Take You Down

Being a teenager is all about finding yourself some college co-ed lovin. It's about playing the field, choosing the goal and going after it. You have to be in the game to win the game people. If you expect a girlfriend/boyfriend to just magically appear you'd better put back your phony plastic Harry Potter-escque wand and get real. Chris Brown said it best, I just want to take you down. Keep it dirty, keep it unique, and keep it down to Earth.

Mustering the courage to actually approach a crush takes a lot of time. But sometimes you've got to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. No more waiting on the sidelines, and letting oppurtunity pass you by. Check the breath, the pits, and clear your throat (not every girl loves the scratchy voice) and just go on over and do it. It's all about being calm, cool, and collected. Not too eager, and not to disinterested. It's better to be forward and real with what you're about ask for, the d-word as in a D-A-T-E. No pick up lines necessary, you're not freaking Roger from "Sister, Sister" mini-braids and all. Try that corny crap and you'll be told to go home as well. Be yourself, it's what really matters. If you're funny, show it. If you're compassionate, do it in the most sincere way possible. Speak with your heart, not your brain. Talking about wanting to get with that slammin' dime-piece or that hunk of man-meat, is not going to get you anywhere, and no one actually say that real people. The person you're crushing must have an idea that you exist. It's kind of like a major prerequisite. Surprise dates, uhm that might be supes sketch, like WTE (where the eff) did you come from. You should be familiar with the hottie you're fawning over, and they with you, so they can at least have some idea that it's coming. I'm thinking that you all need be in that "we're talking

One of the hardest parts about dating in college is that there never seems to be anything romantic to do around campus. If you think that swiping in the hot shawty you're wooing as your guest for a less than gourmet meal in a dining hall is a super thoughtful date you must be the Rebecca Black of epic failures. There's so many things you can do, it's all about being proactive (no the J-Biebs or Katy Perry acne commercials) and looking for cool things to do. Try something new, like going to see the latest theatre performance on campus. Take a trip to the grocery store and come back to your hall complex and cook yourself some dinner. If you want to be classic, head on out to see a movie and be sure to get refreshments (watching a cinematic feature without snacks is like Chip Skylark without his shiny teeth ... just wrong). Try a picnic, it's cold and what not but if you're really creative I'm sure you can either find a warmish spot on campus or turn a study lounge or dorm room into a hub of romance. If you're both in to sports, rangle some tickets for the hockey or basketball game - paint each other's faces, and hit a sports bar for wings afterwards. If you both have a passion for music, check out a coffee house performance of some up and coming artists, and share a mocha frappĂ©. Both into art, head to the museum, or better yet set up some easels with paint, or draw one another or even do some clay pot spinning. Be a kid again and play some arcade games, lazer tag, or go bowling. It's all about having fun and being together. As long as your ideas are truely genuine, as in things you'd not only enjoy doing but your date would love as well you'll be more than fine. The best dates are the one's that are not only interesting and fun, but allow you have the greatest time with the person you're with.

Dating in college is different from any other time in your life because there are so many people in your age range that you have the potential to get with. There are so many good looking people on campus, so many types of people, and so many people to get to know. When you find someone you really do want to go steady with, it's up to you both to make the relationship work. College can make or break relationships. Temptation plays a major role in what goes down on the weekends. I didn't think it was even a question but hardcore grinding with dude when you've got a boyfriend is more than not okay. It might be just dancing, but that's the way you dance with everyone. Being drunk or high is not excuse for cheating. Getting the expansive tour as if it's an MTV Cribs episode of someone else's mouth just doesn't happen because you're inebriated. If you're cuffed, as in lockdown, and in a relationship - you should be committed to who you're dating, not committed to committing backstabbing crimes of passion. You can't go around continuing your player or temptress ways, you've already got someone. It's not fair to everyone involved, not only your honey, but to the girl/guy you're screwing over with a shat ton of drama, and yourself for not letting yourself be faithful. Just because things happen in dorms does not mean they'll be kept secret. Derwin Davis from BET's "the Game" said it best, "Things done in the dark will always come to the light" - as in if you're two-timing, or shoot leading-on and making moves on the entire team you will be caught and exposed. College is not the time to adapt a bad-boy/bad-girl streak of breaking hearts and taking names, no one actually does that in real - this not "John Tucker Must Die" and I'm sure you're no Jesse MetCalfe or Ashanti. If you're got your number one, they'd better stay there. Do the dirty deeds, and I'm pretty sure that there will be a pack of girls/guys ready to take you down.

Being a teenager is all about being yourself when puttin on those courtship moves. It's about going out of your comfort and doing that little extra something to catch the attention of that special someone. It's like a Daniel Craig as James Bond super secret operative mission. Mark your target for submission, aim, and fire. All I want to do is take you down.

My blog post question for the day is ... who's your celebrity crush? I've got multiple, but by far the the biggest one is Keke Palmer. The fact that I planned our lives together is not a joke. This is going to happen, we're getting married whether she likes it or not.


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