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The 20s are all about connecting with the world around you. In this day and age that means the Internet and all it's time-wasting randomness, plus the real stories about what goes on nearby and all over. We're information junkies. Every single day we have to get our fix of the latest updates from your friends, those we digitally stalk (to obsess over or ridicule - can I get an amen), and a tiny sprinkle of actual news. Well if you're ready come and get it. Here's your media digest.

Who really knows what it is about media that makes us want no need it so bad and all the time. I'm unashamed to say that every single morning I wake up, roll over to my phone and immediately open TV Guide to read up on the latest celebrity, TV and movie news. I just have to know. I'm also one of those terrible people who reads spoilers before shows. I want to know the synopsis, and who is guest starring, directed and wrote the episode. I care way too much. If you follow me on twitter (My Twitter Handle) you'll see my stream is all celebrities, musicians and entertainers. It's how I keep up with the latest, guest spots, character deaths (if an actor *the all encompassing term, apparently actress is belittling - tweets thanks and goodbyes, either their show or their stint on a show is over). Then I hit up USA Today to get cultured enough to possible engage in a meaningful conversation with the facts to anyone on the streets or at school when I'm in class or just walking around campus. Then I hit up my social media, vine (my new obsession, hours upon hours of hilarious videos - the most necessary app out there), then I like pictures on instagram, statuses on facebook, refresh my twitter timeline, and send out my morning snapchats (mid retainer cleaning, toothbrushing, shaving and all). You could definitely say I have a problem, but I'm super efficient at all of it (for the most part - except the nights when I spend hours on it). All my friends will try and tell me about things, and I'm like I already heard, saw, read, or know about it. I just tell people I know everything, and it's a real rarity for me not to be in the know. I have my YouTube subscriptions to watch weekly, along with my TV shows (literally no one can talk to me when I'm watching TV, it's like life or death for me). I mean you could say I should probably spend more time interacting with people in the real world, but the digital world is just as real now as some people. I don't browse while eating or text when people are talking to me, that's rude as hell and honestly not okay. However it's worth mentioning that I'm perfectly capable of listening and responding normally while texting and have perfected the walk and text (check me anywhere on campus - except for when crossing streets or on stairs). It's a crazy information filled life, but I love it. There's just something about media that gets me. Do you ever walk out of movies or finish an episode of a show and feel like the characters or that you were just on screen? It's like you've been forever changed and the emotional connection is so strong. Whether it's the power of the story, you projecting yourself or the fact that you can relate - it's an amazing thing. The fact that images and sounds can instantly transport us somewhere else, we're engaged and transfixed in a different world for a short while where nothing else matters. That's why I love movies and TV. Music is for everyone, and it's our escape. It's the background noise and the soundtrack to our lives. We all have those party playlists to turn up to, the ones we belt out in the shower and that list for when we've devastated and feeling broken. Sounds, lyrics, beats, and harmonies just take us there. The media can be a powerful thing, only because we let it be. Digest your media, your way - not the other way around.
*Just like Oprah, I have my favorite things:
Book: Pride by Robin Wasserman; Series: the Chronicles of Narnia Movies: Man of Steel & Prince Caspian; TV Shows: Greek & 9O21O; Actors: Jeremy Renner, James Wolk, Chris Evans; Socialites: Bill & Giuliana Rancic; All Time Song: Jesse McCartney "How Do You Sleep"; Current: Big Time Rush "Love Me Again," the Wanted "Drunk on Love," and Midnight Red "Take Me Home" YouTube Channels: JoeyGattoTV, Jacksgap, OliWhiteTV; Viners: Chase Hauck, Evancredible, Connor Dean; Twitter Handles: Melissa Joan Hart, Victor Webster, Stephen Amell, Tommy Dewey, Micaela Bryan; Apps: Chase, Jetpack Joyride, Buzzfeed, Vine
Check out my video interview with my favorite celebrity couple, Giuliana and Bill Rancic!yes you are oli.
The 20s are all about being in the know. Whether it's the latest crises in the Middle East (BTW, it's not the only regions where things happen - it's called check what's going down in America), or more reckless tweets from Amanda Bynes pleading for "Drake to murder my [reproductive organs]." What you want to read/see/watch/hear about is up to you. Find your sources, cross check them, and stay in the know. This is your media digest.
This is so awesome 😍I got into bed two hours ago with full intentions of falling asleep, but decided last minute to listen to my iPod from my freshman year of High school (WOW these playlists are amazing) and play this amazing game. Now my phone is dying so I guess I’ll go to sleep. Night!(x)
My blog post question for the day is ... what are you favorite media things? I've answered mine, and I'm eager to hear from you. Leave you responses in the comments section below.


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