Taking the Stage

Being a teenager is all about being in the spotlight. It's about being the most memorable, and leaving your mark. What's the point of going through life or doing anything if no one is going to remember you for it? The ideals of being conceited, self-centered, or narcissistic always get a bad rep, but I'm here to argue against that. You've got to first take care of yourself and "get your life" (Tamar Braxton #catchphrase) before you can worry about anyone else. Almost ready to start taking the stage.
& in that order :P
Whoever came up with this idea that we're not the center of our own lives completely lied. Think about it, it only makes sense that we're the center of our own universe - who else do our own lives revolve around except ourselves? Think about this, every single TV show out there has a main cast for a reason. They can't tell everyone's story, and there has to be leads and then there's minor characters. Shows that takes place in high especially highlight this "we run this place" mentality. 9O21O - it seems ridiculous that one group of friends can dominate an entire school and barely interact with the other hundreds of kids they must have gone to school with but it's completely possible. Take Degrassi for instance, a show with like the largest star billing other than daytime soaps - characters only appear to speak when it's episodes focused on them, or else they'll show up in the background every once in a while. People need to get their lives and I mean to understand that you're the protagonist in your own life story, nobody else is, can be, or needs to be. You have to live your own life and get your mind right before leaving orbit and visiting the other epicenters aka everyone else. I'm giving you the advice to take personal time. To say no when you really don't mean something or when you're actually too busy, and to be a little selfish. A small amount goes along way, and you'll feel better in the long run. You can't give your all to other people without first giving a little to yourself. I have people who will tell me that they see me everywhere or that I'm involved in everything. First of all, that's not true. It just appears like I'm everywhere and while I'd like to think it's become I'm a handsome debonair stud, it's probably because wherever I go I make myself known (within reason). I'm not going to sit back and be invisible because I don't have to feel that way if I don't want to. All of us are important and we all matter, so prove it and do you. I refer to personality style as the "catalyst" - the person who comes in and changes everything. Once you have me in your life you can't even remember how you got along without me before. I upgrade, improve, and put my own spin on everything - patent it and put it out for production. I'm no more important than anyone else, it's just that I have no problem speaking up when I have something profound or different to say, and I say it in my own way. I'm taking the stage, join me and star in your own life production.

This past weekend has been an interesting one to say the least. Friday afternoon I came back to my room and literally passed the hell out. Like I was more than gone, I'm talking fully clothed, shows on, mouth open, cell phone clutched in mid-text type of knocked out. That was the just the physical manifestation of me caring way too much about other people and neglecting my own personal needs aka sleep, rest, and personal alone time (thank goodness, I can wake up and not look ratchet as eff or we'd have a problem). I spent the rest of the day just filling out applications (look who's trying to actually work - well get a quasi-job as in an internship #BeverlyHillswannabe) and making my campaign posters to run as for RHA president again (oh hot shat, did I just announce my run reelection, may bad). I went over to my floormate, Nik's room and we played Super Smash Bros. Melee for straight 2 hours with his super powerful computer emulator. It was hands down the most fun I've had all week (I'm easily appeased). Saturday morning I rolled out of bed and got dressed in something different. A bright green and gold t-shirt and my patented University of Vermont comfy sweatshirt. After rounding up some people we all walked over to the gymnasium to watch the America East conference men's basketball championship game with UVM against Albany. Definitely a change of atmosphere, and I enjoyed it. I actually like watching basketball, but it's funny to see our student section cheer (because everyone came out of the woodwork to bandwagon when our team made it the championship). It's a rare sight and we really lack school spirit all around, even the cheers we had were limited. It was cool just to be part of a crowd rallying around one cause and feel the community of eccentric kinda-sorta sports fanatics. Our team fought hard and long, but in the end Albany edged us out. Personally, I just felt for the team (there's that empathy thing again) and wanted them to know that they were amazing and played well as opposed to people who were pissed that they lost and shouting vulgarities and displaying some awful crowd sportsmanship (you weren't even playing, get over it). I spent the majority of the day doing more homework and enjoying my day alone (can anyone say Fortress of Solitude like Smallville Superman style?). 6:30pm rolled around and I hopped in the shower to get ready to attend BSU's (the black student union) annual fashion show. The event was absolutely amazing. When I say I'm not impressed easily, and that I was completely blown away by the whole production, execution, and memorability of the entire thing, that's saying something. Scene change after change, all the models hit the marks, and the poses at the end of the runway were all different and showcased people's personalities. It was truly a sight to see. Of course they had a little intermission where they had people from the crowd show off their best walks and dances, and you know my ambitious self had to get up there to show them to go straight That's So Raven - Boyz 'n Motion status twerk team. It was terrifying but I still did it, and won a Trey Songz CD (sorry, I prefer my Chris Brown). I ended my night with a long skype talk with my fraternity brother, Zach, who was only like two streets over but we just rambled about everything. I put extra emphasis on taking time to be selfish and to give space for others to fall and fail. This whole running around, saving the entire world singlehandedly thing is more than old. Time for own our personal lives to take the stage.

Being a teenager is all about being slightly obsessed with yourself. It may seem terrible to say but at some point in your life you have to start caring about yourself before other people. When you're alright and you're good, that's when you can branch out and help others. You can't hack the chip of someone else's shoulder with a splinter in your own eye (I think that's how it goes, right?). Be the main character in your own life and take the stage.
My blog post question for the day is ... if you could join the cast of any show what would it be and why? As of now, it'd either be the Carrie Diaries or Baby Daddy - I'd make a great asset to both (any casting agents out there, your next star is here)


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