Being a teenager is all about making the most out of unexpected turns of events. You never know what can happen and where you'll end up my. Sometimes you've just got to go with it and figure it all out later. When you least expect it, you'll find yourself caught up in places and with people that are completely out of the ordinary, and you're okay with it. Not every aspect of your life can be preplanned, programmed or controlled. Sometimes throws you usually take is blocked and your forced to take a detour.

Taking things as they come is so important. You'll be disappointed and frustrated when to you come to the realization that not everything goes your way. That's not the way life works. You can't control everything, actually there are actually few things you have any say over. You have to learn to be comfortable in any situation and do what makes the most sense to you. There will always be situations that take you out of your comfort zone but there's a difference between dangerous and just brand new. You learn to like the latter, and always have the option to stay award from those potentially risky hazardous white girl wasted type of situations. Use your brain and play it smart, but keep it relaxed and just go with it. College is the only time in your life where all this nonsense and tomfoolery can ensue without major consequences, live it up ... responsible, and enjoy it while you can. Detours have an uncanny way of taking you exactly where you need to go, just not the way you would have thought to get there.
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Whenever I have free time - like actual blocks of time where I have actually nothing to do, and no obligations to fulfill I don't even know what to do with myself. Not having structure and just going off the cuff freaks me the heck out. Like uhm, what should I do now. Detours put me in the same position and I never know what to expect, but you just go with them. Friday started in my political science class where we took a major detour to a not so tangent sidebar and discussed legalizing same sex marriage (*do it - it doesn't involve me, so if people want to get married, let them do it; my opinion doesn't matter). From there, everything was wonky-tony because of Holy Week festivities (what's up with Pope Progressive washing teenage girls feet - unheard of). I spent my morning in Drake's office doing administrative work as I waited for a skype call that didn't end up working out. It was back to my room to catch up on TV for the week. Carrie Diaries (identity crisis much - where was Dorrit and her hipster bf?), Vampire Diaries (doppelganger madness and the classiest guy around, Elijah) Arrow ("Salvation" was the most flawless TV episode I've seen in a long time. Everything about it was perfect, someone get them an award) all held me over until the afternoon. Jimmy and I made an attempt to go play tennis but the courts were taken for who the hells knows what #bitter. I met up with my buddy Niklas from down the hall and joined him and his sister and her boyfriend for dinner on Redstone along with his suitemates and friends, Sam, Nick, and Matt. It was back to their suite to play classic Super Smash Bros. Melee (literally one of my favorite games of all time) for hours on hours. Detour number one finished but who know I would take another. I met up with fraternity brothers, Jake, Christian and Tanner in Jake and Travis's room and just hung out. It was super chill and we all just sang along to music videos, learned dance craze moves and had Bridesmaids on for good measure. Dzenan and the guys' friend Mindy joined us and it was just a hilarious time. Soon it was 2 am and the night wasn't over yet. I grabbed my jacket and we all piled in and made our way to Denny's. I hadn't been to one in over 10 years and the 7 of us just sat in a booth and were our ridiculous selves. Food everywhere, jokes being thrown around and just a kosher (ha ha ha ... ha) good time. I made it back to campus at 4am and there was a bunny rabbit and a skunk (yes a freaking PePe LePew skunk) just on the green, I dipped and called it a night. Longest night I've been out since coming college and I loved every minute of it, including the uncertainty. Detours, they rule.

This whole going off the charted course thing scares the living bejeezus (Happy Resurrection there all you Easter fans). It's weird because my entire life has been preplanned, prepackaged and taken care of. I make lists and I follow them. I'm not a fan of deviation and straying from the plan (that's when nonsense and hijinks ensue case in point any Nickelodeon or Disney Channel show; kid meddling, getting into trouble and making things worse because they come up with crazy ass plans - "ya little nasties"). But sometimes you have no choice and you have to play it fast and loose (that sounds sexual). Saturday for me was playing it by ear. I woke up aching and more tired than your grandpa's old lawn mowing baseball cap. I pretended to do some homework (I should just be an actor, I'm good at playing make believe) and then got dressed and walked over to Redstone campus to get my cook on. Yes, I can cook (it's a daily thing when I'm at home) - don't be surprised, I may come off as a pretentious, entitled, privileged, snooty, preppy punk but I'm not all of those and cultured with a sensible practicality. I met up with Drake and Anna to get to boiling, marinating and baking chicken wings for Alianza Latina's "Comida Para La Gente" (Food for the People in English). We watched some dance performances on ESPN (irony) and did our best making enough food for 25 people. I caught the bus and dropped off the food at the event before rushing back to the Heights to check in on my friend, Jaime, and give her some poster designing posters (yearbook powers activate). I ironed out my clothes and changed like nobody's business and it was off to the big night. Somehow my entire day was gone. I got ready to serve food, armored up with gloves and broke out my biggest smile. It was a great show, powerful words from the speaker, provocative (maybe a little too sensual) dances, and authentic foods. I did my part and after standing for over an hour feeding everybody else I got to eat. I was strung out and beat so I retreated to the confines of my room with Jimmy. Another detour in the night as he convinced me to watch a movie on Netflix. We queued up Forever Strong, a rubgy movie based on a true story. I can't even explain how good it was. Sean Faris, and the rest of the cast bravo - impeccable acting and a profound message. It was so tragic, inspirational and uplifiting at the same time. Bed time crept around I was time to pause the journey, no detours necessary.

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Being a teenager is all about rolling with the punches. Yes, we all hate those cliché terms but sometimes they're absolutely right. You just need to take things as they come. Somehow things always end up working out in the end, only if you let them. Life falls in to place naturally, we're the ones who usually mess it up. Let things take their course, even if that includes a detour.

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My blog post question for the day is ... how did you spend your weekend? Y'all know what I was up to, what went down in your life?


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