Being a teenager is all about making memories that you'll cherish forever. I'm talking about the college stories that you'll be telling not only your kids, but your grandchildren as well. It's about forging those bonds of friendship, brotherhood, and acquaintanceship that make college totally worth it. I'm talking like Greek Omega Chi's and Kappa Tau's type of bonds. Good times so good that for only if a few hours, nothing else matters but who you're with and the ridiculous things going down. It's about living in the now, and creating those iconic moments.

This post starts on Thursday night which included Carolyn, Hannah, Abby, Jandro, and his friend, Mallory hanging out and telling stories. It's what we do, we're in college. Come to find out Mall, is roommates with my orientation roommate, Chris, and his bromantic best friend - Ultimate Frisbee Mate himself, Blair. We wall watch Final Destination 5 - which I guess (spoiler alert) is technically the first one and the gruesome deaths keep coming. Bed time happens around 1 am, and those are some memorable moments. Friday morning began with a chocolate croissant and iced tea for breakfast. I went through the motions of my classes and you know interesting things always happen to me, I'm me. In biology lecture, the first slide was just of all spiders and I legit freaked the freak out. African religions brought on talks of Islam which made me think about Denzel Washington as Malcolm X. Math class was rough because I had the largest headache and the urge to pee, but no desire to use a public restroom. I for real ran back to the Heights from central campus and burst into my suite bathroom before going downstairs to lead my honors college class discussion on the "Training of Black Men" by W.E.B. du Bois. Such a powerful reading, and I got some quotes that I'll for sure be remembering for a long time to come. 3 o'clock strikes and my stomach comes a rumbling. Carolyn and Hannah give tours to admitted students and Dan, Norio, and Jandro stack chairs in Sam's room as a prank, such a mess. Sam, and I rally to go to central campus for another dining hall experience, but not before I get my Spring Break train tickets from the front desk which homie, Luca, was manning. Polo boots on and snow coming down hard, we make it to Cook and it's food, on food, on food for everyone. Emily Spica shows up and we have another Friday afternoon discussion on ridiculousness. The stories told are just too wild to repeat. Ryan, who was on my retreat last week makes an appearance and guess who's there, Mystery Model and his moddelly self. 2 hours of endless food, and it's back to the Heights on the bus and this gorgeous girl (I alway see drop dead dames in the worst places) just sits diagonal from me and we look each other and just smile. Girls, make the first move, I'm adorable. I love just being with my friends and feeling like I belong. That feeling in college can be hard to come by, but those few moments make the difference.

Friday night officially begins with new member education class for Phi Mu Delta. I walk over to the hall complex H&M (Harris-Millis) and of course my favorite fraternity brother, Campbell is ready for action. Our other participants are running a little bit late so it's one on one Mortal Combat snowball fight as the sky opens up and the fluffy flakes come tumbling down. I'll let you know that it got intense real quick, for two people who don't like to lose those snowballs were flying hard and cast. I'll give it to the kid, he hit me in the inner thigh for the match ending finish. Inside H&M to begin new member ed class, and we go over the kinds of things that make good gentlemen and citizens of the world. Derek, our president, and Rob, our other new member, join us for an hour long discussion of values and inside jokes. Notes taken, times up and as soon as we go outside, all hell breaks loose in the form of another snowball fight. Apparently, I didn't get the memo that it was a semi-free for all when I took a snowball to the nape of my neck from none other than that crazy kiddie, Campbell (I'm telling you right now, he's for sure the quirkiest of them all). Innocent bystanders avoid flying snow and we walk over to MAT where shootouts (Sabrina the Teenage Witch - Wild West style) take place. We end up talking about cars (which we all know I know nothing about, much less how to drive very well) and other manly things for a good hour and a half, just out in the cold ... why, no one knows. Decision time comes, to either do homework or just join the club and hang out with the guys. Which one do you think I chose? We walk to central campus and pile in Rob's jeep to head to the grocery store. We get there, and realize the man forgot his wallet, so it's back in the car for some light drifting maneuvers and DJ Cam-Cam to take over the tunes. It's a mission to retrieve the wallet, so we engage the snowball fight happening outside of the castle known as Converse Hall and make it up there successfully. On our way out, I take a chance, get a little wild, and yell as loud as possible "For Narnia" as Campbell and I charge into snowball-battle against 5 other people. Some solid hits, and we make introductions before walking back to athletic campus. It's ultimate-bro time with Modern Warfare 3, deep burps from Dom, and nerf gun shooting. So this is what it's like to be broey. We order pizza and get drinks from the Marché and hardcore game for like two hours. We're all getting along quite well, and I realize to the extent of how weird homeboy Campbell really is - he's like a British more extreme version of myself, just random as hell. The man is inexplicably touchy-feely and I'm just really good at asking ignorant questions like, "How long have you been British" and requests like "Can you say, I'm in a bit of a sticky-wicket." The nemesis lines have been drawn, seriously, but not really. Just spent like a good 3-4 hours hanging out and boding with my new brothers. It's moments like these when I realize I've made friendships built to last. It's when everything clicks together, and you're just engaged wherever you are that moments like this happen.

