Brolationship Status

The 20s are all about getting friendly. Everyone has their friend they're so close with it's like they're dating, but not really (reasons why you both don't care that you're single). You're kind of weird with each other, like a little too comfortable with one another. You do everything together and kind of obsessed with one another. You really don't care what people think of your friendship, because you know that person has always got your back. You may or may not be in a brolationship. Get your status checked.
It's kind of self explanatory but if I must get all technical. Brolationship - noun - a friendship between two guys where they are in constant contact or spend all their time together and are ridiculously comfortable with one another to the point where the l-word could be implied; synonyms: bromance, best friends. Currently in a serious long distance brolationship with a one Jeff aka my college bromance. All jokes aside, I can wholeheartedly say the biggest disappointment of my college experience was/is my friendships, or the lack thereof. I will always be jealous of my older brothers because they all found some of their lifelong best friends from their alma maters. I'm halfway through and still question people's allegiance on a daily basis. Friendship to me is one of the most serious things. I don't play games when it comes to throwing around my friendship. It's a true gift, and bond I'm unwilling to break. Friends should be few. The less the better, if you have too many "friends" you're most likely not that great of a friend (not enough time for each) or you're confusing friends with acquaintances. Those I have a ton of, too many to count. That's perfectly fine but the distinction is of the utmost importance. When you treat an acquaintance like a friend and it's not reciprocated, it's one of the gravest mistakes you can make. Trust but verify. Don't make someone a priority when you're just an afterthought to them. Friendship for me means a person that you cannot live without. You have to hear from them, see them and know what's going on in their lives. If you're able to go about your weekly routine and not one thought of your friends come to mind, that's a good indication that they mean less to you then you care to admit. There's not a single day where I don't miss my friends, think of them, and pray for them as I go to sleep and wake up. I may not hear from them for a while but when I do, it breathes new life into me. Those are the people who are so precious in your life. The ones who care about you the most. The people you need to survive. On top of it all are your best friends, the rarest of them all. Few for a reason. The people you tell everything, who know every part of you and still choose to continue your friendship. Best friends are the people you can afford to be stupid around, and have your stupidity be respected. My best friends, Taylor, Chelsea, and Jeff plus my built in best friend, my sister, Bianca, all keep me grounded and centered. Without them, I wouldn't be who I am today or find the courage to carry on. They brighten my day like nobody else can and just get me, for me. You realize that you're inadvertently selecting your brolationship status. 

*Because almost all these posts go off on tangents, I should probably finish why I'd given up hope of finding a best friend in college. I'm highly selective, super judgmental, and almost always disappointed in people. My criteria for best friends is irrationally high, with good reason. I never settle and I've found besties before, so there was no need to lower my standards. The hardest thing about my college friendships is that I am always uncertain of our status. I end up liking people more than they like me - here's a tip people, if you like and want to be friends with someone, let them know and show it. Make an effort to actually hang out, talk and show you care, if not they'll never know you want to be friends. As of now, I've definitely got my list of good friends, friends, and that never-ending one of acquaintances. Prove yourself to be an actual friend, not just a convenient acquaintance without substance. We've all got too many of those, step it up and be a real friend. Brolationship status ... inseparable.

In case you haven't figured it out my good buddy, Jeff, came to visit this past weekend and it was literally the highlight of my summer. I picked him up from the airport on Thursday and we cruised all the way back to my part of Ohio where we hit Wal-Mart for a typical shopping spree (guy stuff, ya know). From there we laid around until it was time to head to livery and set out in our two person kayak on our 9 mile trip down the Little Miami River. It was blazing hot and it a took a while, just over 2.5 hours to complete (I'll admit I was taking pictures the majority of the time while Jeff paddled, but whatever) but it was a hilarious journey. We came back and were completely drained. Nap time ensued and we spent the rest of the night just hanging out. Friday morning meant sunscreening up and hitting the amusement park, Kings Island. Y'all know I'm deathly afraid of heights but I made the sacrifice to brave the park again in Vertigo and conquer those rides. Let's just say tears, voice-ruining screaming, and utter panic all emanated from yours truly as the other one, aka Jeff, just geeked out. We hit most of the rides before a severe storm cut our afternoon adventure short. Back to the house to play Wii games, where I lost (Dude just happens to be good at everything apparently) in the most unsightly way possible. The digital beatdown was brutal. We finally played some dance games and I rightfully took my throne as king. We made fun of people in my high school yearbook and called it at midnight. Saturday was an intense round of Frisbee which lead to Frisbee golf, where I again lost - miserably. Afternoon was rousing game of electronic edition Monopoly, where my sister won (I came in second place, in case you were wondering). We hit a Chinese buffett, then went to visit my dad at work (the urgent care was empty for once) before making our way back home to start the gaming again. We finished off with Kevin Hart's comedy standup on Netflix with funny clips and Uno interspersed. Sunday morning was a real struggle and a painful goodbye as I dropped my other half off at the airport. It really was the best time ever. Love that kid, he's a character to boot, loyal as hell and a friend I know I'll keep for the rest of my life. Brolationship status, in it for the long run.
The 20s are meant for you to find your friends. The older you get, the harder it is to find close friends. You close yourself off, and are less open to even the possibility of accepting someone else's friendship. Open your heart one more time and let people in. Friendship is necessary to life, it's pointless without it. You'd better get on defining that brolationship status. 
My blog post question for the day is ... when was the last time you made a best friend? Well seeing as I only have 3, they are the rarest of them all and friends, those are few and far between as well. 


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