Dazed and Confused

Being a teenager is all about being semi-productive over your summer vacation. You may be off of school but that does not mean it's time to completely shut down. If you're already wanting to go back to college, you must be doing something. It's only been a week or so. The whole sleeping into the early afternoon, non-showering, and never leaving the house routine can get old fast. Too much sleep is just as bad as not enough, I've learned my lesson in that department. I felt like Stiles Stilinski in that 10 minute preview clip from MTV's Teen Wolf Season 2 premiere. Time to get something done and stop being dazed and confused.

How you spend your summer days is truly up to you but I suggest you get some things done while you can. You all know during the school year I was busy as hell with all my extracurriculars and the nonsense that comes with being a pre-med biology major, well somehow that extra stuff spilled over into my summer plans. It's kind of ridiculous but truthfully it gives me something to do. I can obsessively make lists, make plans and think ahead for how to dominate campus effectively in the fall. Am I an evil genius in the making, possibly, me and Mandark or Mojo Jo Jo would be best friends in that sense. But for my presidency with IRA (Inter-Residence Association) I've sent so many emails it's not even funny. I'm working with multiple people for all our contracts for the on campus perks we get to enjoy like national newspapers, and the bus tracking system. Other than that, I've been designing the digital banner that our delegation will take to Colorado University at Boulder for our national conference in just 9 days. It's when I have free time that I spend the most time doing the little things. We've got to get spirit wear to dominate the cheer competitions, and I'm going to make sure of it. In other news, since no one else is as involved in social media as I am, I've taken over the facebook accounts and like pages for IRA and UVMtv (our campus TV station), plus their twitter accounts and have been updating them every couple of days to keep people interested and up to date with what we, as in I, have been doing so far this summer. It's kind of difficult to be witty and come up with different stuff, especially when I've got my own personal facebook and twitter handles (follow here http://twitter.com/drjotengii). I might be a social media guru, but I've got to live my life too. It comes a time when I've got to take a break from being online and just do other things in the real world, or else I've be stuck dazed and confused.

One of the most important things to do during the summer is get out. It sounds silly but it's absolutely necessary. Staying cooped up inside your house will literally drive you crazy. I'm not going to lie I haven't let my house in two days, but I'm perfectly content. Seriously, I despise driving. You have to pay attention to not only what you're doing but what everyone else around you is up to as well, and I don't have time for all that. I feel like that hilarious MadTV skit (Bunifa's Driver's Test). When I'm behind the wheel, I'm just focusing hardcore and driving 5 under the speed limit and leaving for places early so I never have to speed. People must for real hate me. I listen to the Wanted or my epic Shane Harper, One Direction, Big Time Rush, Jesse McCartney super playlist and do what I need to do before heading home, no side stops. You should see me park, it's a disaster. I'm always crooked and if it's a big parking lot, I usually just park furthest away from everyone else. I'm like the opposite of fast and furious, more like slow and delirious. But every once in a while, when I'm feeling adventurous I'll go for some frozen yogurt, a smoothie or if I'm feeling wild an ice cream cone. But the whole driving thing is a lot of effort. You know what gets me, getting into a blazing hot car and waiting for it to cool down. Thank freaking goodness my parent's cars have air conditioned seats, or else my back would be a sweaty mess (that's not a good look). It's just so hot everywhere and the sun is beating down on the road making it a hazy mess. What is this, a scene from Race to Witch Mountain? No bueno. I'm just ranting, and just saying get yourself out of the house and do something. Mow the lawn, play some tennis, go out for a movie, shop at the mall, go swimming, or get some food, just change your scenery or you'll be stuck dazed and confused.
Video games, every teenage boy's staple. The summer is the best time to get your game on. This summer is no exception. I've spent already countless hours playing the classic Roller Coaster Tycoon (the original) with the two expansion packs creating perfect parks. You know I'm totally into making them all as efficient as possible, it's what I do. Then there's the new SSX, which is literally epic. It's crazy, the slopes are fast, hardcore and hella legit. I can't even handle it. I would much rather waste my life gaming them doing anything else, and that's what makes me a dumb boy. Be warned, you've got to know when enough is enough, and remember to never - I repeat, never, ever throw your controller at the TV screen. It's not worth it. When I'm playing a level that I can't beat, that's usually my cue to give the eff up and turn in for the night. Who knows what I've been doing, I'm dazed and confused. Don't judge me!

Being a teenager is all about making the most of your summer time. Summer can go by within the blink of an eye if you're not careful. It's up to you to balance the random laziness with the actual productiveness. Spending hours on YouTube watching your favorite musician or actor/actress do interview may keep you up to date in the world of pop culture but it'll set you back on your much needed sleep. No one wants you groggy, cranky or crusty - no need to be dazed and confused.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the first thing you do when you wake up? Well I crawl across my bed and press the wakeup button on iHome and read the tweets that pop up. Then I put in my contacts and read the latest TV guide news and USA Today Life section.


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