Puzzle Pieces

The 20s are all about figuring out where you belong. With everything and everyone moving so fast around you, it's a true struggle to ever feel settled, safe and secure in not only yourself but those you surround yourself with. When you do find the people that make you feel comfortable, it's a true gift. The people we're looking for are out there and whether they know it or not, they're looking for us in return. Put together the picturesque portrait known as your life with all the puzzle pieces of those around you.

There come a time in everyone's life when they realize they may have a slight problem. Mine just so happens to be with shopping and accepting things the way they are. Let me tell you the amount things that I've purchased in the past four days have truly been outrageous. I had to actually reorganize everything using a "lifehack" BuzzFeed Article - it was legit that serious. Now that everything has been put away, and my livelihood and near addiction, under control (no more purchases until at least midterms), I feel more comfortable than ever before. The other part of letting people in, however is a major work in progress. Wednesday marked the end of my winter break and return to the frozen purgatory known as my institution of higher learning. Like Burlington, Vermont is like brick city where icicles form on your nostrils, your butt cheeks rub together cause you're clenching trying to keep the warmth in and ash falls from your skin like the aftermath of that Pompeii eruption. Nonetheless, I returned to the tundra was intent on making the most of it. I was going to be as comfortable as I could possibly be. What I learned from my few days of prepping on campus before the rest of the student population flooded back in true apocalyptic fashion, was that letting things happen can mean that things work themselves out. Things can be so easy if we just let them be. We force things, take control, finagle, and knit perfect every little thing until it fits our definition of perfect. We miss the point of the whole organic nature (VT get out of my head) of things. They're perfectly fine the way they are. We don't always have to so hard. Comfort comes to you and it can be right in front of you, if only we're able to open our eyes to see it. Life is like a puzzle, smashing together pieces that don't quite fit will never put together your whole picture. Let the pieces, places, people, and experiences end up where they may and you'll be surprised with the results.
 And save precious drawer space with specially folded tees.
Puzzle pieces make up a larger picture, but each individual piece is just as important. We need all of them to be complete. Find the pieces is like a perpetual treasure hunt, like the balls of lint behind the dryer, the coins between your couch cushions, and that last pudding cup at the back of the fridge. The search is worth it because you're better off when everything comes together. I spent my Wednesday night orienting myself back into my college world with a visit to my fraternity brothers' apartment. Zach and our new president, Christian, and I got together to work on the awards packet for the upcoming chapter awards (Phi Mu Delta #FTW). It was playfully relaxed but we were also productive at the same time. We fit together and were able to properly illustrate our epic year of doing work and taking names. I was there for like 5 hours and didn't even notice the time fly by - I was in my element and surrounded by the warmth of fraternal friendship. The next day I retreated (literally) into the woods for the winter RHA refresher. We did some team builders, reviewed our outlooks and visions, had some open conversations, and bonded. With my new reserved stance, it was a little uncomfortable for me to not be sharing but I think I'll get used to it. It'll give other people space to shine their brightest. Friday afternoon I spent organizing my room, eating (but that Domino's Pizza tho) and watching movies on Netflix Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and Never Back Down (actually recommending both shamelessly). I thoroughly enjoyed adjusting back to my residence hall and taking some time to be alone. Saturday was more of the same before I hit Panera Bread with my old roommate, Patrick. Three hours spent just talking about anything and everything. There's people you just feel so connected to that you just want to share everything with. Those friends that you can afford to be like BMS stupid with. Later I hit the grocery store for a massive bounty of food and toiletries with Zach and hit the hay with a grossly sweet on my face. Sunday came around and my roommate Jake returned from his vacation and we went supernova prepping our room for a semester of nonstop go. Our adventure to Old Navy, the perfectly primped towers of stuff in Bed Bath & Beyond with a final stop in a madhouse of a Wal-Mart (like can people like not cause that place was absolutely a colossal mess). We stopped for lunch at Moe's (that whole "Welcome to Moe's" thing is kind of ridiculously endearing) and spent the afternoon finishing up our space. I ended the night Facetime the bromantic best friend, Jeff - as always the difference in talking to him and everyone else is huge, it just ... works. Puzzle pieces all sorted out.
My blog post question for the day is ... what is the most comfortable place for you to be? Home is where my heart longs for, probably because it's like the most chaotically chill place ever.


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