow and learn. College is the perfect time to venture outside your comfort zone and do things you usually wouldn't. You got nothing to lose #yellow right? Take a risk, take a chance (and breakaway) and throw your hat in the ring. You never know who will be interested. You've got to show a little heart and put the ball in their court (like an NBA Baller). Once you've all the cards on the table it's up to them to reciprocate. But one thing, if once, just once someone displayed any interest in me that would be new as well. I understand we're all shy as hell, and timid like shrinking flower rinky-dinks, but feel free to approach a guy every once in a while. Just because my life might be a real imitation of the Perks of Being A Wallflower (only when Charlie hasn't been kissed) or even Drew Barrymore in that undercover reporter movie (Never Been Kissed). You've got to start somewhere and college coeds sounds like a great place to me. Racking up those building blocks.

Every story has a beginning (sounds like the tagline to ever movie ever) - but it's the truth. It's like all those HGTV shows where they lay the concrete basement and build up from there (screw House House - Drew and Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers are the bomb, hilarious and the stuff they would with those houses in mindblowing). People just expect things to happen out of nowhere,  uh huh no - they need to be initiated (spontaneous generation like isn't a thing). You've got to give a little to get a lot. That brings me to this past weekend where things were just a little bit crazy. Everyone (as in all the people who happened to appear in my facebook timeline, twitter feed, or instagram stream) went to the ratchet alcoholic debauchery wildness known as the Barstool Blackout Tour. So first and foremost, underage drinking is illegal, secondly pregraming and binge drinking are dangerous as hell, thirdly - being groped, fondled and pushed around by a room full of inebriated bros and sloppy biddies (yup, appropriate use of that derogatory term) is not my idea of a fun Friday night. But it happened, and Saturday morning was like a mass walk of shame, like the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt after the tenth plague, only way less holy. I got up and got myself together for an unseasonably warm (dare I say hot - well I was looking it, but that's besides the fact) day which entailed another event. An autumnal themed family festival took up most of my morning and part of my afternoon. It was a great time for sure, connecting with community members especially those classy kids is always worth it. Lots of students came which was unexpected but greatly appreciated. Y'all know I got my airbrush tattoo (choo-choo train, derp) and did the broomstick relay races (tripped and slammed my face on the ground, of course) like it was my job (oh wait, it was my job). Everyone there helped out so much and made it more than worthwhile. We now have a great basis to make this an annual event for sure. That part of my my day ended with me mustering up the courage and being prodded to break the ice and talk to this girl who I have all these feels (hopefully y'all speak tumblr) - aka hhhnnnnnggggg or oomph would apply here (if you don't speak internet learn from Jack and Finn Harries Twin Internet Slang). That girl is beautiful both inside and out - we've got so much in common, it's crazy. Just speaking with her was like the hardest thing I've done all year long, my stomach was jumping around, my heart was racing and I could hear it pounding in my ears. But I did it - building blocks laid down. The rest of my Saturday was spent doing homework, and I even went to a little dance thingy later at night (uneventful) to say the least. I skyped my friend, Emily (aka Em-Spica from last year) with Sam before heading to bed. Sunday, was a struggle to do my work all dang day. I stopped by an organic chemistry session with our legit awesome SI instructor, Rob, who might be saving my grade in that class. Lastly, it was an epic 3 and a half hour Phi Mu Delta meeting to end my night. Oh too much brotherly bonding - building blocks. 

Being a teenager is all about forming the lasting bond friendship. It's about being yourself, and allow yourself to be seen and known by other people. It's about putting yourself out there, and letting other people see the real you. College is one of the few chances you get to display yourself always. It's up to you to show that you are in your purest form. These are the building blocks.

My blog post question for the day … is how do you want your house to look when you grow up? Me, personally I would like my house to be massive and an open place for people to come and be free. A safe haven of sort, and a refuge for all those less fortunate but unwilling to let that predisposition hinder them in any way.


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