All Falls Down

Being a teenager is all about being totally overwhelmed. I'm not talking about One Direction "What Makes You Beautiful" hair flipping overwhelmed, I'm discussing the bad kind where you feel like the walls are tumbling down, and the roof is caving in. The pep in your step is gone, the bags under your eyes have taken permanent residence, and you feel like one more thing and you could shatter and break into a million little pieces at any moment. It's second semester and things aren't getting any better. Tears welling up, depression oncoming and nothing is going your way. It all falls down.

Stress is one of the many problems that we deal with as people. This week has been more than stressful for me, it's been an almost horrendous mess of epic proportions. I'm talking about highly sleep deprived, absolutely overwhelmed and totally out of it. It all started Sunday night when the homework spree didn't end up 1:30am. It continued on into Monday morning with waking up early at 8am to do nothing else but more homework. After 4 classes, back to back to back to back, I was doner than done. Nope, no rest for the weary. It was immediately time to begin the daunting task of even more homework. The time came for Sam and I to write our biology lab reports, and starting at 9pm and finishing just after midnight - the 10 page monstrosity was written. Intertwined with that was some ridiculously hard math homework like big oaf Kris Humprhies hard, and writing a chemistry lab report. Bed time came around 2am, and Tuesday morning it was up again at 8 am to tie up the loose ends of my unbelievable life. Biology lab went by pretty fast as we peer reviewed our lab reports and an extra long break lead to eating and more homework before it was time for chemistry lecture. I was a total mess, tired as heck and a little bit crazier than usual. I sat through lecture zoning in and out of awakeness. From there it was straight to another excessively long chemistry lab. Jandro and I paired up for some concentration craziness and you know it was a wild time as he might be the worst lab partner of all time. The dude literally wet my entire lab notebook and straight inhaled cyclohexanone, no wafting at all. Right after that I grabbed dinner and it off to Hall Council where big time about to happen for those of us who take residence in the Heights. But it doesn't end there, it's finally time to study for my impending chemistry exam so after an exceptional episode of "Jane By Design" as in couples getting together at last the ultimate study session. I'm talking Jandro, Sammy, Jackie, and I all laying every which way in the hallway cramming and burning the midnight oil. Just another 2 am bed time for me, after a visit from Emily S. I actually became almost jealous of Krabs this week with his lengthy hours of sleeping. Wednesday was even more intense with those same 4 classes smushed together, a math test that everyone was unprepared for mixed in, and some last minute studying for chemistry. Jimbo, Carolyn, Sammy, Jandro and I took a break before the exam to get ice cream and relax before heading into the battle zone like High King Peter of Narnia style. The chemistry exam just happened. It was literally psychotic crazy like the Strangers messed up hard. I finished and moved on to my IRA meeting before finally making it back to the Heights. Time to study for my biology exam with Emily and it's another 3 hours of work before we late night dine and it's officially bed time just past 1 am. I'm telling you it's been a rough week and it's not even over yet. It's like it all falls down.

Stress is something we all deal with but it can also be caused for no reason. This week has been out of control but I've made it through. You might say that I spread myself too thin with the heavy involvement I have with all my clubs, and with also being a biology major for pre-med. It's absolutely crazy but if you believe you can do it, I'm telling you you can do it. There were times this week where I just wanted to sit around, give up, and cry. Did I, hell to the no. I put on some of my favorite outfits, as in I was looking good as hell, and from there I made the moves necessary to survive. It was all about buckling down and doing what you have to do. This week there was no time for socializing, drama or any other confrontations that have been brewing. When it's time to run train on your studies, you do it, forget everyone and everything else. You know I've always got some outrageous stuff going on in the background but what matters at the moment is school work, forget caring what other people think about you, or if you're friends with someone or not. Here's the deal, if I don't like you, you'll be one of the first to know. Take the hint that we're not acquaintances, and move on, I've got stuff to do, and people to see who I'm actually friends with. College is great for the reason that if you don't want to be associated with people you can easily drop out of their social circle, unlike high school were cliques were all you had. You don't have to be friends with everyone. When social tomfoolery gets in the way of your academics, that's when it all falls down. Take your pick, good grades, social life, or sleep.

Stress is not impossible to deal with. I'm telling you there are so many ways to combat the near breakdowns. Before you sob deeply into the phone to your parents or friends from home, relax, take a deep breath and think rationally. If you call someone, what are they really capable of doing to change the situation, most likely nothing so realize that you're going to have to do the work now or later, so choose now. Just do it, it's Nike's tagline for a reason. But don't drive yourself crazy, take breaks when you can. Things I did this week to keep my from going bonkers: listen to music on my ipod (One Direction saved me this week), watching TV (House of Anubis - 20 minutes of dramedy mystery; takes you out of your life into someone else's - but in moderation), retail therapy (filling entire shopping carts online of things you want to buy, and not actually buying it does the trick for me), sweet rewards (Candy breaks and soda just to have something to munch/drink). If you've got the time, half hour naps can be beneficial as well. It's all about taking it slow and if possible doing it with friends. I wouldn't have made it out alive of this time without Sam and Emily to help study and talk to and share in the dramatic plight. Understand that you're not alone in the pressures to succeed, and it really does help to study in groups, or even just sitting in the same room studying the same things, no talking necessary. Exit the heck out of facebook, twitter, tumblr, email, and google + and get 'er done.  Cut out the unnecessary rampages like sitting for hours randomly in dining halls, or running around your dorms chasing people, and get down to business. We're teens meaning we've got the resilience to bounce back from everything. Study your hearts out and recover on the weekend. When it all falls down, we get right back up.


Being a teenager is all about making it through the tough times. We're teenagers, meaning we're resilient, strong, stubborn and able to do anything we set our minds to. We can change our circumstances and combat anything that is thrown at us. We're different from all other age groups because of the freedom we have to choose and mold our situations. Utilize what you've got and don't ever forget that you can do it, and will for sure make it through. Even when it all falls down, you can build it right back up.

My blog post question for the day is ... how do you deal with stress? I'm all about the music. I just turn my headphones and practically blow my eardrums out. Bass up high, treble down low, and the lyrics and beat just wash over me.


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