Being a teenager is all about getting your flirt on. Yup, I said it - every once in a while you've got to go out of your comfort zone and go after the cute girl across the way. When you see someone that catches your eye, it's that instant spark, the moments the surge of electric runs through you and it's like lightning. Then a few moments later you hear the thunder and that's the beating of your heart. It's about to go down, this is lightning.

Going to the mall during the day is one of the weirdest things ever. I know it's like senior citizen time where they just go window shopping and browse around, but truth is - not all people in the AAA club are like Betty White. Some people love the oldies, but I'm a modern man and I prefer the kiddies - preferable days old newborns (that sounds really weird, I just really like babies). Anyway, my mom and I pick up my sister, Bianca, from her long day (an hour and a half exam) from school and we're off to downtown to the mall. I was just expecting to see ancient social security people creeping along but I think it's so close to summer that all ages were out. We start at Macy's where my mother is hardcore shopping up a storm buying dresses and what not for her friend's 50th birthday that she'll be attending this weekend. We're of no help to her so us two kids head off into the vast expanses of luxury known as the mall. All great movies/tv and music videos take place in the mall - Teen Wolf blatant advertising ploy with the Macy's style zone thingy, White Chicks dress up scene, and so many more. There's a reason for that, so many people with one goal, to shop until they freaking drop (like Chris Brown at the Billboard Awards). But for teens, the mall is a place to socialize, look cool, and potentially meet that significant other. Bianca and I are on a mission to get me black suspenders and a green tie for that conference I'm going to this weekend in Boulder, CO. We stop in the creepy store known as Hot Topic where everything is grungy, dismal and like Liz Gillies as "Jade West" in Victorious. I get my suspenders and we dip out ASAP, not our scene. We're walking past tons of people our age and we're getting the looks. You know I was not having it when teenage boys start looking at my sister. Listen here bros - I will literally end your life, don't even think about talking to her, you shouldn't even have courage to muster up the audacity to even look at her, she's too good for you. But there are girlies all around, smiling, one girl winked at me, and tossing their hair. Girls, girls, girls - I see you, but it's not going to happen at the moment, I'm busy. We parade through Forever 21, who's men section is currently nonexistent (bitter) and into H&M (not Harris-Millis residence hall back at UVM) and we fail there as well. We stop at the food court for Chik-Fil-A and Chinese food. We're about to go up the escalator and leave, when I see these two girls my age sitting and eating. Then the cuter one looks and me and we lock eyes. Lightning fires, and that's it. Here we go.

Seriously, whenever a girl is giving me all the signals it always catches me off guard. Yet, it was happening, right there and then. I smiled and gave her my best modelly posy stare and lingered as we walked away. She did the classic up and down, "come and get some," lip bite and glimmered under that escalator light with those gleaming brown eyes. Hot damn, long hair, don't care, looking more than put together and proper enough to meet my impossibly delirious standards (Keke Palmer in "Rags" this week - uhm yes). I'm going up the escalator and she definitely not looking at me anymore, spark gone. I look back and catch her checking out this boys fit bum. She did the look back. If they look back, that's when you know they like you. Too bad I was a time crunch. I went into Express and purchased myself a green plaid tie and out we went of the mall. Successful excursion, if I do say so myself. We're taking the "back-road" (if you could actually call it that) instead of the highway home and we're going to pass by the hospital I used to volunteer at so I decide to pay those lovely nurses a visit. I walk in pass the information desk and head straight to the third floor where my boo Terry who works in the OR of the delivery floor is shocked to me. Down one floor to the mom & baby unit where I used to man the desk and deliver (not babies) but smiles with every action. It was crazy to see them all again. They all said I'd grown up and looked handsome (yes I'm taller and my teeth are now perfect *thanks three years of braces - shoutout to my orthodontist). I leave through the automatic revolving doors and we head on home. It's been a long day, of doing not that much, so I pass out on my bed instead of doing anything. Lightning gone, urge to flirt dissipated.

The thing about flirting is that it can be whatever you want it to be. It's up to you decide the style of how to approach the opposite sex. For me, that means being my totally adorable self. I'm cute because I'm innocent, naive, childishly vibrant, and genuinely funny. I don't think I've ever been referred to as hot or sexy, but I'll stick with cute and handsome - that's what I've been going for. Talking to girls is not that hard but to say it was an easy task would be lying. I just find it so ridiculous how awkward people make the conversations, like I understand you're smoldering right now, and I'm getting hot and bothered, but let's cut the crap and just talk for a while. It's all about reading body language and taking hints. Girls lace every word with hints, like dang girl, who you be, Carmen San Diego? Just come out and say it, you like me. The sight of me gets you all fired up and buzzing like lightning across the sky. I understand, I have that effect on people. No worries, I feel the same way, there's something about you that makes me sizzle, pop and boom. Playing to your strengths is the way to go. If you're funny like me, use it. If you're artsy, go with that. If you're more athletic work it into the conversation. You've got to give a little of yourself before things can go anywhere. All I know, is that if you're being yourself, and nobody else you're lightning has got to strike sometime. Thor's hammer sure does.

Being a teenager is all about getting that rush when you see someone who has the potential to "get it." Someone who just blows your mind, knocks the wind out of you, and makes you stop and stare. Teenage angst comes to a head when that spike in electricity flows between you like you've just been struck by lightning. No need to think it through, just go with the flow and let it drive you. This is lightning at work.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the best place to meet attractive people? For me, that's usually just walking around campus. You've got to keep your eyes peeled and your mind open, and you could be surprised by the amount of good looking that walks around campus. Yes please.


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