Deprivation State

Being a teenager is all about getting your priorities straight. A wise man once said, you make time what you feel is important. If you say you're busy that could mean that you're swamped like a bog in the bayou or that you honestly don't care enough to make time for what's being asked of you. A lot of times we say that other things are more important and that we cannot give our precious time to anything else. If it matters to you, you'll find the time and motivation to do something about it - just don't patronize others for feeling the same thing for a differ. I'm lacking in the sleep department, and need to make it my top item on my list of things to do - no more deprivation state).
How do you sleep?
You all know that I do the absolute utmost on a daily basis. I really should probably dial it down and get my life together before I just keel over and pass out ... permanently, but like Caesar (the great leader, not the salad) I'm way too ambitious to ever slow down. Just like the last post, your favorite teenage blogger has reached a super busy time in my school year (award ceremonies, dances, events, final projects, and way too much more) so I've made an accompanying vlog to go with this post. Enjoy - and realize how random it is; it's honestly because I haven't been getting adequate sleep.

Sleep deprivation might quite possibly be the worst thing ever. It's absolutely terrible because you'll think you're alright and fully rested and then all of a sudden you're knocking out and you wake up and your teacher is staring directly at you (uhm, that's my life). I feel so bad, and it's not that I'm bored, it's just that I'm tired like nobody's business. I have way too much work to do and not enough time to do it in. I'm a big ole mess, I even fall asleep in public. In class, while having conversations, even while trying to shoot that vlog up there (pulling a Niall on twitcam). It's absolutely embarrassing like none other, to just nod off in the middle of talking. I'm sorry, I'm just sleep deprived. I thought after sleeping for 8 hours that I'd be okay but lies, I'm still all over the place and in and out of consciousness. Thehu worst is when you start hallucinating and you can't tell what's real life and what's your dream world. Frick, when you're in class and your professor's voice is just too smoothing and it takes you there and activates that lingering groggy feeling and soon you're out light a like. Chris Brown "Don't Wake Me Up" starts playing and there's no way you're recovering and shrugging off this one. I walk around all day with heavy eyes and a less than enthusiastic smile. I just don't have the energy to give all that sunbeam (damn, I miss the Game when Kelly Pitts was still on there) crap to the world. Let me just chill and mellow out. When you're sleep deprived you say the darnedest things (where's Bill Cosby when you need him) and I will say whatever and just barely make sense. I'll have fully conversations that I'll never remember. The scratchy voice comes out (as in my favorite thing about myself, it's like my voice box just exudes hunk man-tones *okay that sounds super weird) and I'm like jazzed chain smoker or something. It's kind of sexy but I'm too out of it to care. When you do finally get to sleep you just go for way too long and you still end up tired. It's like there's no happy medium or something. Body, cut me some slack and let's keep this simple. We're in college and we're sacrificing our sleep. There's so many things you can to to take care of yourself during this crazy time of the year. Get lots of sleep (set bed times and stick with them), eat well balanced meals (junk food just ain't cutting it), and take some time to unwind and relax. Check to see if your school gives out free massages,  or therapy dogs. Go to a fun event and change your pace for a bit and recharge. Make sure to actually sleep, not just say you will and then watch TV instead (story of my life) - always choose sleep, let's me real. Get me out of this deprivation state.

*Can I just mention this Alan Gendreau hub-bub, everybody is posting this dude's story all over facebook. I read the article and watch the video - seems like an awesome person, and I wish him the best, but y'all need to chill with that. Everybody is always trying to be first in sharing stories or discovering "hotties" - thank goodness that dude plays for the other team, the rest of us wouldn't stand a chance with that to go up against. I commend him for his Christianity and strong will to succeed - I'll bet I'll know more about this story as it breaks due to all the fangirls/guys I'm facebook friends with. First openly out man in NFL history, do you homeboy.
Being a teenager is all about figuring out what works for you. I'm not a napper - when I do nap it's unplanned and totally messes up my daily schedule. I'll lay there with my mouth open and eyes crusted shut. It's not pretty sight to see, but you've got to sleep away your own deprivation and concede to the slumber. Have a kiki (I just learned what that was on YouTube, with Jack and Finn), take a siesta, or just go to damn bed. It's okay to not do everything and to miss out every once in a while. Your body needs to recharge or else it might be broken permanently. Give yourself what you want - sleep. No more sleep deprivation - I'm too handsome to be looking like the white witch from Narnia.
 Sleep When You’re Dead. width=500px
My blog post question for the day is ... what did you dream about last? Uhm, this morning I dreamt of the banquet I've been planning and it was huge ass hot mess, but then worked out but not the way I had expected - real thing happens Sunday.


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