So Random

Being a teenager is all about being so random. It's the completely haphazard things we do that completely make us who we are. Let's get real, we're a little weird, and I'll for sure be the first to admit. I'm telling you, people must watch me and think I'm the strangest creature to ever grace the sidewalks of my campus. With all the strange faces, the sweatshirt drawstring twirling, random dancing, talking to myself, and the laughing out of nowhere - people must think I'm legit crazy, like freaking raging Davis Mallory from MTV's "Real World Denver" out control. But as the end of the week happens, I just get wilder and wilder and it's all just so random.

Let's just say Thursday night and afternoon we're kind of a mess. After an uneventful morning of TV watching and some homework 4pm came and I was off to the torture known as chem 32. An hour of completely irrelevant rants and some vague mentions of bonds, chemicals or something else sciency, and the people I hardcore creep on weren't even present. Jandro, Sam, Carolyn, Jimbo and I all got out of class early and it was off the Davis Center a quick snack. I grabbed a naked smoothie (that ish cray) and say my homeboy, Danny-Boy just hanging out so I went over to catch up. Finally met up with the group, and we're all just chilling before it's time to head on over to another building for Honors College plenary lecture. This one was actually really interesting, this engineering dude with a shat ton of degrees talked about bringing humanity into science which is totes what this guy is all about. Minty fresh E.Coli, speeding lottery and taxation aversion talks later, and it's immediately time for my biology exam. I'mma say it right now, I for sure demolished that thing, like Chris Evans in 'Perfect Score" good. I finished early, so I got another mediocre chicken/cheese flatwrap (quesadilla wannabe) from New World Tortilla and sat in the dark on a cold bench on central campus waiting for my premed club meeting to happen. I can't stand being unsightly early, I'm all about that fashionably (literally) on time arrival. Liz from IRA was there, and VP man crush Dyl-Dawg worked his busy body magic and I caught the bus back to the Heights to be done for the night. Didn't happen, soon Jandro and I were headed down the secret staircase, stopped to talk to our ARD (assistant resident director), Kristine, and off to another hall complex H&M (Harris Millis) to hang out with some fraternity bros. Hardcore N64 Mario Kart & Super Smash Bros. with Phi Mu Delta buddies Baldwin, Gabe, and my favorite prankster Campbell (like the soup). As a boy I'm inherently good at Xbox 360, Wii & Gamecube games, but anything else is foreign to me. Just two hour spent gaming instead of doing homework, but it totally worth it because their brotherhood is blatantly apparent. We'll see, what is the Youthful Life went Fratty? Whatever, back to the room for late night bro talks with Krabs and it was officially bed time. Absolutely one of the most random days ever. Who knows, who cares?

This Friday morning started off completely random. I wanted to watch House of Anubis but the latest episode wasn't up so I watched the newest Nickelodeon show "How To Rock" with Max Schneider and Cymphonique Miller (Romeo's sister & Master P's daughter) and the theme song just hit me hard. "Only you can be you, and only I can be me" - and I ran with that all day. I also read on of Midnight Red's tweets, about smiling randomly at people just to brighten their day so that's what I did. I dressed in bright colors, and danced my way out of room to One Direction. I was feeling good and I was just smiling all over and I got results. From my biology class were my professor misspelled mosses as Moses (totally a Biblical reference), to African religions where I spoke about granaries in Dogon culture. Then there was my math class where my acquaintance, Ben D. might beat me out for greatest smile (you for sure are detecting a hint of jealously) I understand my teeth are supes perf but his might be even more perfect, curse you Cleft the boy chin wonder and the dimples too. From there it was on to my honors class where the importance of the arts came to be debated and was debated alright. Quick pee break, and it was downtown with Sam to Kountry Kart deli for a pastrami and Monterrey jack grilled cheese sandwich which was quite memorable. Afterwards we went to American Apparel to get me a plaid bowtie and striped suspenders for the Winter Ball. Off to the mall where we browsed and compared Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister. British boy Ed was nowhere to be found in that prepped out dark abyss, but I held back in going crazy in purchasing even more plaid shirts. American Eagle for sunglasses, and finally Emily S joined us to go dress shopping. I'm telling you we hit 5-8 stores looking for dresses for these girls. I started having classic #manproblems in having to wait outside dressing rooms in all female stores and the feet were hurting. They finally got lucky at Urban Outfitters and Sam found a lacy white dress. Emily however, was about to channel a black swan feathered dress but it didn't fit quite right. We gave up the search and headed back to campus. Just a good four hours spent shopping. So random. 

Friday night just continued to get more and more random. Sam and I went to Patrick & Joelly's combined acapella group performance and I'm going to let you know it was amazing, as always. Who would have thought it possible for their groups, Zest & Hit Pause, respectively, to even get better? Smooth harmonies and some vocal perfection and it was finally dinner time. Sam and I stoppped in Brennan's for some pancakes, homestyle fries, and of course a classic Mystery Model sighting. From there, it was into Jandro's room to hang out and lay around but only after hardcore pleading with Emily S to join us at the upcoming Winter Ball. I learned the art of water pong with the hilarity that is Harrison, Jandro, Cullen, Jimbo and Sam. Apparently, I don't have the Kris Humphries or Kobe Bryrant arc in my shot. Time to get dressed for Chasey-Chase-em's 19th birthday party bash and we're all of a sudden walking. Westide Alex, Harrison, and Sarah join Jandro and I as we stop by the Winterfest Delirium event in the student center. I taste test some bomb chili from Phi Mu Delta and the crazy character known as Campbell and even do that muscle man ring the bell carnival game (oh I rang that bell alright, like Captain America style). Balloon crown in tow we make it to the place for the party. We walk in and it's just out of control in there. Spilled jungle juice on the ground, water pong in the kitchen, and a blacklight dance fest in the living room. For the first 20 minutes I'm of course judging people hardcore and tweeting up a storm of my disapproval. But homeboy Harrison and the ball of fun Alex get me out of on the dance floor and I actually have a good time. They're playing my favorite songs, everyone's shouting lyrics, and and I'm perfectly fine getting jiggy with it (yeah, I used that 90's term). A few drinks were spilled, and people started getting totally sloppy. I'm talking stumbling around, body parts exposed, and some more than public hook-ups against the wall.  Chase and I had our early birthday bro hug and the party just kept getting bigger and bigger. Everyone showed up and soon after I decided after this girl tried to u button my pastel colored shirt and grabbed on to my dark wash Hollister skinny jeans belt loops I was more than done. Sorry I'm classy as hell and have a walking code of conduct. I dipped out and made it back to the heights where I chatted with my RA, Kelsey, before doing a major cleaning spree at 2am of sweeping and mopping the bathroom and dorm room. It was totally random. People finally made it back, Alex and I had a heart to heart and Joelly-Bear came by for another late night recap bro-talk, love that guy. Even Craig showed up to stay a while and add some input. Dude, he was on True Life: I'm Going to Performing Arts Camp. So random. 

Being a teenager is all about the randomness that makes you who you are. No two people are the same, but we're all really not that different. We're unique, and absolutely weird. It's because of the completely random things we do. Because we can, because we're teens, and because we are who we are. It's just so random.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's one of the random things you do? I'm going to have to say the random dirty dancing I do not only in my room but all over campus might be supes weird. Whatevs, if I've got the urge to shake it on out, that what I'm going to do.


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