Sunrise to Sunset

Being a teenager is all about living the summer lifestyle. Vacation time is exactly yours with which to whatever you damn well please. If you want to sit in your filth and now shower for multiple days do it, if you want to dance to Rihanna's "Birthday Cake" clapping dollar bills into the air and grinding on a char - do it, and if you want to go cruising for chicks at the mall before noon on a weekday (you'll only get grannies) - do it. This is your time to do whatever you want, whenever you want. This is not only a vacation from school, but it's a departure from your collegiate life. Leave the dorm banter, dining hall small talk, and the professor sweet talking behind. Let's live it up, and get a whole lot of wild from sunrise to sunset.

Summer is completely in full swing, that means it's our teenage duties to take the reigns and make sure this summer is one to remember. That means living by the social media rules, as in, if there isn't photographic proof uploaded and tagged on facebook it didn't happen. You wouldn't leave your house without your wallet and keys would you? Well add your camera to that list. Get your tags up and make sure to add pictures to your map to see where you've been (if it's somewhere unusual and different). This is the time to hike up your photo tag count, if you've been lacking, here's your chance to redeem yourself. It may seem fickle and petty as hell like a crazy episode of Basketball Wives or Single Ladies, but when you're bored and want to look back you'll have those pictures to take a trip down memory lane. Besides if you become an unbearable mess and can't recollect what goes down one night, you can do the totally cliché Hangover photographic recap scavenger hunt. Updating your status, calm it down - we're no longer at school so make sure to stay offline if you're not actually online. Constantly changing your status lets people know you're up to nothing, so just stay of FB if you're bored, cause everyone else is too, but they don't have to know it. If you're going to dominate your own social scene, you've got to do it wholeheartedly. We're in college now as in no one cares what you do and who you do it with, so the whole going to places just so other people can ogle you thing is more than done with. That means go where you want when you want and do something different. I'm talking take a trip to the zoo, aquarium, go to an art show, the ballet, a hockey match. Go fly kites in a park, play Dance Dance Revolution in public at a carnival, go bowling and get the largest cone of ice cream known to teenage kind. Have the most epic water balloon fight of all time, sing karaoke live, go 18 and up clubbing, visit a museum, or just relax by the pool. Some of the most times this summer will just be you and your friends reconnecting, plan a picnic and throw around a frisbee like the classic college kids you are. All I know is, spend your time preciously and have some fun from sunrise to sunset.

Just wondering, is it weird that grocery shopping would hands down be my favorite pastime other than TV watching? Don't judge me, I'm normal. Saturday was spent cleaning out my room hardcore. I threw away all the crap and high school books that I for some reason thought were relevant still. Just carrying massive bags of school supplies and old clothes (my previous clothing choice - who knows what I was thinking) outside to the trash cans in my pajamas at two in the afternoon like it's NBD. Neighbors feast your eyes on the most smoldering teenage boy of all time, right here in plaid sleepwear. I felt like I was in that movie "the Joneses." Eventually it was time to take a shower (in how many days, you don't need to know that) and get dressed for the day what was left of the day. My sister, Bianca (my partner in laughing fit crime), and I hop in the car, roll down the windows, instantly roll them back up (it's too hot and we're too dark for all that damn sunshine) and roll out to Wally World. Oh you don't know Wally World, that's Wal-Mart for all of you who don't speak YouTube vernacular fluently. We're in there just shopping away, trying to stick to the list we made but face it, we're young and we're whim shopping. Random things just happen to appear in our shopping cart, and it's whatever. The highlight of the spree, the vast array of Minute Maid juices we purchased. This is why she's my favorite person in the entire world, we're taking pictures, uploading them to instagram, making fun of soccer moms and wannabe teen super stars pushing their carts like nobody's business. I'm just laughing and we just ring up the bill, well whoopsies, but these are "essentials." We roll out and make a stop at KFC for some chicken bites for her and hot wings for me. It's whatever, just whipping the Benz with oily chicken hands. Story of our lives. I just love being home. I'm having the time of my summer life living it up from sunrise to sunset.
Let me explain to you the extent of what living it up from sunrise to sunset means to me. Instead of sleeping at normal hours of the night I sit on freaking Netflix browsing around, catching up on episodes and stupidly starting total new series. When I like a show it's almost obsessive and I'll watch hours of it until I've seen all there is to see. It's like I'm emotionally attached to the characters or something, when get hurt, it's like it's happening to me, and when they cry, shoot I'm right there with them. This week I made up the last few episodes of ABC Family's "Melissa and Joey" (starring Melly J and Joey Lawrence, themselves) and it's absolutely hilarious. I cannot stress enough how actually funny it is, it makes me legitimately laugh out loud and I never laugh at sitcoms, it's witty and geeks me out. Then I was on Netflix rating movies like "Not Another Teen Movie" (BTW's one of the weirdest but spoofiest teen movies of all time, the allegories to every teen movie made are epic and it stars Chris Evans so that's an instant rewatch except it's super raunchy. Plus it has Eric Christian Olsen who's hilarious as well) and my suggestions pop up. I don't ever like to be suggested, I have my own damn taste in TV and movies. My top picks are Giuliana and Bill, Felicity, and Blue Water High - so basically shows that either take place in high school or college or have a strong female lead. Well sorry, I like strong women - I'm a Lifetime kind of man. I love me some G&B, but I decide to take the risk and start Felicity from the beginning and it's amazing, I now understand why my older brother used to get so into it. The concept is so simple it's crazy. Girl follows guy to college and discovers herself, but the camera angles, the plot and everything about it are so simply and beautifully done. J.J. Abrams as producer definitely works, and the cast love triangle of Kerri Russell, Scott Speedman and Scott Foley more than works wonders on my collegiate wantings. And of course, you knew I couldn't resist a good teen beach drama with Australians (my favorite country for their amazing accents and unbelievably good looking girlies), so multiple episodes of Blue Water High it was. I'm just laying on my bed eating full on frozen dinner meals, war heads (the candy and the sour drink) and chugging a Danimals (so pretty much a children's yogurt shot) until 3:30am, nevermind the fact that I have church in the morning. I burned those late night hours hardcore, and it was totally worth it. I'm utilizing my time from sunrise to sunset.
Being a teenager is all about your summer swag. Summer is your time to chill, hang out, and relax. Don't waste one minute of it, it'll be over before you even know it and. It'll be back to your campus grind. Spend all your time doing things that you want to and take advantage of this impossible occurrence of events. Afer college, you never get summer vacation ever again (unless you become a teacher - young teachers always get crushed on by students). We're going to live it up (Alexander Luwig) from sunrise to sunrise to sunset.

My blog post question for the day is ... what is your summer guilty pleasure TV show? For me there are multiple, possibly this new season of the Bachelorette.


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