In Too Deep

Being a teenager is all about figuring out your life. Everyone's got a schedule that they live by. Some are more limber and flexible than others like a bad Richard Simmons workout. Me, personally, live strictly by lists of things I have to do, and the amount of free time I have to just sit around, that's about nonexistent. Sometimes I feel like I've bitten off way more than I can chew, like everyone when doing a spoonful of sweet powder for the cinnamon challenge. It's like those elderly people commercials for LifeCall "I've fallen and I can't get up." It's like I'm drowning and I'm in too deep.

Let's start with Wednesday. Fast forward through all 4 classes and 4pm rolls around. I've got a meeting with Baldwin, one of the members of the fraternity Phi Mu Delta in the student center. I get there early and guess who's there, Mystery Model of course (the dude is literally everywhere). We talk about bids and all that stuff, and I might be joining a fraternity. Who would have thought? The guys are all down to Earth, and supes chill and what they stand for sure is a representation I appreciate. Who knows. From there, I hung out in the TV studio with homeboy Isaiah, and the hilarious character known as Michael Cohen, just to take a break from my routinely planned out life. Speed up to 7:30pm and it's me and Sam at our weekly IRA (inter residence association) general body meetings (like a Congress of sorts, not like Jack and Bobby) where we vote on funding the BSU (black student union) fashion show, and on providing the neglected hall, Jeanne Mance, with new ping-pong & Foosball tables. It's just after 8:30pm, when Sam and I hop in Grace's, the programming director of IRA, famous Jeep and I high tail it to Price Chopper for some hardcore grocery shopping. I'm talking going aisle by aisle and piling the food in the cart for our group's upcoming campus breakfast. Extra firm tofu, 10 pounds of various bacons (regular, maple, turkey and vegetarian), and an impossibly heavy cart totalling just over $300 to feed 50 after an hour of grocery store mayhem. It was literally like we were in a movie. Back to campus to unload the stuff on Redstone campus, and it's late, but Sammy and I are hungry as eff. We make the impulsive decision of catching the bus to central campus, sprinting the hill downtown, getting sandwiches at KKD's (Kountry Kart Deli - that place is the ish, and they're open until 3am) and straight booking it past the some cops to catch the off-campus bus back to campus (odd). Our journey takes us from 11pm to just after midnight. The rest of the floor, like Jandro, Abby, Ali and Natty Dan, plus Jandro's friend Mallory (who might be bromancing with Ultimate Frisbee Mate) go to the club downtown, Lift. No hanky-panky dirty dancing for me in the week. What is this, ABC's cancelled lawyer failure, "the Deep End" - no thanks. That's the end of that night. It's always like nonstop go, no time to just chill and relax, but it's all good. We're just a little bit in too deep.

Waking up at 10am on Thursday morning was an interesting decision. Jandro's ride by my bed showing me the racist alarm clock joke from Family Guy and I'll admit, I geek the heck out. I don't have class until 4 so Sam, Jandro, and I head to Alice's CafĂ© for some good old b-fast. It's a raspberry cream cheese croissant for me, and I'm taking my time, enjoying life for a change. It's so different, to slow down and just be in a place and be there without thinking about all the other things I have to do. Back to my room where I catch up on House of Anubis, blast my brand new Shane Harper CD (see proud picture below, notice the Valentine's Day themed suspender outfit) and sweep up before heading to the Davis Center for ice cream with Jimbo. It's mango-mango sorbet for me with gummy bears on top as we get our cold stuff to go. We make it to chemistry and get some prime seatage. Ultimate Frisbee Mate makes an appearance, and I finally realized why I always notice the dude, it's because he looks like a brown-haired version of One Direction's Niall Horan, he even was wearing the classic puffer vest, that ish cray. Class flies by with note taking and my eating Fruit rollups, and drinking a Caprisun. Afterwards it's a secret journey through the chemistry labs and around the nursing building before a long plenary lecture. I spent the entire time tuning out the speaker and drawing baby related things (pacifiers, high chairs, diapers etc.) and baby names. My tops ones are Jonathan, Asher, Sadie, Blair, Graham, Berkley, Joash, Jesse and Micah (gosh I can't want to be a father). Sam and I head to a din-din of chicken curry in the DC after it starts snowing randomly and the bratpack is there. I'm talking about the hilariousness that is Danny T, Christian, bubbly Rachel, and classic Austin (who I've been calling Kevin for the past like 3 weeks, epic fail, supes sor sor). Back to the Heights to start the studying when I get a call from my ever-persistent broham Chasey-Chase'em to come to library and help him and our friend from African Religions class prepare for the exam. Whatever Chaseasaurus Rex says goes (not really, I'm bossed up too), but I make my first trip to the campus library ever (last time Jandro, Jimbo and I tried to play tag and rent a Hardy Boys movie) to sort out some Dogon (ethnic group of Mali) culture. Ridiculously long night of intensity, and Sam and Cullen stop on in to google map our houses and compare where we live before beddy-bye. I'm more than in too deep, I've almost hit the ocean's bottom with all these commitments.

