Environmentally Aware

Being a teenager is all about doing your part to better the environment. We're all apart of this world and that means it's up to us to take care of it. It shouldn't just be special occasions like arbor day or Earth day where we actively take part in making mother Earth cleaner. That's like only doing your laundry twice a year, foul as hell. It's time to buckle down, strap on some gloves, and get one of those fascinating green thumbs (apparently they actually exist). This is environmentally aware.

Community service is one of those things that you should really enjoy. It feels great to help people and not expect anything in return. In college, there's tons of opportunities to get involved and give back to the community that you've become apart of but you definitely have to make the effort yourself. It's kind of like Dexter's Lab where Dee-Dee happens to ruin everything, and you've got a Mandark just messing everything up. A lot of people stop doing philanthropy because it was only a ploy to get into your dream school, but it should more than that. Greek life is definitely all about it, especially my fraternity, Phi Mu Delta. It's one of the major reasons I actually joined. I miss bringing smiles to people's faces and getting out and doing something for other people instead of me. Saturday morning began with me waken up in a Stewie Griffin like fashion where I stumbled out of bed, literally dizzy and a complete mess at 7am to sweet sounds of One Direction. I got dressed in my One Direction shirt and headed over to my fraternity brother Campbell's residence hall to meet up. We're walking and we see the awesomeness that is another brother, Joe C. aka JoeCo alias JC goes by Joey C (only to me) heading to his rally point. We soon part ways and Campby and I make the journey downtown to the "house" where a few of the brothers live together in residence. We discuss my application for a summer job as a camp counselor, and just life in general. I would definitely say I just happen to spend the most time with Campby, he's the surrogate brother I never wanted but fortunately got stuck with. We wait for our ride, Jeff to wakey-wakey but no such luck. We're tasked with walking, again, to the rendezvous point (who are we, Jeremy Renner and Tom Cruise) where Robbie, Bela, Derrick, JC and Baldwin are all present. We pile into the Jeep where I'm in the middle (as always, prince rules apply everywhere) and we've got two in the trunk. We find the park where we're supposed to be meeting with our site leader and helping pick up after some aimless driving and getting totally lost. We all armor up in latex gloves and tackle a steep hill covered in remnants of homeless encampments. Oh, it was a lot alright, everything you could possibly think of we found. We sign waivers and get some proper gloves before going back to work rolling out tires, picking up beer cans, and even some sketchtastic weapons. The entire cleanup time, Cambpy is rolling with the worst puns of all time, like Rebecca Black's friend by her right bad. We're all having a good time beautifying this otherwise neglected part of town and we pretty much get to talk and hang out at the same time. We play a makeshift game of baseball, and pile the trash into a dumpster via a bulldozer. We pick up some sweet treats and amass into the car. This time I'm in the trunk. Busy morning and an even busier day. We're doing our part to be environmentally aware. Relay for Life

Going green is not some impossible task that only certain people can complete. It's something we're obligated to partake in. If you know me then you know that I'm not that into whole "green" movement but since coming to college in Vermont, I've become more willing to make a difference. It all starts with the easy things like recycling. Bottles, cups, plates, napkins, newspapers, cartons - whatever, just sort it out properly and get your local dump to pick it up, most places have it available. Then there's composting, any leftover food can be used to make healthy, revitalizing soil, and you can add to it whenever possible. Green products, most things come in green form nowadays. I would suggest certified green products like cleaning supplies which lack the harsh odors of other cleaners and don't pollute in water run off. Then you can reduce your carbon footprint. Changing your light bulbs to CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs) is definitely worth it in the long run, it saves you money and the bulbs last way longer than regular bulbs and that offsets their more expensive cost. Heating and air conditioning systems can be programmed to turn off when not in use. Open your windows every once in a while and let the fresh air in, it's good for you and can reduce your electrical usage. Unplug your electronics when you're not using them, chargers, TV's, printers etc. Connect them a power strip and flip it off when you leave a room. Don't leave the water running when you're brushing your teeth or washing the dishes. One of the easy things you can do is cut down your shower time. I had to learn this when I came to school, I was like the Harry Styles of body care. Pull a Captain Planet and figure out where you can lower your energy intake. Most "green" things are not only good for the environment but can lower your payments as well. Now if you want to buy an electric car, or install some Bill Nye style solar panels on your roof, be my guest, but it doesn't matter to me as long as you're environmentally aware.

You don't need to be a wannabe superhero like Al Gore or Danielle Panabaker from Sky High to save the planet. You do smaller things in your local community to contribute.Buy a reusable water bottle and actually use it. Planting flowers, trees and fertilizing your vegetation is more than enough. Flower beds, forests, and orchards everywhere will thank you, maybe or maybe not. You can team up with your neighborhood for a vegetable garden when you all work together to produce crops that can be shared. It looks great, it's actually fun and you'll get to know you're neighbors. In addition to beautifying the environment you can travel smarter. If you're in the the city, ride the bus, the train, walk or even bicycle, roller blade, skate or scooter. Whatever fits you best, just so long as it's powered by you. Live in the suburbs or the middle of nowhere, carpool on grocery trips or travels into town. Going "green" is the latest fad in celebrity trends, it's like everybody's doing it. Jessica Biel, Bradgelina, even freaking Morgan Freeman ("Earth's" voice of god). The common misconception about going green is that it's expensive and only for guilty "rich" people or tree-hugging hippies. It's for everyone. Take your common household items like empty yogurt cartons, juice containers, or old bowls fill them with dir and plant away. Do what you can do be environmentally aware. 
Being a teenager is all about being conscious of your surroundings. Nobody in their right mind would choose to live in filth, so keep that in mind when making choices about how you affect the environment. Every little thing counts and we can all truly make a difference in some way or other. You don't have to be a hippie, tree hugger, or some unwashed heathen to care about your impact. That's between you and the world, nobody else. Just make sure you're environmentally aware.

My blog post question for the day is ... would you ever consider driving an electric or hydrogen-cell powered car? Me, I don't really know. As long as it's a Mercedes-Benz and looks  the same as the gasoline powered models, I wouldn't care.


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