Stole My Heart

Being a teenager is all about those moments when you get totally flustered. Your cheek turn red, your eyes light up, a smile is all up on your face, and it's all because you saw someone. Some people say that there's no such thing as love first sight, but I would highly beg to differ. If you see someone and for even a second you can see teh rest of your life with them flash before you eyes, almost like a glimpse into your relationship's future, there's definitely something there worth pursuing. Some people just have that one thing, that little something that makes them stand out from everyone else. It's like you just turned around they stole your heart. The song that inspires this blog post, One Direction "Stole My Heart"

One of the many great things about being in college is the amount of girlies there are running for your viewing pleasure. (Yes, that was a weird ass statement) It's likes everywhere you go around campus is a never ending parade of beautiful girls, a buffet females of sorts. But even when chicas are roaming around in seductive girl groups, there are the individuals who really stand out in that crowd. It's like when you see them, it's only the two of you left in the room like the classic 16 Candles Jake Ryan & Sam Baker car pulling away moment. Nothing else matters, and it's like you're in a different dimension of your own. When you get that feeling, that there's something special about this gorgeous specimen of the femme fatale variety, you know it's going down. There's some girls, I'm just like dang girl damn, why you be looking so sessy, come and get with this now. Then there's other girls who I want to blow bubbles, tossle their hair and read a book with. All I know is I'm getting absolutely hot and bothered, sweaty and flustered, and a whole lot of hormones are about to rage. There are so many things that make a girl attractive to me. First and foremost is humor, as in if this girl can make me laugh, we can skip the prenups and just get married. If you're not funny, come even come around all this smoldering hotness. Secondly, I'm all about compassionate chicks who truly care about others. Lastly, I need a smart girl who can be independent and fend for herself, but when we're together we'll collaborate. People have asked me if I have a type of girl, and I guess I apparently do. As you can see, drop dead gorgeous African-American girls with the preppy style and the long hair is just what this future doctor ordered. Other than that, middle Eastern girls can get with this, Europeans are bellisimo, and blond haired girls, only if they bear a resemblance to Sasha Dunlap (from MTV's Newport Harbor). How can I forget, Australian girls can get it, anytime, and any place - have to seen Phoebe Tonkin - that dame is literally a warm ember of simmering hotness. Keke Palmer, Meagan Tandy, Logan Browning - please marry mem like now. I don't know it's just that this girl just walked on by and stole my heart.

Meagan Tandy Beauty

There's a difference between love, like, and lust at first sight Physical attractiveness ranks pretty high on the qualities list when it comes to choosing your matches, but it shouldn't be the only thing that matters. People who are nothing more than just pretty faces and good genes don't always come out ahead (however, models, actors, musicians and other celebrities are the expection). It's perfectly fine to feel faint after seeing those Greek god and goddess like hotties all round the university grounds. Every school has those unbelievably good looking few who are just top the line sex on a stick (now conveniently sold by ice cream trucks everywhere). The people you fight to get a quality seat in lecture just so you can have a good view of the racy sex bomb that happens to be in your class. It's like you've got tunnel vision when it comes to them. I see people do it all the time. Instead of taking notes in class they're dreaming of getting totally raunchy with the hotness monster two rows ahead. If you're literally drooling and gasping for air just by looking at someone, you might be legit out of control, roll your tongue back in your mouth and take a deep breath. We understand that the amount of beauty is off the charts up in here, but if you're caught staring it's super awkward. Guys this goes for you too, if you're licking your lips acting like you're about to salivate over some kind of all you can eat buffet you need to slow your wok 'n' roll and curb your appetite. Hot girls are different from beautiful girls. Studly guys are different from handsome boys. Learn the difference, one is the kind you day dream of just talking to, and the other you actually pursue. Either way, someone stole your heart, better go get it back.

Playing the game of love means not only knowing you are pursuing but also your competition. It's absolutely true that you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Here's the deal, if I'm going after little miss all that and a bag of chips, with the dip, and then I see either mister All-American hunksicle or mister smoldering exotica also going after my girl, I've got two choices, either fight for my future lover or back down. As people it's perfectly fine to be aware if someone is better looking that you. Why yes I understand that that dude is a stud, and he might a smidgen more handsome than all of this. No homo, not necessary. Truth is, if the girl you're looking to make moves with would choose one these Ken dolls over the handsome stud that is you, then they probably aren't for you anyway. It's just like man & girl crushes, people you truly emulate. For me that'd be Bill Rancic, as in winner of the Apprentice, ultimate businessman and married to pop culture prowess Giuiliana (Depandi) Rancic of E! News. Literally the best man, hilarious, down to Earth, truly compassionate, classy style and practical. You have to be real with yourself, if you're looking your best and that doesn't past the test then there's nothing more you can do. But the ones that steal your heart have got to have it all, no compromises and settling. Hot and dangerous, sick and sexified, like this place is about to blow (Ke$ha lyrics for everyone). Be on the lookout for other suitors and either step your game up or drop out the race. If the girl/guy you're after is a hot commodity, you'd best recognize that other people are going to be trying to get some.  

Being a teenager is all about locking eyes with the most eligible bachelorettes and bachelors from across the room. It's about breaking hearts and taking names like it's your unpaid internship for a job. It's about making the connections with people you can see yourself being friends with and sometimes more than friends. College is the time to test the waters surrounding the love boat. Be careful not to get swept away, just because someone stole my heart.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your nickname or signal for your campus crushes? Way too many to even explain. Usually it's a lot of crazy eye movements, and for someone I laugh even louder than usual to get girls to notice me. Playa moves?


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