Flat World

Being a teenager is all about the completely ridiculously things that just tend to happen. Have you ever said to yourself, "This would happen to me" *emphasis on the would? Yeah, that's the carbon copy story of my life. The most unbelievable things just seem to happen and all you can really do is laugh it off. Even in the most boring of days, things have a way of becoming interesting and truly memorable. It's like we're living in a flat world that goes 3D, like Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader three dimensional.

One of the things I've learned about college is that even the most mundane, uneventful, and seemingly chill days can turn out to be something much more. You just have to let things happen, enjoy it while lasts, and hang on for the wild ride. The world isn't flat, it's round, vivacious and ready for you to make the most of it. College is anything you want it to be. Y'all know my life is constantly a mess so let's cut the crap and just get into it. Friday morning I woke up absolutely distraught. I'd had a bad dream about missing my exam but I totally made it. I walked because the freaking bus hates me, it's whatever. I knock out my African Religions exam in half an hour and I take a trip downtown. Riding the city bus is always an adventure, truthfully I was just a whole lot of uncomfortable since everyone was old and white and blatantly staring at me, awksauce. I get off on Church Street and hit the pavement making a pit stop at Rite Aid for some contact solution and thank you cards before hitting up Starbucks for vanilla bean scones & passion iced tazo tea. I'm waiting for the bus back uptown and this lady was legitimately talking to the air, and threatening to call the cops. I don't know if she was seeing things, out of her mind or lost her marbles, but things got awkward when she spun this random girl around when she was walking by and just yelled at her. What a scene. As soon I get off the bus on campus it, of course, starts pouring rain and I make it back to my dorm life. My motivation to study is nonexistent so I settle for TV, "Bucket and Skinner" & "the Client List." I've got some presidential business with IRA to attend, so I hop on another bus and head to Redstone campus where I meet with outgoing prezy, Knight, and Mike Fogg, co-founder of Blirpit tracking system. The dude is a most definitely a character, and super smart. He like knows urls, like who does that? We chat it up and I head back to my room to fall asleep, accidentally. Oh you know just fully clothed, shoes on, and I wake up all my clothes are soaked in man-sweat, supes gross. An ordinary day becomes something extraordinary, nothing like a flat world.

Nighttime is always the most random time of the day (oxymoron). The past two nights however have been some of the most out there of the year. Friday night, Dzenan, Emily, Sam and I hang out/study in my room. We're all together just quizzing each other on biology, watching stupid YouTube videos, and eating the random assortment of Japanese food that Emily has (seaweed strips for this guy). I go over the roll of helper T-cells, killer T-cells and B-cells in immune responses and Emily whiteboards it up. We decide to hit up Mickey D's and so we all pile into Dzenan's car and off we go. We pull up to the McDonald's and expect chaos to ensue as we each yell our orders at the fuzzy order box thingies, but nope it's a 24 hour McDanks that lacks a drive-thru, so Vermont. We get out and get in line. I order a chicken nugget big kids meal and get a spy toy (Alexander Horowtiz's "Alex Rider" series anyone) and McDouble. We barely beat the rush and commandeer a table for four where we just talk. About anything, nothing and everything, and it's almost like high school. We talk about our preferences when it comes to dating types, all the quirky things that make us weird. We're just laughing so hard and chilling and somehow 2 hours go by, and all of a sudden it's 1am. We're craving something sweet so we go to Dunkin' Donuts but they've run out of donuts, didn't know that was a thing that was possible? It starts raining and we had back to campus and the windshield fogs up so we pull into a sketchy gas station. Then we swing back and Dzenan makes an accidental illegal left turn and low and behold a cop pulls us over. Like really, we go out for food as a break from studying on a Friday night and we get the 5-O on our tails, on us. The officer shines his flashlight in the car and questions us asking if we're "straight edge" and I'm like yeah (no drugs, booze or hanky-panky). Mister model only gets a warning and we make it back to my room. Flat world, gets an overhaul of eventful. Fast forward to Saturday night and it's the same situation, Sam, Emily and I are waiting for Dzenan to stop by but no such luck so the Emily heads to be at 11pm. Sam and I catch the late-night bus downtown and get off at Rite Aid before walking to Kountry Kart Deli. Walking downtown at night is a totally different scene. Everyone is a twenty something gone bar hopping an clubbing. All of a sudden I feel even younger and out of place. We get our food and get ambushed by a group of people from the Heights. Sam, Russell, Hazel, Patrick, Ben, Rob, Emily, David, Emily, and Abbie who are all walking down to the waterfront to watch the meteor shower after the supermoon. Sam and I decide to with them and we make the trek down to the waterfront stopping to talk, jump around and be silly. We get to the water's edge and there's some toolish kids yelling "Cinco de Drinko" from a megaphone and running around in sombreros and low and behold it's Dzenan and his friends. Of course, this is why he's a bro sometimes, we say our heys and he takes off as we pop a squat and I eat my sandwich. It's a crisp and cool night and it's a complete change of pace. We go up to this dock thing we're everything is moon gazing like it's an episode of MTV's "Teen Wolf" (catch the Season 2 Trailer here). We head back uptown and catch the bus back to campus before calling it a night. That's something I never expected, spontaneity - helps you avoid that flat world.