Making a mad dash to your dorm room just to change and get ready to go out is for sure not something I'm used to. I get all changed, and looking good (as always), and it's back to MAT and up to the 4th floor to meet up with bratpack. I've realized that DT is like our Kenny Santucci from the Challenges, aka Mr. Beautiful, and of course there's the every popular Jack Steele, the wittiest of the wits, Hailey G. and their friend, who might be one of the classiest kids ever, Critter. We're in their friends Tori and ... room while we listen to Danny T's old self-made rap music from 10th grade (dude's got bars, no lie) and dance like the embarrassing kids you know. Finally everyone is ready to leave and so just before midnight (the latest start ever) and we wait inside the Heights for the drunk bus, and Critter figures out how to tousle his hair with Hailey's help (#whiteboyproblems). It's on the bus, where the oldies are playing and a singalong is going down. It's moment like that these where I'm geeking out with Captain Jack and Hailey G that I'll remember forever about my freshman year of college. I might declare us some of the funniest people you'll ever meet. We get off the bus downtown and begin walking through mounds of slush like Paul Walker in "Eight Below." Pit stops happen, but we all make it to the get together with no falling casualties. Soon as we come in, Jack is pouring cranberry juice and the dude spills all over the place (can you say party foul). I just loose it because it's too funny. We hang out upstairs with the studio club members, Erik, Shannon, Victoria, Tricia, and of course, Noah. Danny T and the rest of the crew end up hardcore peacing out after a bit, and the rest of us proceed to the basement for games of water pong and fooseball. Such a typical Friday night. The amount of trash talk spewed might have rivaled "Yo Momma" with Wilmer Valderrama. It's just past 2 am, when after classic inside jokes, pop culture references and uncalled insults, Hailey and I text each other our plans of action. We leave, and take the brooding sports junkie, Noah with us. It's the four of us, Jack, Hailey, Noah and I walking as Noah let's us his know his relationship troubles. The rest of us are too much to handle and give him advice using BeyoncĂ© song titles and it takes him a good 15 minutes to realize we were totally patronizing him. My water bottle of Sunkist in tow, we make it back to campus safe and sound. More than a successful night. You know Joelly-Bear makes an appearance, as per every weekend requires and Krabs and I go beddy-bye after a late night bro-talk. Moments like these last forever.

Whoever's idea it was to strip a teenage boy of his rights to sleeping in on Saturday morning must not have lived in the 90's. Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, and Power Rangers SPD used to be on, but nope, I'm awake at 7:40am to get ready for a breakfast social. I begrudgingly get out of met, and properly color code my outfit for fraternity colors (Princeton Orange, black and white) and it's off to the Davis Center to meet up with our president, Derrick (or as I secretly call him, Double-D - Ed, Edd, and Eddie?) and Rob to walk over to the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority house. As expected, we're the first ones there but soon Dom and my least favorite person of all time, Campbell, show up (not really, the dude is quite possibly the greatest of them all - it's that love, hate relationship type of thing). The rest of the guys show up, and you know when you get young men in a kitchen chaos is about to break loose. Everything gets spread out and food started being churned out. People are a whole lot of lethargic, like the wheezing kid from Malcolm in the Middle slow (ooph, too far), so Zach, Baldwin, and I take a trip to Dunkin' Donuts downtown blasting Nicki Minaj. A box of Joe (lols), and a mountain of doughnuts it is, and we head back to the house for reinforcements. Everyone is doing their part, with cooking, cleaning, or serenading the lovely ladies the way only fraternity men can, as in Jeff and Stan being their nonsensical selves. I don't know about everyone else but when everyone was working, I was having one those moments where everything is how it's supposed to be, dysfunctional and wacky, but perfectly fine. We get ourselves some of the chocolate chip pancakes cooked professionally by our resident quirky sous-chef Campbell and take a tour of the premises. The place has got it going on, and reminded me of my suburban life back in the nasty-Nati(#privilegedkidproblems). Everyone gathers around for a classic photoshoot and we all just hang out. One of my personal favorite things about the Phi Mu Delta fraternity is the fact that I can easily talk to anyone. Everyone is down to Earth, and not intimidating to talk to at all. Gabe who's a gentle giant, Aaron the classy reserved guy, Phil the saving grace, and Dan the man - along with the everyone else just gels so well together. It's mornings, memories, and moments like these that make college totally worth it.

Being a teenager is all about meeting those people that you'll know will be involved in your life for a long time to come. It's about those people that you can't live but also could never live without. College is about making the friends that you wouldn't anywhere else. It's about doing things because you can and having the time of your youthful life. It's about those moments in time that seem to stop, pause and freeze. It's these experiences that you make you smile when you look back on them. Moments.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's been an iconic moment in your collegiate life and why? For me, I would say just the times spent running around being absolutely childish, exploring buildings with people and saying those darnedest things. It's those moments where I know that I more than belong here.


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