Struggle City

Being a teenager is all about your daily battles. I'm telling you, each day you draw closer to the end of the year makes it more difficult to stay on task. My capacity to care grows smaller day by day, as in I gives none. You're like done with life, more than over being at school, and you're pretty much incapable of showing enthusiasm for anything. We all know how you love Rack City by Tyga, well this isn't that. This is struggle city, and how to finish the year strong.

One of the worst things about college is the whole sleep deprivation thing. I can wholeheartedly tell you I've gone to bed before midnight less than 10 times this entire school year. It's literally crazy. I don't even sleep long enough to dream, like who does that. I wake up sleepy and tired, and go through the day fighting the sandman and his evil eye crispies. 1 am and 2 am are like the new "in" thing apparently when it comes to sleeping. Seriously, sitting up writing lab reports, typing up answers to questions, doing reading and studying for the impending doom that is exams is the worst. I may look all bright and cheery on campus all day, but I'm on the verge of a major breakdown, like Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian bad. I think one of the other things about being in struggle city is that everyone else seems to be perfectly fine. Let me give you a Real World reality check right here and now. People may not look a mess outwardly, but most people are currently just as much out of it as you are, so take pity and wallow with the masses. However, you can get used to the fact that certain majors truthfully do not constitute the same amount of work at all. If it seems like your roommate is always lounging on the green, taking multiple hour naps in the middle of the day, or trolling YouTube for Timeflies music videos, it's probably because they're major is arguably easier. It's a fact of life, some majors require less work. But you chose your major so you've got to deal with it. Complaining about how hard your life is or that you wish this or would love for that will not get any of your work done. Save the drama for you momma and push. We're all in struggle city in one way or another. Relish in that tidbit and let it be known that you can do this, push forward.

Motivation to continue on is at an all time low (the Wanted reference, boom kiddies). It's gotten to the point where everyday you count how many days until you get the sweet sustenance that is summer vacation. It's gotten to the point where everyone like hates everyone else. Roommates start having fights, friends avoid each other, and people just flip out on random strangers. It's like a Teen Wolf style madhouse up in here. The amount of rude, unnecessary, and unbelievable outbursts I've seen recently has just been out of control. It's like everyone is just spiraling to oblivion. There's no need to be crass, ignorant or uncalled for. Remember why you're friends with people and all the things you've been through and keep the crazy out. You're friends for a reason, no need to throw it all away because you're moody, stressed out, and a wild wench. Hold down the fort and let's keep it moving. People are throwing caution to the wind, letting a whole lot of too loose and just letting it all hang out. It's that spring fever that is taking everyone to struggle city. People have lowered their standards in more ways than one. Mmkay, here's the deal you get can with whoever you like but damn you've got to draw the line somewhere. Just because it's the end of the year doesn't mean you don't have to care. It's called STDs, hickeys, and meningitis, get tested for it. Downing alcohol, getting high out of your mind, and making out with anything that moves is definitely dangerous. You've got to keep it together and hold it down. You're so close to the finish line why compromise yourself now, for what to have fun. What's changed, you're still the same person, it's just the end of the semester. You know you're in struggle city when everyone else is passed out sleeping and you're sitting in your suite style bathroom sipping on ginger ale and studying for a chemistry exam. Yeah that happened this week, and it was definitely a low point in my life. Don't worry, you've got this. We're all taking a trip to struggle city.

Being a teenager is all about finding it within yourself to keep calm and carry on. You can do it. You're almost done, why give up now? You've come so far, you can go the extra mile. Life is like a Yu-Gi-Oh duel match, play your best cards, but save the best for last and go out with a bang. Keep a countdown and just keep moving on. It'll be over soon, and then it's on from struggle city to the summer life.

My blog post question for the day is ... what the most embarrassing thing you've done recently? Uhm, my general propensity to trip and fall, all over the stairs, sidewalks, in the bathroom, wherever. Someone is usually there to see, story of my life.


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