Being a teenager is all about coming together. Teamwork is one of those things that doesn't always get used to it's full extent but has the potential to do amazing things. College seems like an individual experience but really most everyone is going through, at the most basic levels, the same things. We can all relate, and learn to collaborate. We're taking over, and dominating, like we should. Assemble!

The final days of my first year of college have been winding down for quite some time now. It's surreal to realize that this is it. It seems like everyone has come together at last, and now has gone their separate ways. If only for one more time, yell it together, assemble. Wednesday morning was spent at breakfast with Sam and Emily being our ridiculous selves. Unlimited dining is the weirdest thing about college, but the scene is completely different and the amount of familiar faces I see is just out there. We talk about insecurities, flaws, and all the little things that make us so candid. It's to my room for me to do more packing before I'm once again off. I head off to the Davis Center third floor and specifically the SGA offices where I'm supposed to meet my friend, Riker for our end of the year lunch. It's a different world up there, and it's like I've stumbled across some secret X-Men First Class type of plot that I may or may not have been supposed to see. We decide to try something new and head over to the medical building and the Atrium café. I get sweet and sour chicken with rice and corn, and it's mediocre at best, but any change of place is fine with me. We connect over our political endeavors, him in SGA, and me with IRA. It's been a long year, and seriously we've all been through a lot. It's mind blowing to realize, much less actually talk about what actually went on in this school year. It's absolutely like we've all become different people. We've grown, changed, and morphed into different, hopefully "better" versions of ourselves. After lunch it's intense packing mode for me. Everything that's in my room needs to get boxed, stuffed into a suitcase or bagged. It was quite possibly one of the most daunting things I've had to do this year. With a few hours of work, it's all packed up, my collegiate life in boxes that I've assembled with the help of my handy-dandy packaging tape. Six o'clock rolls around and that means dinner time with the peeps. It's steadily raining when Dzenan, Samantha, Emily and I board the bus from the Heights to Redstone campus. We get off and slide down the muddy hill like Crash Bandicoot (BTW, what animal was he?) before walking (in formation, with me in front #storyofmylife) into the dining hall where we meet up with Christopher and Nicholas. I choose a table, and everyone fills in after claiming their food. It's one of those times where I'm like flashing back to high school outing where our table gets so loud, laughs so hard, and genuinely enjoys itself with everyone else turning to look. Sorry, we're enjoying ourselves. It's a different mix of people with the six of us and I'm pretty sure it went over relatively well. We played two truths and a lie, and I had some explaining to do, of course. I'm due to head off to a movie, so we put away our plates and take some pictures before heading to the bus stop after saying farewell to Chris. We wait a few minutes and I see my former chem lab partner Danny, who bids me an awesome summer before bro-hugs abound. After a few more silly pictures we just decide to walk back to athletic campus. It's hugs for everyone as we say goodbye to Nic and I catch the bus to central. It's raining more and more and I walk to the castle on campus, Converse Hall, where I meet my fraternity brothers, Robbie and Connor. Riding with these guys is for sure one of my favorite things, Connor has great taste in music and both of them are freaking hilarious. I'm just zoning out to Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe" and we arrive at the movie theatre, buy our tickets and get our 3D on. We're about to watch the Avengers and assemble!

Movie Reviewing. What can I say about the Avengers? It was most definitely the best movie I've ever seen. I was worried it wasn't going to be as epic and pensive as the Dark Knight which is like everyone's reference point in judging movies but it definitely surpassed it. The movie was legitimately awesome. It had everything I could have ever wanted. The plot was tricky, but not too difficult to follow. It didn't slowly come together, it was seamless and all the separate parts flowed beautifully together. The movie was witty, fast paced, and kept moving at the perfect rate. It switched from being absolutely hilarious to serious and butt-kicking when needed. The acting was superb, literally top notch. All the characters had equal screen time and each of their internal flaws as well as their external strengths were shown. I freaking love Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner. I'm a whole lot of partial to Captain America and Hawkeye, but Chris my favorite actor of all time with J. Ren coming in a close second. There was nothing to dislike, literally nothing. I'm just saying who could do any better? It was memorable, and everything about it stood out. I saw it in 3D and it was definitely worth the extra money. It was show beautifully and the camera angles were just on point, like damn, this ish is supreme. I have no complaints and I will defend this movie forever and ever. I'm telling you, it was mind blowingly good. I would give it 5 out of 5 stars, and it definitely earned it. Well deserved, everyone needs to see this movie. The bar has been set so high, it may never be broken again. This year there's the Amazing Spiderman Reboot which looks awesome, the Dark Knight Rises and much more, bring it on.

When you realize that it all ends here, that's when you know it's really happening. Everyone is going their own ways for the summer. Last hugs, finals laughs and those epic nostalgic conversations, for one more time we all assemble. Thursday morning consisted of me walking to the DC to get a cup of watermelon (don't judge me, it wasn't even up to my standards) and an Odwalla "mango tango" smoothie and waiting for my meeting about speaking at convocation (like an induction ceremony, opposite of graduation) next fall. But the lady I'm supposed to meet with is sick and I'm fine with that so it's over to the lounge are outside the SGA offices to write a thank you card for my hall council advisor and play Scramble with Friends. I'm just hanging out talking to my brother on my phone, which is always a conversation, alright and the man of the hour arrives. I finish my conversation and prepare to enter the lion's den known as the president's office of SGA. I don't know why I got so nervous, I know the dude, Connor Daley, and he's like the nicest. I take a seat and we just start talking about our plans for next year. We're in two power positions at this university and if we want to make that lasting impression we're going to need to work together to get things done. It's apparent we're on the same page and I'm more than relieved. Glad to know I have an ally that I can collaborate with, and I'll let you all know, we've got big things planned for the University of Vermont. It's going to be a year full of fun, change, and transparency. What you see with us is what you get. Get ready college kids, it's like Jimmy - Timmy Power Hour crossover episode status up in this thing. After a good hour of talking, jokes and quirky old soul randomness with Connor it's back to my room just to nap. My roommate Krabby Patty comes in and knocks out and it's just afternoon nappy time for the both of us. 5 pm comes around and Emily comes back huffing and puffing after finishing her exam and I help her move her couch and rug outside. You know we were a mess, just carrying the big pink thing over a little stream over some rocks like it was NBD. After that it was off to dinner with the "gang" - you know, Dzenan, Sam, Emily and I at Harris Millis unlimited, fondly known as the "Grundle" (don't even ask). We all get our food and sit down trading stories, antagonizing one another and just hanging out. I point out all the celebrity look alikes and I even see my college crush. It's a good time for all of us and it's back to my room where we just relax and look at YouTube videos. I'm eventually tasked with actually studying for my final exam. It's just past midnight when Cullen and Alejandro drop on by to reminisce about all the nonsense that went on this year. Krabs and I are ready for bed and it's our final night. We've all come together to break apart. Assemble.

Being a teenager is all about working with other people. If you can't learn to play you're going to have some major problems. College is a social thing and being able to connect with other people is pretty much included in the tuition fees. It's up to you to make the most of it and get your people together. It's one of those things that doesn't happen unless you make it happen. Armor up, and make it happen. Assemble!

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the best movie you've ever seen? I can now, wholeheartedly say the Avengers was hands down the best feature film I've ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes upon, like damn.


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