Be Positive

The 20s are all about noticing the little things in life. There is so much to smile about in our lives but somehow throughout our life stories we remember more of the bad than we do the good. The good, the great, and the absolutely amazing are all around us if only we take the time to take it all in. There is always more to be positive about than we ever really acknowledge. So what's preventing us from taking it all in. Stop, take a deep a breath, look around, and find something to smile about. There's so much more than you think.

The most powerful thing I think in this world that we have other than love (we all know it moves mountains, conquers all etc. - yeah I'm bitter about it too #foreversingle) is hope. Hope is that faith that the future will not only come but that it will be better than everything you've ever experienced. We have to hope because without it, what would be our driving force. If we could only fathom whatever situation we're in now without the possibility of mobility, then life would have no point. This too shall pass because time goes on. Life goes on. People go on. We go on. I go on. I'll repeat that last one for emphasis, I go on. Say it out loud. I go on. You go on because you have to. Because there is hope for the future. Because you refuse to give up on this world. You know that the good will always outshine the bad. There are times when you have a revelation, an epiphany, and your eyes are opened to see what's probably been clear from the start. Positivity, that is actively pursuing beneficial things (adventures, relationships, challenges) is paramount for making your college experience memorable. Sometimes you have to do what makes you happy. Whatever it is (junk food, TV, long discussions, blogging, grocery shopping - or is that just me) make a point to do it weekly. After attending a truly inspirational talk by B+ Charity founder Joe McDonough last Monday (support this phenomenal cause and donate money here UVMaratThon *search Phi Mu Delta - stays local for families with financial hardships with medical bills and cancer research efforts) I adopted his late son's outlook on choosing to be positive. That is not only looking for the best on people but taking advantage of small opportunities that we usually ignore (smiling at a stranger, holding a door, checking in on a friend, returning a lost item etc.). It's been revolutionary and while it's taken some time to get used to challenging myself to take the few minutes of extra time to do the right thing, it's been heartwarming. People show their gratitude for the minuscule contribution you made to better their day and it feels so damn good. What would happen if we all made a point to do something for other people every single day, to smile more, to laugh more often and to be grateful for what we have? The world would be a drastically different place. Choose the longer path, it may take slightly longer to get there but there a friendly faces along the way. 

My life can sometimes be a colossal mess of epic proportions. There are so many times where I've missed out on fully enjoying things because I wasn't in the positive mindset to do so (or my overachieving self was too busy to properly appreciate what was happening). When you're intentional in how you're going to enter a situation, the effects can be astounding. Thursday was truly a 12 hour of classes, three different meetings and hustling around campus. The highlights of the day were my easy talk with a sorority sister, chatting with my friend Tina randomly and going bowling with my fraternity brothers. That last one completely changed my week for the better. We hit the lanes and for those couple of hours at the alley I was like everybody else - normal - but even more importantly, happy. I was surrounded by people who I not only valued but who cared for me. I'm one of those heady people who realized the magnitude of an event and bowling with all my brothers was truly monumental. It was me completely changed, grinning from ear to ear, laughing up a storm  and bro-ing out with everyone but particular my advisor Lane, buddy Connor and little bro David. Just hanging out with Zach and Taylor too absolutely made my week. I made a new friend in James who I'm excited to get to know better. Friday was a hilarious breakfast at the ALANA student center with my homegirl Courtney among others before a reckoning one on one with my advisor. I left that meeting 50 shades of pissed at myself because I knew what I had to do but didn't want to move past my anger. I did know that I had to let the positively work it's magic and follow it where it would take me. Forgiveness is the hardest thing to give those who we usually must forgive either are unapologetic for their transgressions or are oblivious to the impact they had on us. I met up with my quirky friend Mac who I had to just move on from lest the internalized anguish of avoidance end our friendship. It was hard but sometimes you bury the hatchet even if you don't have any help shoveling. I had class and a touching lunch with Tina that prepped me for my other reconciliation. With my outlook bright and my empathy ready to find a reason to care, the air was cleared and the slate wiped for an epic story to be written between new Sam and I. I spent my Friday night doing RHA work (poster making, cutting info cards, direction sheet printing) while simultaneously watching Teen Wolf and jamming out. 5 hours later I finished and those hours of good-natured solitude helped me center myself (cause that's normal right?). After letting all that go, my spirit felt lighter and me as a person just found myself carefree and amiable. This whole positivity thing just might work out. 

My blog post question for the day is ... what always makes you smile? Whenever I talk to my sister, Bianca, or my college best friend, Jeff, my entire mood changes. No matter what, hearing from them immediately changes the course, for the better, of my day.


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