Jibber-Jabber Jiving

The 20s are all about being up to date with the latest sayings. It seems like every couple of weeks there's a new dance craze, pop culture reference or phrase being thrown around ("Red Nose" - Miley Cyrus booty work - #VineFamous). Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all the randomness being made up. Here's your all inclusive guide to the words that have been incorporated into our jagon. Get with the times, no more jibber-jabber jiving.

*My favorite vines of the week: Robot Dance Clean - Do You Work Here - Black Mom Problems - White Girl Twerk
i was like ..lol
It's time to play Lingo Catchup:
Turn Up - verb - to let loose and have fun, get wild, or stupid hype; It's the weekend we about to get turnt up. Turn down for what, never. Turn up, ay! Synonym: Crunk, Live
No Chill - phrase - a state of being hyper, out of control, reckless, excessive or all over the place; That dude really has no chill, he's in this party drunk off his ass dancing on the bar like he has moves or something. Get it together.
You Would Never - phrase - a statement of utter disbelief, shock, or amazement; But you would never think you could hit my car and drive off. Synonyms: In What Life, This Can't Be Real
What Is Air - phrase - a statement to describe the moments where you laugh so hard, geek out, roll on the floor to the point where you can't breathe; I'm dead. I'm gone. But what is air though, you're killing me. It's too much I can't handle it.
Don't Test Me - phrase - a warning for anything/anyone who antagonizes you, as in what is currently going on must be a challenge of some sort because of the ridiculousness; The Lord must be testing me, because that lady is moments away from me telling her off.
Miley turnt up ; ayeeee!!
Get Your Lifephrase - short for "get your life together," knock it off, cut it out,  or you're currently a mess; You had better get your life, that hoopty you're driving around in is legit a deathtrap.
Take Several Seats - phrase - a statement used to shut someone down completely, as in you're done, finished, end of story, period; Take several seats, that nonsense is out of line and no I will not be going out to KFC just because it's national fried chicken day. Synonym: Pause
Ratchetadjective - the state of being busted, basic, a mess, dirty, nasty etc. so on and so forth;  That girl was a ratchet ass mess. Did you see her knock off Versace boots and her wannabe Moesha box braids?
Deletos - noun - a vine post that you make when you should be sleeping and it's really no good whatsoever so you'll delete it in the morning; Did you watch all of Robby Ayala's deletos last night? He must have been sick-nasty schwasted when he posted those. Synonym: LNV (Late Night Vine)
#Team - adjective - a hashtagged usage where you assign someone/something to a "team" representative of any attribute or speech; That dude was #teamreckless when he came into church spouting off vulgarities. That kid is #teambasic with his off brand sneakers.

The 20s are all about staying young for as long as you can. Enjoy your freedom because soon after this we won't be so free to act like fools, say whatever and go wherever. We're only young once, and now's the time. Stay current and keep making up words, it's what we do. Even Bill Cosby can't hate on our new age jibber-jabber jiving.
Gettin it. lol.
My blog post question for the day is ... what's the most outrageous slang you've heard recently? That whole "we out here tryna function" nonsense will never catch on. It's too out there.


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