Dusk Till Dawn

Being a teenager is all about figuring out what to do with yourself. It's officially summer vacation and that means cruising down the streets, sun roof retracted, jamming to One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful", licking ice cream cones like you're in an episode of 9O21O. But before you get to all that, you've got to realize that this summer is different from any other. This is your first summer as a college student. There's some things you've got to know before you get rowdy, especially if you're going to be doing it from dusk till dawn.

It's the inevitable question that you will be asked by anyone who hasn't seen you in a while, "how's college?" And based on the extent of your answer you can easily get through the mundane conversation, or actually get something out of it. I feel like people only ask that question, especially adults just so they can talk about their glory days (not that cancelled Glory Daze TBS show) as the big man/woman on campus. I have no intention of standing here listening to you yammer on about your crazy fraternity/sorority epic moments complete with belligerent hazing, and how much of a "real man/woman" you acted like back in the day. Then comes the talk of music and the political movements they supported, sorry to knock back to the present but this is the year 2012, and we blast the Wanted, not Michael Jackson oldies. We stand for individualism and equality for all minorities against bullying and cheaper college tuition. We don't get sprayed with hoses and attacked by police canines like the freaking 1960's, we take to the interwebs and post on facebook, twitter, and instagram ourselves being sprayed with pepperspray and handcuffed. To get through these out of control reminiscing conversations, you've got to tell the truth, or at least an appropriate version of it. Saying, "College was good, or fine" is not going to cut it. Your life has been forever changed and all you have to say about it was that is was just alright? That's false as hell, and we all know it. Cut the crap and get down with what really happened. If people ask you how college was, tell them actual stories, in detail about the fun times you had on campus, with people's names, where you were, and what you were doing. That'll appease those nosy neighbors. Just the fact that you're actually telling them something real will be more than enough to get everyone off your case. It's been a long year and you can never recall each and everyday but a detailed story is more than enough. When it comes to your parents you need to let them know what they've been paying for and they deserve to know. Sit down with them and tell them the bad times, and the good as well and how your studies went (college is apparently more than extracurriculars). The more candid you are about what went on the better, they'll understand that you've matured or at least can honestly talk to them about your unsanctioned or completely legit endeavors. Spill your guts, reflect on what went down and get back to your summer, from dusk till dawn.
 Glory Daze tv show photo
Friends kind of are a big deal when it comes to your summer plans. But you need to set some ground rules when it comes to who you hang out with. You've got your people that you graduated with, awesome, go crazy with them but let it be known that you're not in high school anymore. The crap you used to pull, the stupid stuff you used to do, and the nonsense that went on, are no more. You've all grown up (hopefully) and should act like it. You've all changed, and so hanging out should feel different, but the same in that you'll still have a great time with those people you've known for so long. Just don't try to make it high school and it'll work out. If your friends have changed and it's the same, don't worry, if y'all are meant to be lifelong friends, it'll work it. Now, if you've got friends that are in high school still, you'd best be down to play nice and fair. They're most definitely not used to your college lifestyle, so bringing them along to visit buddies in college may not be such a great idea. Growing up too fast is super annoying, let people act their age and remember that. Lastly, avoid awkwardness at all costs. Don't I repeat, do not go to graduation parties of people you barely know. You're in college now, make appearance at high school gatherings sparingly, it's our right of passage to be snobbish in that way with our classic total rejection of high school drama. Play smart and safe, you're legal now, so anything drastic and outrageous you do could have judicial repercussions, you've been admonished. The kids you couldn't stand in high school now want to be friends, hell to the no. If they've changed, that's cool and you want to build a friendship, go ahead, making new friends is great, but don't get sucked in to the whirlpool of crazy. You never wanted to see certain people again so don't. If you're out and you see someone you used to know, either acknowledge them and go over and say hi, or ignore them completely, don't do the awkward wave or smile in between. You've got all summer to live it up, from dusk till dawn.

Summer is the perfect time to get caught up on everything important, as in pop culture. Let me tell you, going to college was awesome but it destroyed my TV watching, which if you didn't know is a major part of my life. All these shows that I couldn't watch weekly, or would have to wait to watch online because I was doing unimportant things in a meeting, doing homework or eating. Would I say I'm obsessed with TV, hell to the yes. Now that it's summer I've been using my Netflix subscription like nobody's business, and the online network pages have been greatly abused by me. However, I can still watch live TV, and will be getting back into the loops of every single show I missed. It's been hours of planning and strategic timing to catch episodes of Big Time Rush, Victorious, iCarly, Supah Ninjas, Austin & Ally, Jessie, Good Luck Charlie, Shake It Up, A.N.T. Farm, and Lab Rats (my Nickelodeon and Disney Channel/XD daily staples). Then there's the drama that is the Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, the LA Complex, Cougar Town, the Client List, Pretty Little Liars, Switched At Birth, the Lying Game, and even more. As you can tell, this is why I'm always constantly watching TV, and yes it serves a purpose, I just have to know what happens to all these damn characters. I'm urging all of you to get back to watching TV, it's what we do we're teens. If you finish, pick up a new show and start from the beginning, I recommend a USA Network show like Suits or Royal Pains, or even TNT's Falling Skies. Then there's the movies to watch. Going to the theatre was not the top priority in school but now that I'm home DVD's and on demand movie ordering as well as online streaming are what I live for. All the rom-coms, thrillers, and even freaking Lifetime Movies I missed are definitely going to be made up. Music, it's time to stop listening to the same songs on repeat on your iPod, and turn on the damn radio. Get with the times and all the current hits that are relevant. You've got to learn your lyrics so you can sing in the car when you're with your friends, duh! YouTube videos, get to it. Go back to stalking your favorite musicians and laughing to yourself in the middle of night. Watch Timeflies Tuesday, Jimmy Tatro on Mondays, Wanted Wednesdays, One Direction diaries, and all the crazy videos you've missed out on. Music videos, since MTV no longer shows them, take to VEVO and get caught up so you know what people are referencing, good riddens. Lastly, there's the news. For me that means everything celebrity related like new films, interviews I've missed seeing, articles and all the rest, but that also means world news. It's up to us to be cultured on the latest local, national and world happenings. We're old enough to vote and to care, so it's up to us to learn the issues and form our own opinions. You've got plenty of time, use it all from dusk till dawn.

Being a teenager is all about getting acclimated to your old environment. You may be back home for the summer but it's not only a different place, you're a different person. If you're going to make the most out of your summer you've got to be ready to embrace the changes. I'm going to let you know, this summer is going to be one to remember. Keep it wild, from dusk till dawn.
My blog post question for the day is ... what are your summer plans? I've got little trips planned here and there but a lot of the time I'll be hanging out and just relaxing after that crazy ride that was my freshman year.


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