Rock Your Body

Being a teenager is all about being spontaneous, random and free to try new things. The weekends are your free time to do just about whatever you please but making the most your time is highly important. Like Amanda Bynes (how the great have fallen) getting a DUI, important. Connecting with new people, making acquaintances and converting them to friends, laughing so hard you can't breathe, and smiling until it hurts are the best parts of the weekend. It's time to sweat it on out, break it down, and rock your body.


This was a completely different kind of weekend for me since the friends I usally hang out with Sam, Emily and Dzenan were all out of the state. Friday night I was a mess, with nothing to do I resorted to getting hooked on this old BravoTV show "NYC Prep" which is like a real life version of Gossip Girl - privileged kids in the Upper East/West Side of New York City doing what rich kids do best. Oh you know, just watched 4 episodes straight in one sitting on Netflix. It was that kind of night. Saturday morning, I got dressed in skinny jeans, a white thermal and navy blue/white striped suspenders (I'm bringing them back, like Louis Tomlinson style) to head over to my "Future Building" meeting with my Phi Mu Delta fraternity brothers. We started with introductions and then used a few intense games of restricted area tag to simulate optimizing recruitment strategies. Since I'm the VP of Records I got the opportunity to man the whiteboard and jot down all our ideas. Eventually our pizzas came and we broke for lunch. It's these random meetings that allows me to connect with my brothers, Derrick, Campbell, Bela, Connor, Joe, Stan, Dan,Gabe, Zach and Phil. So many inside jokes and too much back sass. We got through our day's program which lasted from 10am to just about 3:30pm - and by the end of it, everyone was more than done with each other. Don't you just love that brotherly love, it's like a classic Real World/Road Rules Challenge bromance up in there. Pit stop to the MarchĂ© for food and it's back to my room to watch another episode of NYC Prep. I legitimately have a problem. All of a sudden it's like 7pm and I see Jackie who lets me know we have to leave for the Alianza Latina "Comida La Para Guente" (Food for the People) dinner/dance in like 45 minutes. I'm tasked with showering and getting dressed up, commence shower singing and dancing in my boxers to the Wanted "the Weekend." Suspenders strapped, tie loosened and sleeves rolled up and we're ready to head over to the Davis Center to the Sugar Maple ballroom. We walk in and find a table and people fill in around us. It was at that moment, surrounded by all these smiling faces that I knew the night was going to be something different, special and a whole lot of wild. It was absolutely time to rock your body.

We get a speech from the founder of the food festival and her story is uncannily similar to our college experience so far at UVM. We snap a few pictures with our good-looking selves, suit up in gloves and prepare to serve the masses. I was in charge of corn and black salad, as well as potato salad and I scooped that stuff with a genuine smile. It was cool just to chit chat with half the people there. I even saw two dudes who looked like Josh Hutcherson from the Hunger Games and Cal Shapiro from the musical duo "Timeflies." Everyone was truly excited to be there and the food was so good and absolutely authentic. We watched a performance of some intense Latin swing and salsa before we were all invited to take to the dance floor. You all know all bets are off and it's about to be a party up in this thing. The group of us, Jackie, Tanya, Jay, Anthony, Rashida, Hope, Ryan, Marissa, Cassie, Stephen and I hit the beat right back to the deejay. Nic, Jackie's outing club buddy, joined the party and we all learned how to salsa and properly swing our hips. 10:30pm struck and we all decided it was time for a change of venue. We rallied, grabbed our jackets, and shoes and piled into an elevator. Worst idea ever, the jumping, the screaming, and the panic, way too much and too funny to handle. We're all walking in a huge clump, in lines, pairs, skipping, jumping and generally being the classic teenagers we are. I'm geeking out with Nic, who might have a funnier laugh then me - like how is that even possible. His laugh makes me laugh, which makes him hilarious and my new favorite person, like why aren't we friends. We get to central campus and enter Billings where the LGBTQA sponsored "Queer Prom" is raving like nobody's business.We drop out coats, grab glowsticks and dance our asses off. I'm telling you, I haven't sweated my clothes out that thoroughly for a few weeks. Good gosh, DJ Doughboy was amazing and every song was exactly what we wanted. Everyone lost it when the deejay played "Space Jam" and all hell brooke loose to BeyoncĂ© "Get Me Bodied." Nic and I flipped out when LMFAO "Shots" and "Sexy and I Know It." Balloons, bubbles, and some wild gyrating are going on all around us and it's a legitimately fun time. The queer community sures does know how to get down. The amount of rump shaking, booty popping, high jumping, and lyric chanting that went down might be legendary. Periodically you'd take breaks to get bags of iced tea (the cups ran out I had to go ghetto and drink out a bag of candy, relax). The congo line, show off circle, and line dancing make sure everyone is having a great time. Then there was those two instances where two guys told me I was cute - glad to hear that both women and men and find my teenage charm irresistible. Balloons, bubbles, and glitter are flying everywhere as every song you could ever possibly rock your body to is played. We stay until about 1:30 am just going hard with every beat drop, build up, and party rock. By the time we're ready to leave, we're all shimmied out and nearly on the verge of teenage death. We all back together, slowly losing people until we're back at the Heights making jokes, laughing to the stars, and aching all over. Bodies all rocked out, and doner than done.

Saturday night recaps are literally the funniest thing ever. Patrick, my roommate, is just hanging out in our room when I drag myself in and collapse on my bed. I just go to town on all the candy I've retrieved from queer prom and soon Jakey-Bear and his friends pay us a visit. We're just talking, retelling random stories and just being social. It's super chill and then the eyes start closing and nodding off. Our future suitemate, Joelly-Bear comes by for a classic late night bro talk and his stories are always the best to hear. So glad we'll be living together next year, we're going to be the best suite ever. So, just an extra two hours of talking goes by before we decide to crash. I hum myself to sleep and I feel like my bodies been rocked (take that however you'd like). This weekend was completely out of the ordinary which is what made it so different. I never would have thought to attend any of the events that I ended up going to on Saturday night. I thoroughly enjoyed them all, came out with new friends that I'll most deff be hanging out with soon, and made memories that I'll never forget. That's what college is for, these golden crazy nights where you go out of comfort zone, make a mess of yourself, and get a whole lot of hype. Rock your body all night long.

Being a teenager is all about do something out of the ordinary. You've got to push your limits, play it fast and loose and have the time of your teenage life. The Wanted said it best in "Rock Your Body" - "Take a risk and feel the rush, it's just begun a change in us, open your mind, and don't be worried about what you find, I can still see the old days in your face, we have grown and we own it all." Just rock your body.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite song to dance to currently? I would have to say either Chris Brown "Turn Up the Music" - the Wanted "Glad You Came" or Rihanna "Birthday Cake (Remix)"


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