Practically Perfect

Being a teenager is all about keeping it 100 at all times (for those of you who don't speak urban slang) that means being real. If there's one thing I don't do is fakeness. I can't handle superficiality and two-faced nonsense. I'm real, and genuine at all times. What you see is what you get always. I've got nothing to hide, and neither should you. It's time to get a whole lot of honest and I'mma let you in on things that bother me about college. Let's face it, I'm practically perfect (JK, not really, but okay maybe or maybe not).

One of my best and sometimes worst quality is my ability to look for the best in people. It's great because it allows me to connect with almost anyone I come into contact with (except a select few people who I can't read and therefore can't handle - like Kristen Stewart awkward). I just meet people and instantly let them in to know the real me. I have a huge feeling that's probably why people seem to like me. I guess I'm likable. But there's that other side of letting people in too quickly and always holding them in an idealized light. I like to think as people as being perfect because I always seem them a certain way, like being hilarious, making me smile, or just hanging out. When I see them outside of that ambient light (like that weird limbo-type death room from HP7: P2) it's like a shocker. My opinion doesn't lower, but my idea of them is drastically change and I get that reality check. Everyone is human, they make mistakes, and do things that I wouldn't necessarily be okay with or make decisions I wouldn't advise. It's weird because I'm always waiting for that moment to come when I see another side of a person. Now that I'm in college, I realize it makes them even more tangible and easily related to. We've got to be real, if something seems to good to be true, it's most likely because that's the truth. It's time to put the naivety away, and get with the teenage program. We've all got flaws, don't be too surprised when you discover someone's or even your own. We're still practically perfect.

This week has been an eye opening one for me for sure. The past few nights I've just been talking with my friends and bringing up some of those controversial topics and the responses have been so varied. That's one of my favorite things about college, you can just talk about stuff just to talk about them. I feel like I'm in the Amanda Show "the Girls' Room" where anything and everything can be said. It's empowering and really cool that even though we all have different opinions we can still respect one another and accept them. Like for example, I was talking to my roommate, Patrick (who I refer to as Krabby Patty or Krabs, oh and BTW I despise Spongebob, that porifera literally pisses me off, like a seahorse in freshwater) about how I realized how different we actually are. I was talking about the "lifestyle" I lead. If you all don't know, I'm from Cincinnati, OH in the suburbs where everything is "bigger and better." Everything is about keeping up appearances and making your life look effortless and perfect. Is it tough, yeah sometimes, but for me it's normal and just something I do. It's the reason that all my clothes, including my boxers are planned out and matched perfectly. It's why I don't burp, or fart in the company of others. It's why I've never used a urinal in my entire life (okay, that's a weird one, but whatever) or why I don't use public restrooms, as in wherever I am on campus I'll come back to my room (*ideally) if I have to pee-pee. The high society I'm a member of is all about looking good and doing everything right. Manners, bright smiles, and perm pressed clothing are a must. For him it quite possibly one of the most ridiculous things he'd ever heard, and actually thought I was joking. I was like hardcore serious, like Lauren Conrad posing nude on Glamour magazine serious. Like one of those other things, I absolutely abhor sweating. I think it's the foulest thing ever. It's smelly, gross, and makes people look basic and flustered. I live by the motto, don't ever let them see you sweat. I would rather be late to class (and y'all know I can't stand tardiness)  that run and break a sweat and ruin what I'm wearing. That's the extent of my suburban life. Is it a problem, for some people I guess so. I idealize things like vaulted ceilings, driving Mercedes-Benz, having a manicured lawn, suites for bedrooms, buying things at the grocery store without looking at the price, and always being on the lookout for the best clothes. It's just a contrast to where I currently am, as in Vermont. I don't know, that's me, and it's practically perfect.

Just like Krabby Patty was floored by my love of everything lavish and always wanting the best and never settling, I felt similarly about the classically Vermont ideals. My ideas for standards are so high they're like the Wanted's song "Rocket" up in the clouds high. For example, why am I not currently dating anyone, because my criteria for girls is astronomically out of this world, and I refuse to settle (love is something you should never "settle" for - I'll wait forever for Keke Palmer, believe that). The whole eco friendly thing was cool at first but I got over it fast. It's great to recycle and what not, but composting is just too much to handle. Then there was that water bottle ban and I was like, get over it, just don't buy water bottles, there's no reason to remove them from campus. Things like clothing especially just don't make sense to me. There's stores I would never buy apparel from like Goodwill or Salvation Army (until coming to college I didn't even know that was like a thing people did). The whole tattered clothes, grungy, earthy natural stuff just doesn't fly with me. I just feel like people look unkempt and don't care. Like the dudes here have long greasy hair, like take a damn shower, and cut your hair. Having a "flow" is not a thing anymore looking like Jake Gyllenhaal in the Prince of Persia. For me, sex is a big deal. Me, personally am waiting for marriage, which is kind of a rarity thing nowadays. But in college lots of people are having sex including one night stand. I just think sex is such a personal thing, and especially if it's your first time, losing your virginity is one of those things you'll most likely remember forever. Just different ways of thinking, and it's all fine. We're all friends here, you can think whatever. We may be different but practically perfect. 

Being a teenager is all about being okay with you are but you should be the best you possible. Putting your best foot forward in all facets of your life is kind of like hella important. You only have one chance to make that lasting impression, get the girl/guy and make sure they remember you, so you'd better do your best do that. It's okay to change what things on the outside, because it's what on the inside that matters most. As long as you're fine with who you are, that's what really counts. Figure that out and you're practically perfect.

My blog post question for the day is ... in your opinion who would consider practically perfect? That's easy, one the people I look up to (other than my father *BTW's my dad is literally the definition of perfection) is Bill Rancic. He's literally awesome. So compassionate, down to Earth, dresses well, hilarious and highly successful.


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