The last weekend of the school year has been an interesting one, that much I'm sure of. I wake up Sunday morning to the perfect sounds of Shane Harper soothing me from my iHome. I hop out on out of bed and I get dressed and let my fraternity brother, Zachy, know I'mma be a few minutes late in making to it to his part of campus. I walk with my shades on and there was legitimately no one outside. I saw one guy doing the walk of shame and another girl carrying her heels with a skimpy skirt on, like damn. I wait in the lobby of WDW just outside the IRA office and Zach eventually makes it down. We get in his car and literally zoom off blasting One Direction like nobody's business. It was right then that I knew this day was going to be out of the ordinary. We swing over to MAT residence hall complex and pick up Dom-Dom and Double-D (Derrick). With road rage on high, we get on the highway and head over to Shaw's in Colchester, VT for some grocery shopping for our end of the year Phi Mu Delta barbecue. Switching lines like the sketchy dude from Rebecca Black's "Friday" music video, jamming to Nicki Minaj new album and geeking out hardcore made it one of the funniest car rides I'd done in a while. Zach back's his car, Ophelia  (sassy gay friend reference) into a parking spot and we all head inside. I'm on cart duty, which I enjoy heavily (Grocery shopping is for real one of my favorite passtimes. Ladies come and get it, I'm domesticated) and we make our way up and down aisles piling in hamburgers, hot dogs, assorted cheeses, buns, and condiments. The sly commentary from Derrick and Dom's inability to restrain himself in purchasing makes for the best shopping trip ever. 4 guys, one shopping cart, and enough food to feed twenty people twice. Highlight was definitely getting Greek letters on our marble cake. We load the trunk up like a hood girl with a badonkadonk and we swag surf all the way back to campus. We get some extra stuff and pick up one of our advisers, Ben before driving to Oakledge park where we're going to be grilling out. We survey the area as woody men should and set up camp. Soon all the guys arrive and the festivities begin. I organize the food and drinks and help Dom-Dom in plating his masterful grilled confections carnivorous delectable. Everybody's there, Jeff and Jer-Bear, Gabriel (my goofy big brother), Baldwin, Campby, Robbie, Bela, Connor, Aaron, JOLO (Joe C.), Raf (our other advisor) and Philly with the doggies he's dogsitting. Everybody spreads out playing touch football, throwing around Frisbees, baseballs and wiffeballs. I play on the playground and do some swinging (because I'm a teenage-child) and just hangs out. It was so much fun, and such a great time. Everybody was laughing, chilling, and grilling from ear to ear like a Hardy Boy. I cut the cake and made a mess (as always), and the "Super Secret Sexual Committee" comprised of Derrick, Dom and Zach presented awards to Rob & Baldwin named after Gabe and Phil for service and outstanding brother of the year, respectively. It's group picture time and somehow I ended up standing in a shadow, even though I was directly in the center of the picture. Bro hugs and handshakes go all around and it's the same group to wild ride with Zach back to campus where I blog this post (whoops parallel). We live no more in a flat world.
Being a teenager is about those times that you can't even believe happen. Even when it seems like absolutely nothing is going on, still you can make memories. Those happenstance haphazard occurrences, those are the best ones and can be even more memorable then those extravagant planned nights of teenage debauchery. You never know when an ordinary night will turn into something more. Wait for the moments, embrace, them and live in it. This is no more a flat world.

My blog post question for the day is ... have you ever had any police encounters? Yeah, a random few. Like being questioned for climbing a tree the second or third week of college, because apparently that's against the law here, oh my bad. Condescending Wonka.


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