Being a teenager is all about taking control of your own reputation. It's about being responsible and conscious of the way you portray yourself and the way people perceive you. We can all lie straight through our damn teeth and think that what others feel about us doesn't really matter, but let's be honest and speak the truth that it means a lot. Whether we're aware of it or not, we've got a reputation and a rapport to make or break. You'd better bet your notoriety on it.
It's defintely been the craziest few days ever hence the video blogs and pictures. Here's literally the quickest update on my life so far. Saturday morning was Greek Games - Phi Mu Delta did okay (we didn't win *cough cheating *cough went down) but we're fine with it. We weren't there to troll around like some hulking mass of primeval neanderthal or a frat daddy king, we were there to show true sportmanship and I was more than proud of us. We brought our quirky fun to the event, facepaint, bandanas, smiles and all. Check out the videos above where I talk about legacy for my greek leadership class final, and get my mouth (and face) turned into a human sundae at greek games. We're known for our awesome spirit and classiness no matter where we are. I spent the rest of Saturday hanging out my little (fraternity) brother, Tanner's place with Christian, Travis and the rest of his family for Tan-Tan's bday. It was a huge change of pace. I played badminton (yeah it happened, don't be so surprised) and sat around a bonfire for like 6 hours.  It was cool to meet the family and understand more about the newest person I've welcomed into my life. Sunday came around and it was banquet chaos when it was time to put on the NRHH inspired Student Leadership Recognition brunch (pictures at the bottom). Our theme was oasis and our centerpieces alternated between fishbowls and miniature beach scenes. Everyone got sunglasses, the food was great, and I even gave a speech as I reflected on my experience as RHA president. It was really rewarding and kind of emotional to be done with my current group and look onwards for next year. We left our legacy all over this campus (I understand how that sounds but I'm too tired to care) and I'm sure we're a group that people will not forget anytime soon. Sunday night meant dinner with my fraternity brothers (homemade by our new brother, Alton - that man can cook like nobody's business) and skype meeting for NEACURH RHA presidents (don't you love acronyms). Afterwards, I skyped with my bromantic buddy, Jeff - so excited to see him in like 30 days at conference.  Notorious is as notorious does.
Rounding out this week were the final days of class for the semester and my sophomore year. Monday got real emotional when I got my professor a retirement present and he teared up (it was absolutely epic). I spent the rest of the day taking an impromptu nap before heading to final RHA executive board dinner which was hilarious and bittersweet (but super tasty) at the same time. Afterwards, I turned on my swag for fraternity (it's like taken over my life now) composite pictures and called it a long night to say the least. Tuesday ran through pretty quickly, more classes and course evaluations and soon I was finished. I accidentally got social hooked in to chillin' with Jake, Travis and Tanner and we talked about everything and anything. Race, religion, homophobia, you name it we discussed it with our brother and advisor Ben (who took my side). That brings me to Wednesday which saw the end of my two favorite classes this semester, political science and my greek leadership class. I presented my project and bam it was done. Just got back from RHA executive transitional meeting which was a crazy kooky mess but I loved every minute of it. Currently, the nonsense that is the annual (needs to go) Naked Bike RIde is going down. Nudity, drunkenness, and all the inappropriateness in between, I'm not about that belligerent shady life. I'm tired like none other so I'm going to just peace, not really any advice in here - only except to make your mark and do something noteworthy. As you can tell, I'm literally everywhere making my presence known. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves, just make sure you become notorious for it.
Being a teenager is all about making your own legacy. You have to take control of the way you influence and interact wither other people. Only you can determine who you want to be and how you want the world to see you. But we don't get to decide how everyone views us, and that's the hardest part. We can do all we can but when the general public has spoken - it's final (like getting your torch extinguished). We still have to try and either change their opinions in the way we carry ourselves. Notoriety is as popularity does.

My blog post question for the day is ... what do you want to be known for at the end of your college career? Me personally, I would like to be known for my unwavering character and strong sense of compassion and humanity.


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