Judgement Call

Being a teenager is all about having control over your reputation. It'd be a total farce to say that other people's opinions of us don't matter, because they for sure do. It's one thing to not care what other people think of you and do whatever you want because you strongly believe you're just being yourself, but it's another, more naive thing to think that other people's perceptions of you don't have any effect. Whether we like it or not, we've all got a reputation, either to uphold, or change. Reputations are like finding out that Chris Brown and Rihanna might be collaborating again for music, as in tarnishing both their reputations for all that domestic violence. It's a judgement call, and people are making one on your behalf, pick up the phone.

Let it be known that since we're in college drama should most deff be a thing of the past, but the truth is, drama is something that will occur no matter how old you are (or pretend to be). Really, who sits around spreading rumors and ruining people's lives. It's petty, pathetic, and not okay. You wouldn't want someone perpetuating a false story that you did the dirty on your recreational room pool table, so don't pass along nonsense. Next, here's the thing. There's been some honors college drama (the fact that I can call it that might be hilarious) and apparently this kid keeps having these alleged fallacies being churned through the rumor mill (Sabrina the Teenage Witch style). It's wrong to be purposefully spreading lies about people if they're not even smidgen of truth behind it like on twitter when RIP Justin Bieber trends. If the Biebs kicked the bucket the world would end in a raging ball of girly fury. But when the rumor isn't so far from the truth or a person has done something like that before, it's not hard for everyone to believe what's being said, regardless of it's accuracy. If people's only information about you comes from scandalous stories of teenage debauchery like flashing testicles for a pong game, or possibly urinating in a washing machine, then I'm pretty sure they'll believe anything about you. The real problem isn't the people starting the rumors (even though they should stop, seriously, who still does that) it's that this kid's already got a bad reputation. Instead of flipping out on everyone for believing the rumors, an honest change needs to be made in the way the rumee (subject of the rumors) acts and turn his reputation around. If you didn't do such outrageously ridiculous things like drinking excessively on the weekends, people would not have any credibility in bringing you down. There's a reason, there's no rumors spread about me, I know what my reputation is, and never would I ever be accused of being a total mess. It's a judgement call. People are placing judgement from first impressions and the bits and pieces they hear about you, make sure what they're hearing is not only the truth but it's good things too. I'm talking the difference between the Hills and the City.

The other day I heard something that absolutely got under my skin. We're in college and for a lot of people that means drinking on the weekends, hardcore grinding and steamy makeout sessions at parties. However, when the weekend is over and the stories come out, why is that girls are called such disrespectful terms like whore, skank, slut or harlot (okay, that one's just from Easy A) for getting fiesty with multiple guys but dudes are congratulated for multiple "conquests" and "bagging biddies" when they're doing the exact same thing. First of all, the bottom line is, it's gross all around to be swapping spit with different people back to back. Slow your roll, rinse your mouth out and give the lips a rest. Secondly, just because you're putting the moves like Jagger on while doesn't mean your gyrations have to end with making out. Thirdly, there's a thing called sickness and diseases and being super loosey goosey (Fired Up reference) at parties will most likely lead you to at least the common cold or worse oral herpes (we all know that's not a real cold sore). Now that that's been said, back to that double standard thing. Why can guys get away with taking oral romps around girls mouths, but chicks are called derogatory terms for doing the exact same thing. It's not fair at all, and truly needs to stop. It's not okay to call anyone names. If you don't approve of what someone's do it, keep it to yourself, what is yelling out "wenchy slutsketeer" going to do for you? If hurting other people makes you feel better about yourself, you might have low self esteem or just be totally messed up. Let other people do what they want, if they're fine with getting some with multiple partners then that's whatever, but if you're going to judge girls for being free with trading fruit rollup tongue tattoos, then you'd best be doing the same to the manwhores, pimp-masters, and players out there. It's a judgement call, but know that if you're making the rounds at a party, people are going to be talking about it. It's weird that people don't realize that during the week they'll actually see the people they were getting hot and heavy like Blue Mountain State wild with. Get it together people, bring down everyone equally or don't do it at all.

When people say reputations in college don't matter, that's a blatant lie. College is more than just partying like it's not your birthday. Some people are trying to make a name for themselves on campus. Me, personally, I like to think I'm a force to be reckoned with like Percy Jackson and Lighting Thief with that massive water fight, on campus. People either know me, or know me, and always in a good way. Truthfully, I'm doing exactly what I did in high school, making myself known for being an asset to my school. I'm heavily involved in multiple clubs and organizations, I've branched out and expanded my social circle. That means that I'm always like to have someone I know even if I'm someplace new on campus and I've forged those relationships necessary to get ahead. It's who I am to do a lot things like my pop culture TV show (check our first episode of the semester here - (Dirty Pop Season Premiere ), IRA (inter residence association) to represent on campus students, hall council to plan programs for my complex, pre-med club for those career connections, and Phi Mu Delta: Nu Gamma fraternity for the ultimate brotherhood. I've already noticed that people happen to know me on campus. I get all these emails saying "so and so" recommended you for this, or I "got your name for this department" - and that's how it goes. Put in the effor to meet people and make lasting relationships and give a memorable impression of who you are and you'll eventually reap the benefits. As I like to say, I'll be taking over this place soon enough. Sophomore year is when my reign begins. I'm on track to be the male Degrassi "Holly Freaking J" on campus. Come at me bro, and bring it on. It's your judgement call.

Being a teenager is all about letting people know who you are. First impressions are really important and they're the basis for where people will form their opinions on what makes you tick. Be yourself, but be conscious of your actions and who's around you. One wrong move and you can ruin your reputation for a long time. Keep it together and don't be sloppy. Do it right, and the judgement call can be made by you


My blog post question for the day is ... what do you think about gender double standards? It shows that things really haven't changed that much, no matter how far advanced we claim to be. This is America right?


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