Grow A Pair

Being a teenager is all about being bold. It's about putting yourself out there and throwing caution to the wind (wisely). It's about knowing when and where to let loose and go a little wild. You have to be willing to stand up and speak your mind. Your opinion always matters. Use your voice and grow a pair.

Morality and ethics are some the major dilemmas you come across in college. Every single day, what you believe is challenged and other people's opinions are going to be thrust upon you. Consider this, listen hear, and come share in my perspective. Uhm, I'm like no - what do I look like Steve Urkel (if you say yes, look at your life and then look at your choices, and then get your life) - I'm not gullible and I'm not having any of it. It's great and fine that you believe what you believe, but I'm not subscribing to your logic (or US Weekly, tabloids for days). The thing about growing a pair (excuse the metaphor, I feel like freaking Dom Mazzetti) is that it means you have the gumption and boldness to go forth and do you. Forget what everyone else has to say about the world, politics, the economy, American society, college, or even your life. Tell them to pause and fall back or fall back (you've got no options, deal with it people). Stop all the external noise and just take a moment to form your own informed (nobody needs to look like a damn fool running their mouth about things they know nothing about *cough, wannabe know it all fake ass hipsters; you all know you summer in Nantucket) opinion and then speak it out. It takes guts to go against the norm, to be a little different and to stand up for something that's not the popular opinion. You still owe it to yourself to do so, and take a stand, even if you're alone. Morally and ethically, nobody can decide what's right or wrong (it's up to you to save your own day). People are always trying to put each other down, to prove that they are right, and that they know more than anyone else, but don't believe the hype (like Game of Thrones, or the Walking Dead *not my style of TV). Grow a pair and say what you've got on your mind. Bring your piece and then be at peace. Nothing more or nothing less is asked of you. But, let it be known, that if you stay quiet and don't muster the courage to let your ideas be known or give your feedback, then you revoke your right to complain. Either be part of the movement, or get out the way. When you a grow a pair, you can call me back (loves me some throwback Ke$ha).

This week for me has been all about getting angry and getting things done. Truthfully, this week had be absolutely livid. I was not having any of it and was more than fed up with people and their nonsense (not the usual, like #firstworld-hipster general hatred kind). I feel like this week the world was testing my patience and my ability to not blow up at people. It was crazy, like Amanda Bynes impersonator whacko. Three separate days where I would just have to sit and process after people's actions just made me question their sanity. What are you intentions with how you treat people, why do you say the things you say, and do what you do? Peopl are unaware of the impact they have on others, regardless of their intent. Honestly, it's been a spree of people coming at me, whether directly or not, neck crooked (keep up with the lingo people) and I've come to understand not engaging people and not taking the bait to just go "all hel's breaking loose" crazy on them. Sometimes I wonder if I've lost my age and whether or not I should grow a pair and just demolish people like the olden days. I'm talking Heather Locklear as Amanda Woodward in Melrose Place, life ruining destructive, like Holly Freaking J. Sinclair in Degrassi (BTW, Charlotte Arnold could get it, whenever or wherever, HMU). Like Liam Neeson, I would find you and then end you, but I'm above that. For me growing a pair has come to being a quasi-grown up and avoiding conflict and being the more civilized person and not resorting to name-calling and fist fights. Of course there's times where my blood boils, and I want pull out a Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen alias the Hood aka Green Arrow, and serve some archery driven justice. There's no need and it's not productive. It may feel good in the moment to let people have it, but in the long run, it's not beneficial and frankly hurting people just because they hurt you makes you no better. The harder thing to do is to walk away, forgive but never forget. Growing a pair isn't about balls out, flannels off, and push ups before berating the hell out the person/people who've disrespected you, it's about having the strength to be smarter, and more deliberative in your responses to situations. Grow a pair and be different.
Ken Lee libo libo out chooo #midnightred
Being a teenager is all about bringing all you've got and going hard. People let fear run their lives and let things pass that honestly just shouldn't. You don't know what you've capable of until you try. Stand up, speak out, and let your opinion be known. It's important, valid, and necessary for the world to hear from you. Time to stop with the timidity, and alleged awkwardness, your ploys to get out of saying your piece aren't going to cut it anyone. Grow a pair and join the fray.

My blog post question for the day is ... if you could champion any cause what would it be and why? I would advocate for equality, racial primarily - it's come cited to almost every form of oppression in this country


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