Nonstop Go

The 20s are all about doing the most. People always say that you can only choose two interests in college between sleep, academics, and friendship but it's too damn true. You can probably guess which one I miss out on, no surprise that I do not sleep. There is so much to do each day and so many people to talk to, it's a wonder that we ever even sleep. Sometimes you have to make miss out on things to get the get the most out of life. We make time for the things that matter to us. How long can you push the nonstop go?

If I give you the rundown of all the things I've done this week you wouldn't believe what went on so I'll do just that. It's been one of the craziest weeks I've ever had in my entire life and most definitely in my college experience. Check out a special vlog update below:

There are times when you realize that your #FOMO (fear of missing out) is too real and this week was one of those times. I'll admit there were more than a few things that definitely could have been cut out and places where I should have asked for help. But I'm a prideful dude with a strong sense of responsibility. With that being said, I want to shoutout the amazing students who put together the first ever UVMaraTHON. The event was truly spectacular and did a phenomenal job not only raising money but bringing together different parts of the campus community. To my fraternity brothers, RHA peeps and random friends - thanks for bringing the energy and the party, glad I get to surround myself with such positively inspiring people. Next up is the wonderful leaders of the Black Student Union, thank you so very much for putting together the fashion show. It was a crazy good time but we all saw how much it paid off. Your work is greatly appreciated (s/o to my bae - Courtney for killin' the Tina Tuner routine). To all the models, don't be a stranger - this is an experience we'll always have. Thanks to all the people who came to support me, fraternity brothers, RHA members, friends and all the rest - you made the whole thing well worth it. To all the students, faculty, and staff that took the time to check on me when I was struggling hard with being overworked (Lisa, Lane, Drake, Sean, Zach, Taylor, Dom and everyone else) I appreciate it. Last but not least, I'm shouting out my friend Connor (aka Blue Steel, alias the original and only buckaroo) - the dude has held it down all week and given me some sage advice when I definitely needed it. Thanks for being a good friend. Nonstop has me all tired out.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the longest you've gone without sleeping? My current record is a cool 28 hours over 7 days #comeatme


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