Getting up at 7 am shouldn't even be allowed. I got up and took a much needed show-show before having a clothing crisis, as in I felt like I had nothing to wear (total #preppyproblems). Sam and I race to the ALANA student center where we're tasked with helping prepare a massive breakfast for IRA with the help our sarcastic president, Knight, quirky, Jordan,compassionate, Grace, sassy Jilliene, and classy, Shannon. Tater tots, tons of bacon, tofu scramble, fruit salad, cinnamon rolls and so much more all go out for people to come and eat. It was a hardcore two hours of cooking but it turned out really well and it was great for us all to mingle. I ran back to my dorm room to change and get the smell of syrup off me (maple tree stench is not conducive to bringing in the girlies) and get prepped out. It's on to Biology where we watch at 10 minute video on plants, realize were multiple lectures ahead of other classes and are let out super early. Danny Boy (my former chem lab partner) and I get coffee and hot chocolate in the DC Marketplace, respectively, and just relax for a change. The dude is hilarious, and for sure one of my favorite people that I've met here. He keeps it real and loose, always. The gorgeous girl I'm crushing on walked by multiple times during this unprecedented break and you know I was both hot and bothered.It's on to African religions where it's for sure exam time, and Chasey and I get down to business with demolishing that thing. Bring it on. Straight into math class for me where we review for our upcoming test, and guess who sits next to me, Ben D. aka "Chip Skylark." You know those people you want to be friends with but don't really know how because you're different social circles, he's one of them. Funny and a classy guy for sure. But I'm pretty sure I converted another acquaintance to a friend, as in I bettered my ratio like a total COD K to D fraction. I powerwalk, without sweating (I'd rather be late to class then ruin the clothes) to my honors college class where the funny was let out. Everyone goes around introducing themselves and saying unique things we wouldn't know from outward appearance and we get some insight. We discuss education and if tax payers should have a say in what's taught in schools, when DW (Dan Walsh) calls me out hardcore. It was a tense moment, but it's all good. It was in that class period that I realize that his friend, Connor S. looks like MTV's "Teen Wolf" sidekick Dylan O'Brien, aka "Stiles"  but with hair. Class ends and it's up to my room where hall complex tours for admitted students are going on. Jandro is blasting the most ignorant of the musics and a few families stop into my humble abode to check my cool pad. Academics done, and I'm in too deep.

Sam and I hurry to central campus for our unlimited dining experience with Emily Spica. Multiple cheese burgers are downed and fries are scarfed like the One Direction babies in their parody music video. It's times like these when I realize how much I love my friends. It's a bus ride back to the U Heights North to bro-hug my roommate, Krabby Patty, before we both go on our retreats. Jackie, Jandro and I make it Redstone campus where we eat and start the Racial Aikido retreat. It was both hilarious and powerfully moving to hear from other people on how they've dealt with bias, racism, and the incidents that happen. 8pm rolls around, and we walk back to the rooms where I quickly change to join Emily and Sam for open swim in the gym. Truthfully I got lost in the damn boys locker room and was a total mess. I finally make it out of that maze and it's into the water with a plunge. It was cold as ball sweat, and I just wasn't having it. I can swim, but never learned how to float so the deep end I don't get along too well. I get chastised for grabbing onto the lane markers by this scrawny lifeguard (listen here buddy, blow your whistle all you want, but you're no Hollister model so relax *neither am I) and I'm more than done. We finally get out, and I retreat to the men's locker room where I realize I didn't bring a change of boxers so I'm forced to do the unthinkable and wear my boxers commando. Yup, I free balled it and it was really weird, the lack of plaid underwear was killing me. Into the shower to regain some warm and wash out the chlorine. To the MarchĂ© for some pesto and cheese ravioli and a long talk with Sam and Emily just about our lives as a whole. Only on Friday nights do people get deep. Lol, that leads me up until now where instead of sleeping, I'm blogging this entry. I'm in way over my head and in too deep.

Being a teenager is all about time management. It is possible to get good grades, participate in activities, and have friends. I'm living proof of that. I may not sleep very much or have free time like other people do, but I'd say I'm a pretty good example of dealing with tons of stuff at the same time. It's like I'm coming back to surface, taking a deep breath, and just floating around - no more being in too deep.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's something petty that stresses you out? Clothing, as in today I changed 4 times wearing 4 completely different outfits, down to my plaid boxers, for multiple reasons. It's something I think about before bed and as soon as I wake up, it's kind of a big deal but not really.


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