Little Things

Being a teenager is all about noticing the little things. The small subtleties about a person that just make you want to know them more. You watch, observe, and contemplate when you see people doing amazing things just because they can. No fanfare or hubbub necessary but this is something remarkable. People going above and beyond their call of duty (yo, let me get my COD on). I've said it time and time again, "People will always surprise you, whether it's for better or worse, that's part of the surprise." This is little things.

There are so many things that make each and every one of different from another. Everyone has something that sets them apart from everyone else in the world. There's the little things that people do that make them unique. Nobody else does the things you do, the way you do and that's something to be celebrated. People do way more than they have to and make an impact. They deserve to be recognized for all the courageous and quirky things they do. If not you, who then? People always wait around thinking so and so will get recognized, they're awesome, and everyone knows it - but why wait for someone else to thank someone, when you're capable of doing the same thing. That's one of my biggest things, especially this year - I've taken it upon myself to let me people know how much I value what they do. Do you know how it feels when someone genuinely appreciates what you do? It's the most heartwarming thing ever. It makes you feel validated, and that all the little things you do are not done in vain. When was the last time you said please or thank you. People forget their basic manners from time to time and make all these demands and come at others with this attitude, I'm not about that life. It's rude, inconsiderate and unnecessary. Smile every once in a while, be grateful for the life you live, and give people the props they deserve for dealing with all the nonsense they endure and then some. You just proclaiming that someone has made an impact on you or that you noticed them doing something small, but extraordinary, will literally brighten up their day and give them the energy to keep going. Write a note, send a text message, and speak from your heart. Speak the truth about how awesome someone else is and let them know that you see what they do. It's the little things that make us all special.

When the little things are done over and over again, we have to take notice of them. Sometimes it may be in private like a personal birthday card written from what you feel (yup, it's what I do - I bring people to tears) but other times, people need to be recogized publicly. Some people do too much to not be praised. That's why we have award season (apparently it starts in January every year, but somehow there's literally an award show every single month of the year, so it never ends - slime, moonmen and golden globes year round). This year I'm attending four award banquets, dinners, and brunches. It's a time to celebrate how great people are, and those people that really stand out when it comes to what they contribute to this community. Not everyone can win awards, and it's not a measuring up of who's who, but awards are something to be proud of. Some people are less visible with the little things they do, and those are the best people to recognize, it'll catch them off guard and really mean a lot to them. Don't forget those of us who are constantly doing the utmost and are everywhere, doing everything, for everyone possible. When awards season comes around it's up to you to take some iniative and nominate, nominate, nominate. Submit applications and proposals for why the people you know should get awards. Don't wait for other people to do it, even if you're sure someone will be nominated by someone else, send it in anyway - that just solidifies how superb someone is to be double tapped (like an instagram sunset). Tell the selection committee why someone deserves an award and say what you mean. We all know exactly what people do that just gets us, and really resonates with us. For me, when I see people showing empathy, and compassion - a special kind that sits down to listen to others, and then cares for people selflessly, that's what gets me right in the feels. The people who's smiles like up a whole room, the eyes of those with so much soul and passion, and those with the weathered hands from working so hard. Do your part and nominate and do not be ashamed to nominate yourself. Modesty will only get you so far. Save the humble pie for another time, and get yours. Sometimes playing nice only gets you so far, how infuriating is it when you're overlooked - take control and praise yourself, for once. This week I went to the Greek Awards Ball with my Phi Mu Delta fraternity brothers and let's just say we cleaned house. Whether it's because we're bold movers and shakers, or because we took the time to nominate our own (I'm going to go with the first one) it doesn't really matter, because we got about half the individual awards given out. That says something, and I was so proud of everyone. It was a grand time, and it was cool to see the fraternity/sorority life community come together to congratulate one another. Afterwards the boys and I hit up Denny's for a late night meal of epic proportions - all I have to say is, I love my brothers. Plain and simple, all the little things they do just get me and I've never more safe, secure, and welcome than I am with them. I also went to the ALANA (racial/ethnic minority) Awards Banquet which had me weak. I had a great time with my homegirl, Breonna - who took some of the top awards including one from the provost's office. I got my awards from both, and even took a picture with UVM's president and first lady (some of the nicest people ever, by the way - now those are some thoughtful figureheads). It was great to just see a community that has to deal with all the ridiculousness that comes from being on a predominantly white campus unite and leave a mark for all to see. Award ceremonies allow you to dress up and just bask in the everyone's glory. Keep an eye out and notice the little things.
This picture is perfect in so many ways
Being a teenager is all about showing people how much you care about them. Is necessary every once in a while to let people know you see them, that their work is appreciated and that somebody cares about them too. I get the whole " it's implied" stance, but sometimes you've got to be explicit with your love - like some Drake lyrics or when Clark let Kara go to the future in Justice League Unlimited (Netflix DC superhero probs). Tell the people you care about that you do or risk them never knowing. It's the little things.

My blog post question for the day ... when was the last time you told someone that you loved them? Uhm probably a couple days ago to my mommy, daddy and sister.


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