Being a teenager is all about doing anything and everything you want. Teenagedom is one of the most unique times in your life because you're in a situation where you have the freedom to do whatever you'd like. It's up to you to make the most of your time and in the final weeks of the especially, live it up to the best of your ability. Young, wild, and free seems to be dogma nowadays. YOLO is the motto or OLTL, whatever acronym you swear by (I personally like the One Direction Forever Young style "Up All Night" or the Wanted "Chasing the Sun" sentiments), make some memories. We won't be always be invincible.

Bouts of stupidity seem to creeping up all over campus nowadays. The countdown until the end of the semester is at 12 days, and that means everything is ramping up like none other. I'm talking like Giuliana and Bill Rancic excited when they finally moved in together ecstatic. This whole idea of invincibility has definitely been taken way too far though. People are just doing dumb, unnecessary and dangerous things. It's one thing to push your limits but to blur the boundaries and just go straight "that ish cray" wild is not okay. People always say "it's okay to experiment in college" but that's truly up to you. If you're not down to do something you don't have to do it. Lately it's been like party city, and not the costume store up in here. Alcohol everywhere, it's like the freaking fountain of youth (more like unattractive beer bellies) sprouting everywhere with beer bottles and cans laden in plain sight. Like damn, at least go back to keeping it a secret. Underage drinking is like a being a rebel in some kind of ways, some people get a rush from it, but it's illegal for a reason. Then there's the blatant drug use. Didn't we all take some oath back in sixth grade that we would never do drugs, whatever happened to boy scout's honor (Superman style)? Apparently it means nothing. The red eyes, the stanky ass clothing, and the totally confused wandering around may have been cool but now it's totally redundant. Staying clean is the new indulging in recreational drugs, get with the program people. Of course, there's the sex. People are hooking up and knocking boots like trapped bunny rabbits in cages. Like slow your roll crazy. Just because you're dancing with someone a whole lot of dirty does not mean you're obligated to make out with them. One thing does not have to lead to another if you don't want it to. Having sex and the significance of it has to be something you determine for yourself, but you need to make sure you can at least respect other people's opinions behind it as well. If a girl is grinding up on you something fierce, and you ask to do the dirty and she says no, she not some stupid hoe, or a dirty skank. Truly, name calling is pathetic and you're just made because you're not getting what you wanted, get over it. Girls, if a guy doesn't want to have sex with you doesn't mean he's gay, it may not be the right time, he may not be into you to that extent or just doesn't want to. It's called STD's, pregnancies and awkward experiences, they happen when it comes to sex. You're not invincible. Teens go around with this convoluted idea that they are untouchable, that nothing bad could ever happen to them, and that they're untouchable but the reality of the situation is we're all vulnerable. Things can happen, be prepared for it. Drugs, alcohol and sex can lead to some messy situations, invincible or not.

You must know by now that my weekends are always the most random. Friday night is spent eating a late lunch with my fraternity brothers as we waited for our national director. It's off to the TV studio for our annual club picture and some pizza. Time rolls by and all of a sudden it's 10pm. I get changed sporting some New England boarding school prep swag and catch the bus with Hailey G, Hannah H, and Anna G for a dress up party downtown. The bus ride is long and we stand falling every which way, I just cannot balance. I'm like Snooki but mobile and less pregnant. We get off downtown and walk the multiple blocks to the house party. It's the usual, people just playing water pong and hanging out. I'm just there to talk to people and hang out while others are downing drinks like it's their job. Soon the famous Jack Steele shows up in all his hilarity with his bro Jake, and our prezy Erik joins the party. I'm just facebook creeping, sending emails and content with just thinking to myself #thingsIdoatparties. Eventually the whole drinking thing gets the better of a person and some lovely Franzia-purple boxed wine induced vomit makes it's unwelcome appearance. That's the end of that, more people show up but we're on our way out. We stumble out of there in a dramatic fashion. We got this, but it's still nerve-racking to have a vomitter with you. We get to the bus stop where awkward social interactions happen. Let it be known that we're in college, so if you don't like someone you're not obligated to be friends with people. I'm just staying, I don't do fake, so I cut the crap and just walked away. We hop on the bus and it's jam packed. There's drunk douchey bros on board and they're just spewing away the most ignorant, uneducated, inconsiderate and despicable nonsense I've ever had the displeasure of hearing. Joking about raping girls, tearing up ass, and making fun of international students is more than pathetic. I get back to Heights after a hardcore tweeting spree. At this point I'm done with the night and all the stupidity. I grab a soda, and head up to my room to get ready for beddy-bye but not before a classic late night bro talk with Joelly-Bear (highlight of my night) and Emily makes me a sailor's hat for my awards ceremony in the morning. I knock out feeling unamused and currently not having it. There's no such thing as invincible.

