Golden Forever

Being a teenager is all about being content with yourself. So many people try and find gratification and meaning for themselves from other people when they should be looking within for what makes them awesome. It's like being one of the Rugrats (before they were All Grown Up) and going on adventures with yourself and not caring what other people think. It's that goofy quirkiness that makes us all similar but absolutely unique. Don't ever change, stay golden forever.

Everyone talks about how much you're supposed to change in college but I beg to differ. I wouldn't say that you so much change during college, not like a Heidi Montag before and after cosmetic surgery, but that you become more you. You become more aware of who you are and when you accept it, that's when you've made progress. This year I've learned that I'm even better at everything than I previously thought, how is that possible, I don't even know. Not really, but I've learned that my personality type is rare, and it's called the catalyst. The person who comes in to any situation and changes everything, single-handedly. It totally makes sense because that's exactly me. I have that effect on people that I make that long-lasting impression like those awesome teenage dreams (not the complete confection) that you can't seem to shake. I go into places and change everything up, and always for the better. It's what I do, and I'm happy to say that it's what makes me, me. If you don't know, now you know. All the seemingly different things I do, like my inability to speak without making an allegory to some facet of pop culture or my ridiculous ways of doing everything over the top, it's all apart of that. If I was in One Direction I'd be "Daddy Direction" himself, Liam Payne because of my overwatching,  observant, cautious lifestyle and strive to come as close to perfection in everything I do. I've grown into that guy that shakes everything up and makes you glad you came. I'm ready to stay golden forever (Sonic Adventure Battle 2 reference anyone)?

Saturday night was one of those random days that you always remember. It all started with the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. It was an awesome show and all of my favorite people were there. The sliming was hilarious, Taylor Lautner got blasted in the face and even the first lady, Michelle Obama got hit with the green stuff. Will Smith hosted and the best part was when his own kids Jaden and Willow gave him sass on stage. Katy Perry and One Direction performed and the fabled blimps were given out. In the crowd was my future wife Keke Palmer, who performed at the pre-show, and Amandla Stenberg, Alexander Ludwig and Josh Hutcherson from the Hunger Games. Great showing and one of the better ones I've seen. After watching the awards Sam, Emily and I went over to Brennan's in the Davis Student Center where IRA's edition of Club 590 was getting ready to start. Pictures taken, hula-hoops passed and free smoothies everywhere. Clock struck 10pm and no one showed up ... not our fault, just that the chicas who are supposed to do the promoting just didn't do any of it. Whatever, I still planned on having a good time, and most of the IRA was there to join in the fun. I walked in shocked because I read on twitter that Ja Rule died, come to find out it was false and he's in jail for tax evasion, awk sauce. Knight, Liz, Grace, Tori, Tiffani, Kayla, Feresha, and Erica all did their best to plan an even that had the potential to amazing. No worries, line dances, "Call Me Maybe" and "Turn Up the Music" were the highlight of that dance-a-thon. Sam, Emily and I walked back to the Heights where it was back to studying. Who studies at 11pm on a Saturday night, oh wait we do. We're just eating cookies and candy while working on chemistry and burning the midnight oil. Even Lila and Harrison stop by for a hot second before getting back to the party life but we're absolutely happy with our night. I got a whole lot of homework done and had a good time doing it too. Judge or don't judge, but we'll stay golden forever.

Weekends seem to end up on fast forward. Sunday morning I got up and showered and was off to the Davis Center to attend the mandatory Greek Life New Member Orientation. I wasn't really having it at first but soon realized the importance of the entire thing. We started late but pizza and soda can shut any teenager up. Everyone was separated into groups like alpha, beta, and gamma/delta and we moved our chairs to the ballroom to watch a fire safety presentation. Good gosh that was intense. Afterwards it was large group ice breakers before we did smaller ice breakers which were actually pretty helpful. I made acquaintances with some really cool people and even found this girl who's from Cincinnati, OH as well. Awkward silences, uncomfortable glances and chronic teenage syndromes induce but I'm introduced to Elliot, Annalise, Chris, Hunter and Kurt who are all freshmen new to this whole fraternity and sorority thing as well. It was interesting as we went through the community relations seminar and the anti-hazing talk to realize that so many people were actually involved in Greek Life than I initially thought. I mean you just can't tell from looking at someone, it's not a thing. We end up in the governing room where I feel like I'm literally in an episode of Greek, the Pan Hellenic and IFC peeps Kimberlee and Alex are like real life versions of Casey Cartwright and Evan Chambers. I hang out with fraternity brothers Rob, Bela, Derrick and Phil (who baked us some bomb ass cookies) before heading over to a chemistry exam review. Just non-stop go, like it's NBD. Feresha is there and we sit there in awe like our professor was speaking a foreign language called chemistry. I change into formal wear and I'm off to my weekly UVMtv meeting where I get to see some of my favorite people, my castmates from our TV show, Luca, Hailey, Jack, and Allie. From there it's straight to Phi Mu Delta chapter meeting where I'm VP of Records and tasked with keeping the minutes and updating the calendar. Y'all know I color coded the hell out that thing right? Another classic meeting with everyone's personalities coming in to play. Snide remarks from Campby, straight to the point Dom, always social Jeff, personable bidding from Stan, sass from Zach and humor from Baldwin. We induct some new members, Joe and Connor and our brotherhood grows, glad to have them. Every week it seems we all become closer and our fraternal bonds just strengthen ten fold. I head back to my room where I realize I've yet to study for my impending African Religions exam. I just pop a squat in the bathroom (we've got chairs in there) and blast the UK's best kept secret band The Wanted's albums. They're similar to One Direction in that they're a boyband but their sound is more adult. All their songs are amazing but my personal favorites would be "Rock Your Body" - "Personal Solider" - "the Weekend" - and all of their singles including "Glad You Came" and the inspiration for this post, "Golden Forever". Weekend's over and I'm ready for the week, being me as always, golden forever.

Being a teenager is all about being yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. You've only got one life to live or you only live once so you should probs make the most out of it. If you were meant to be any different you would be, do yourself a favor and be the best you, it's the only thing you can for sure be good at. The quote, "stay golden Ponyboy" might apply here but you can just stay golden forever.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite thing about yourself? I would say my sense of humor would be my fave thing about me. It's one of my defining traits and I would say one of the most memorable things about me, if I do say so myself.


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