Constant Contact

Being a teenager is all about staying in touch. It's now the summer months and everyone from your college or school has gone their separate ways. It's only been a few weeks but already those promises of staying close have been broken. It's a normal thing, everyone just kind of splits up and head back to the sanctity of their own lives. It's like ... - but no need to fret, or worry. It's just that they don't need the constant contact.

"Two and weeks and counting" (Shane Harper "Rocketship" anyone?) - since I left college for summer vacation exactly. I can't believe it. It seems like a long distance phone call (do those even still exist) away or something. I'm just enjoying the home life and doing absolutely nothing, pretty much. The only thing that's a whole lot of weird is the whole not being in constant contact with those crazy college kids I grew so fond of. I know you all have your tear-eyed goodbyes, hugs all around and those big final waves like the freaking Diggy Simmons "4 Letter Word" music video. We all promised that we'd keep in touch, text each other updates, and skype like every night, but on the real none of that has happened. Not going to lie, I've gone days without receiving text messages, it's like I'm a social pariah. What did I do today, watch Camp Rock 2 and play Just Dance 2 - alone, it's reached that point. But nope, not even a, "hey, how' your summer" or a facebook wall post. I'm thinking like damn, get a poke or something. But just because I may or may not be the prince of socializing (I'm just like really good at everything apparently *JK) does not mean I'm exempt from actually making the effort to talk to my college friends. Like I've said, friendship is a two way street, and you've got to drive both ways if you want to go anywhere. Pick up the phone and make a phone call. I understand that's not mainstream and absolutely hipster nowadays, but put on your ironically large glasses, and dial your buddies up and just check in on them. I'm telling you, it might be a little awkward but you'll be on there for hours (don't waste your minutes - oh wait, do people still count those?) just catching up. I'm telling you, make a facebook video just singing to them and they'll love it, or skype them. Send a sext and let them know you're still alive. Make the effort and reap the benefits, you'll most likely be friends with them again in the fall when school starts again, and we all need as many friends as we can get. Try for some constant contact.

Constant contact for me means hanging out with my siblings, well two of them at least, all day everyday. But who am I kidding, these are my favorite people in the entire world. My sister, just geeks me out. We watch TV or cook in the kitchen, or just lay in my roo and talk and make fun of everything. We watched the premiere of Duets and we were just going in on Robin Thicke and John Legend and the hilarity of them as people. It's just too much to handle. I'm constantly gasping for air as we dance, sing and tweet up a storm. I'm telling you that your siblings have the potential to make your summer, shoot your entire life, amazing. Who else can understand your life and share your experience better than someone who's not only genetically similar to you, but lives under the rules of your parents as well. My sister and I just vent, constantly. It's like a never ending catharsis of funny. We're like the band R5, the Jonas Brothers, or Annie and Dixon on 90210 - except normal. You can do whatever with them around. Laugh as loud as you want to and there's no judging. For real, who cares if we're even in the bathroom at the same time - now that's being close. Those people are my heart, soul and everything, without them I wouldn't be the same. Summer is the time to catch up with them as well, we've all been separated by schools and so much has changed. We've all grown up, we look so much better, and the bond grows stronger everyday. So much constant contact.

Let me tell a little something about road rage. Me and the driving crazies don't usually mix but I'll let you all in on a little secret. I was picking my sister, Bianca (follow here on twitter here *she's hilarious), from school and we're driving back down the hill near the this construction site and this car in front of us is acting the fool. When I'm driving I don't play games. I'm locked, loaded, and ready to get home as safely and as civilized as possible. This car all of sudden just pulls off the side of the road right in front of me, no turn signal to indicate it or nothing. The person slows down to a snail's pace and I'm on the verge of crashing one of the Benzes (let it be known, my father would disinherit me *BTW, that's our family running joke). I swerve out of the way and I'm just infuriated like "student driver get off the damn road" - "if you don't know where you're going stop at a gas station and ask for help." Just saying people with cheap, rusted, old ass cars have some kind of intention of getting into an accident with the more expensive cars because they assume you're loaded or something - listen here, we know your ploy and we don't want to pay for your stupidity. Bianca tells me to honk the horn and for the first time ever, I honked it. There, I said it. I honked my horn. I thought it was some rowdy rough teenage punk, but nope an old lady and some teenage kids, even worse. My sympathy was nonexistent at that point, you try and kill me and my sister, you're more than done. That's why I'm always in constant contact with the steering wheel. Glued to that thing like Jay and Siva of the Wanted to each other. If you want to start something come get it. These driving stories are too much. The other day I was driving my brother to the bank, first time I've ever driven thorugh that drive thru thingy, and we come out with lollipops (thank goodness) and I accidentally hop the curb like it's NBD. I'm thinking, frick shat - I'm a mess. You know the worst thing, having to get your wallet out at a fast food drive thru, and I'm always too far away for fear of scraping the car. With my clumsy mishaps, probably a good idea. I'm just in constant contact with some automobilephobia.

Being a teenager is all about keeping up with the Kardashians all the people in your life. Summer is about making the most of your time off of school and making both memories and connections with those who matter most. It's like having an identical twin or something, so much constant contact.

My blog post question for the day is ... how do you keep in contact with people? I'm a major texter but lately emails have been flowing from my inbox like drool from a baby. Skype does wonder but only if you're really close and actually want to see someone.


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