Bish Whet

The 20s are all about keeping it real. College sometimes can be more like high school than you ever wanted it to be. People can still be petty, fake as hell, and fifty shades of shady. You never know what people are saying when your back's turned and it's hard to know when you're actually in good company. Sometimes it seems like everyone has their agenda and no intention of playing it straight with you seems to be on it. Well you've got two options, you keep it real or you keep your distance. Bish whet, get to stepping. 
Like where are we, high school, or nah? I was under the impression we we supposed to be grown folk with some semblance of maturity and the social ineptitude to be genuine at all times. There's no use pretending to be someone your not, it will get you nowhere in this place. You'd better be you because everyone else is taken. I don't know when it became a thing again to say one thing and mean another. Use your words people and tell it how it is. You don't have to like everyone and you should not, but you can seem some type of way about someone and still respect them. You just keep it moving. Don't waste a phony smile, don't ask how they're doing, and don't be around them. Campus is massive, it's not that hard. You just keep it moving and live your damn life. There's no reason to spend your time doting over people you want to have nothing to do with. If I cut you off, you gave me the scissors (snip, snip). Ties can be severed, bridges can be burned, and life goes on. It's nowhere near the end of the world. This is not the rapture. But the insincerity people like to play with needs to go (Bon Qui Qui at King Burger voice). That is a fallacy and a farce. Stay on your side and let's keep it civil. You owe me nothing more than that and I to you the same. Sometimes people rub you the wrong way, and that's fine - then you stop rubbing up against them, it's that simple. Delete, block, unfollow, unfriend, and remove them out of your circle (not your google+ cause there's nobody on that social network, let's be real). You do your thing, and I will do mine. I will see you when I see you, give a nod of my head and keep walking. I will not break stride for your basic self, like bish bye. This is for all the haters out there. Why are you checking for someone but you cannot stand them? Don't spend your energy letting jealousy, envy or hatred control your life. Nobody is worth all that effort and the hardness that gets stuck in your ice cold heart. Work on you and getting your mind and your life right, come at the world correct and you just go about your day. Never become a hater, it's the lowest of the low. Bish whet, do people still do that.
One of the things that irks the hell out of me is when people talk about me and I overhear them. First of all, are you serious right now because I can hear you. Don't come at me neck-crooked with some half-assed excuse for a truly Rihanna-esque fapology (not fapping but fake + apology). Like your basic self has been caught in the act of slander. Your deposition begins now and no Justin Bieber nonsensical answers will suffice. Your ass has been busted. Like how are you finna lie on me but I just overheard my name coming from your mouth. You must be high on purp with some jays on because your whack personality is showing and it's not a good look, at all. Next, if and when you ever have something to say about me say it to my damn face. Let me tell you something, your opinions about my life, my social circle, my actions, and my everything else are irrelevant. They literally mean nothing to me. Why do you think that you get to share your commentary on my life, what is this the View? Oh no, you would have thought that your thoughts on who I am mattered. Oh that's funny, you were under the impression that you got to determine how I feel about myself, well, you would be gravely mistaken. Keep my name out of your mouth. You don't even deserve to utter my name, it's too good to be tainted by you. To you, I am he who must not be named, let's leave it at that. What does it matter? What do I matter to you, in the grand scheme of things? Truly not much at all so talk about important things like the news, politics, or pop culture (that last one though, our generation's kryptonite). I'm done, letting other people even get a word concerning the topics of me, myself, and I. Bish whet, no - just no.

You must not know about me (Irreplaceable). You must not have heard properly about me. You must underestimate me. Even I, myself, don't know what I'm capable of, but you've seen my work and homeboy don't play. Everyone has a wall that they reach, even me, it's just that mines seems to be a lot further than other people's. You don't mess with perseverance and endurance like that. It'll get you nowhere fast. I never know why people like me, but I can tell you why some people (whoever they ever out there) don't like me. I'm annoying as hell in that I don't stop until what needs to be done is said and done. I can't be stopped (tamed either) and I pledge my allegiance to no one. I work freelance (Melissa & Joey reference anyone?) and I do some damn good work, that's for sure. I am rogue. I am divergent (that movie trailer looks good tho). I am unpredictably predictable. Catch me if you can. Get on my level if you want. Come at me however you'd like. I will not change who I am for anyone or anything. Bish whet, I'mma do me, so you go ahead and do you. I'mma let you finish but this dude has one of the best blog posts of all time #done.

My blog post question for the day is ... how do you deal with haters? I mean if I can address people directly I do because beef needs to be squashed, ASAP.


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