Family Matters

Being a teenager is all about having the time of your life. Summer is a totally different time of the year and you'll mostly be at home with your parents and siblings, as in your completely and absolutely classically dysfunctional family (Dallas continuation anyone?). But you've grown up (I hope), matured, and now understand the complex dynamics that makes your fam-bam tick. You're home and ready to conquer your lovably-crazy familia. Who knows how, but family matters.
There's this notion about family that what happens in the family stays in the family, and there's a reason for that. Whatever drama, ridiculousness, and arguments go on, it's only for your family to know about. It's embarrassing to have other people talking about what goes on behind closed doors. Yelling, screaming, crying and all the crazy in between, that's no one else's business except yours and you're not obligated to let in on your private family matters unless you want to. Families are bound by something that other people are not, that strong connection that never be broken. It's more than some similar DNA and probably the same blood type. You live together, you know each other better than anyone else in the world, and when all is said and done, they should be the ones that take care of you when no one else is around. Family means loving one another unconditional, as in - no matter what happens, no bother what is said, you care for each other because who else is there. It's time to set aside differences, let go of grudges and get back together with your family. Everyone goes their separate ways for school, work, and what not and everyone becomes disconnected but no matter where you are, you're still a family. It's up to you to be proactive and keep your family together as much as possible. You know what the stakes are, falling out of sync, losing touch with one another, and being totally awkward with your own family. Nobody wants that. It's the little things that matter, just asking how people are doing and listening. Asking your parents for stories, because you know they love to tell them, and just going out to eat with your siblings, because you can. Those are the things that show that you care. Doing things without being asked to. Surprising people with gifts. It's whatever, you want, as long as you know that family matters. 
The biggest problem about living in suburbia is that everyone is always trying to be up in someone's business. Nosy neighbors, gossiping wenches reminiscent of Desperate Housewives, and scandalous shenanigans like trading spouses for weekend bedroom romps. Like are you crazy, keep your polygamy, jealousy, and petty small talk to yourselves. It's so funny that just when driving around my neighborhood everyone either stares at you or waves at you. The best part of it, they all know who we are but none of us know who they are. Suburbia is like a major competition. Who has the largest house on the block (us), the most expensive cars (us), and who's kids dominate in every aspect of schools, including how prestigious the college you go to is (again us). Suburbia is all about keeping up appearances, you never want to show any weakness or that anything is wrong. You talk to people a certain way, act in a proper manner, and never ever cause a scene, lest you want to be the talk of the town. It sounds absolutely unrealistic, but the truth of the matter is it's how a lot of people live. You can be fined for improper snow removal, failure to keep your lawn perfectly tailored or lacking landscaping. Yup, homeowner associations and club fees can be a major hassle. You all know the major families in your neighborhood, the one's everyone knows or knows of, and their dynasty reigns supreme for a reason. But when you cut the crap and get past the appearances, neighborhood are some of the strongest networks out there. You've got to make the effort to know your neighbors, in times of need, they can really help you out. We're close with our immediate neighbors, and we see them almost on a daily basis, professional airline pilots and all around the handiest people of all time, and that's where we trade off with us being medically trained - it works perfectly. Besides, they're like the nicest people ever. It's when your neighborhood and block come together, that you see just how amazing this place really is and you understand just how much family matters.

Television has a mystical power over people. It not only divides the nation in the hot topic issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, healthcare, and the presidency (thanks ABC New's David Muir) - but brings people together with relatable comedies, epic dramas, and stupid reality shows. TV families have been iconic since the dawn of the motion picture. TV works in a cyclic way, after the amazingly funny and down to Earth families in the 90's then came the new century which say families diversity to include same sex couples, adopted parents, and of course - the new reigning champ ... the single parent. Hannah Montana, iCarly, and even the new 9O21O had the Wilson parents get a divorce - it's the thing to do. But it's now come full circle and the traditional family is making a comeback, Good Luck Charlie, and Modern Family to name a few. The best TV families are the one's with the most relatable cast, storylines and the major thing - believeability that goes along with it. Of all time the best would have to be the Huxtables on the Cosby Show, the Bankses on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the Shepfieldses on the Nannny, the Tanners on Full House (single parent status), the Walshes on Beverly Hills, 90210, the Winslows on Family Matters, the Taylors on Home Improvement, the Campbell/Landry combination on Sister, Sister and the list goes on, Sabrina: the Teenage Witch, Boy Meets World, Step by Step to name a few more. The casts gelled so well together, and you can tell they were a family on and off screen. Stuff that happened to them was believable, and made sense. There weren't these crazy plotlines and twists that created major drama for no reason. They were grounded and understood the importance of family. I'm voting for going back to that time. Where people, especially families were close and truly cared for each other. They spent time together and weren't separated by their digital distractions. We all know family matters and it's famous catchphrase "did I do that?"

Being a teenager is all about getting along with the people around you. If you can't make peace with your own family how can you expect to be okay in this world. At the end of the day, when everyone else has gone back to their own lives, who do you really have left - no one else other than your family. Respect them, revere them, and the make the effort to bond with them, this family matters.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite TV family? Mine would have to be currently, probably the faux family on Melissa and Joey - they're hilarious, witty and sharp. They always bring the humor. Check it out, Wednesday's on ABC Family.


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