Waking up early on the weekends might be the worst thing ever. It's like I never get to sleep in anymore, and it's been that way for like the past 5 weeks. Get me out of here and get me home ASAP. I get dressed and head over to my fraternity meeting with our national director. It's interesting to say the least. It's a whole lot of eye opening to get a broader sense about what goes on in the upper ranks of our organization. We all talk and two hours goes by. I head back to my room to change into my first lettered shirt (so Greek) and bear my sweatpants in public (I understand I broke my rule for once) and head over to Redstone Green where the Greek Games are happening. It's just Jeff and I for a while and we're not even able to participate in the first event. Soon more of the guys show up and I paint Zachy's face like Sylvester from Looney Tunes for the Space Jam theme. I've got to bolt and I break another one of my rules and run back to the Heights. I change yet again into formal wear and I;m out the door and into the Davis Center for the NRHH sponsored student leaders awards banquet. The food was so good, and with the nautical theme it was awesome. I snagged myself a captain's hat, as per usual and the awards started being named off quick. Soon we got to the Hall Council of the Year and our name, University Heights North was announced. We freaking won, and y'all know I yelled as loud as possible. That's just how it is, we dominate like a boss (Andy Samberg "I'm on a Boat" sequence commence). After pictures and congratulations to all the RAs, ARD's, RD's, IRA and Hall Council people it's back to the Heights for water balloon filling. It's slow going and it takes just under an hour to fill and tie 200. I'm more than spent and feeling less than invincible so I pass out and take a nap. I wake up and it's time for more water balloons to be secured. Soon night falls and it's just after 8pm when Emily, Sam and I meet outside to catch the bus. My newest buddy, the always energetic Nicholas gives me the greatest bro hug of all time and we head towards central campus. Awkward date stories are shared and we make it to our destination, the Caribbean Festival. We wait and line and get full plates of homemade food. It's all amazing, truly authentic and well prepared. Free food is always the best. Soon the beat drops and it time to get our dance on. It's island music so it's got some of those random beats and people weren't into it until this one song came on and all hell broke loose. Everyone was swag surfing to the left and then to right and just breaking it down all over the place. It's a totally different scene and a diverse atmosphere, a definite change from the usual weekend festivities. Just after 11pm we head back to our part of campus and cut through the tunnel where Nicholas gives me a legendary piggyback ride, and this is why we're friends. We're all silly, playful and down for whatever. I should have gone to bed then but no such luck. I talked to one of my brothers (the biological kind) and one of my best friends to reconnect until 3 am. Invincibility lost.

Being a teenager is all about realizing that you're human. The thing about teenagedom is that people think that they can't have imperfections, flaws and make mistakes. It's what we do, we're teens. Things don't always go your way. That's something I've had to learn this year. I can't control everything and everyone me, and that I'm only in charge of myself. It's like I'm a bionic Lab Rat something. You live your life the way you want to, and deal with the consequences but be warned, you may feel invincible but the reality is, you're not. None of us are. Play smart, stay safe, and get real. Real invincible.

My blog post question for the day is ... would you participate in the end of the semester Naked Bike Ride? Possibly, if I keep my boxers on. I'm just not down with exposing all the goodies in public, I'm a hot commodity and not a free show.


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