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Being a teenager is all about running a clean race. It's about stick to your laurels and never compromising them, whether you're in office, or all alone. Being in the public eye can get super weird, really fast. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and in a few seconds, you've lost yourself and done or said something you promised you never would. Here's to staying true to yourself, no matter what and never changing for anyone or anything. The best candidates are the ones who show you who they are and keep it that way. This is the popular vote.
First and foremost. I'm running for IRA (Inter-Residence Association) or as most other schools call it, RHA (Residence Hall Association) president at the University of Vermont. My campaign slogan is "the right kind of famous" and I'm keeping the whole thing viral on twitter, facebook, and YouTube. Vote for me Monday-Wednesday, April 1-3 at http://uvm.edu/clubs. Click the video above to hear about my campaign as well as get to know me better with a few of me favorite things (I'm like Oprah only less pretentious and world domination-ish), some dancing (aka me fulfilling my role as Twerk Team General; reporting for duty), and hilarious bloopers (oh and maybe some wall twerking - you never know). This also doubles as a vlog for the week (you know you've missed, so enjoy! You know I've got that popular vote.

This post serves a double purpose, not only to explain my political (campus sized) aspirations but to deal with this whole idea of popularity. Let me dispel some rumors right off the bat, everyone is popular in their own way (it's called having friends). The people who get noticed for their popularity just so happen to have a lot of friends. I can tell you why I'm popular, and I'm not being self-centered or a narcissist - I just so happen to be aware of my influence. It's because I care about other people and don't just talk a big game about it, I bust my ass going out of my way to do what I can for other people. It's not just the normal stuff people should do for other people, it's noteworthy, and memorable because it's out of the ordinary. I make my beliefs known and then exemplify them. I put my money where my mouth is. I'm amazing. I'm awe-inspiring in that I'm visibly working hard, and making people feel happy (not that they need me to do it). I do what I can to make a difference, I'm not waiting for someone else to make moves, or to come and save the day. I'm capable of doing it and so I do it. People see that and it's a rarity and that's why they like me. Not to mention that I'm funny, and can relate to people and actually take the time to listen to people (that's all they want, to be heard and validated - have someone push them to talk, for real). Popularity, people think it's all about the looks. I'm aware that I'm super well dressed but honestly you can't "rate" me (America doesn't have a scale to properly quantify my handsomeness because of my race - which is problematic in two ways, rating people is wrong; it's all personal preference; America just tells the world that you need to be a tall dark and handsome with chiseled everything white man to be considered hot) so it can't be me smoldering on a daily basis. It's all personality. When you get past looks (which I hope you do), that's what really matters and what really counts. You can look great, and still be nothing more than a shallow underdeveloped persona. Just take a look around and pick out and observe some people who you would consider "popular" on campus. It's pretty easy to figure out why they are so well liked. Most likely it's because they're active on campus and make a point to be everywhere at all times. Some people just don't have that mentality, and it's perfectly fine. You may or may not get the popular vote.

The president of the United States stood…in Jerusalem, and with empathy and…bluntness that has been absent for so long we forgot it could exist, told Israelis: The occupation can’t go on. It’s destroying your own future. And besides that, Palestinians have “a right to … justice” and “to be a free people in their own land.” If you don’t think this is a breakthrough, you are letting naïve pessimism overcome realism. Yes, it’s true that one speech will be worth nothing if not followed by intense American diplomacy. That comment has become banal. A realistic assessment is that Obama’s visit, and the speech, were the opening act of an American diplomatic effort—a near perfect opening.

Being a teenager is all about being popular. Popularity has it's place, but it only matters if you're popular for the right reasons. You don't have to step on other people or put them down just to advance yourself. You don't need to belittle them or treat them like their worthless. People who are popular are that way because they are respectful and value each and every person they know. They are genuine and share themselves with the world. It's true that not everyone can popular, but that doesn't mean you still shouldn't try. Remember to vote for me, give me that popular vote.
Love u so muchChris is not here for your “binders full of women” comment.
My blog post question for the day is ... who should run for president? I say Bill Rancic - that man is hands down the smartest, most well dressed, and genuine celebrity out there. He'd make a great president.


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