The 20s are all about conquering your fears. We all have these things that just get us. They hold us down, keep us crippled terrify the living daylights out of us. It's trepidation, it's apprehension, and just plain being scared shatless. When you're able to do/say something you never that possible, that's when you've overcome your fear. It's that moment right before you take it there when you hit vertigo and make advancements.
Everyone has something they're afraid of. It's what makes us human, and especially twenty-something. Maybe it's that you'll find love, get your dream job, or that you'll ever be able to pay back your student loans (Sallie Mae can really just take several seats). For others it's heights, insects, or tight spaces. Whatever your fears are, they can have a profound affect on your life, usually for the worse. When your fears stop your from moving on or achieving your goals, that's when you've got a problem. The thing about fear is that it's lack of trust for yourself. You don't think you're capable of what you want to do or you're unsure of how far you can push yourself out of comfort zone and be okay with it. We give fear the power to control us. There are so so so many things that we end up looking back and wish we could have said or done if we weren't afraid. Fear makes us miss out on new experiences or things that could actually benefit us. Fear makes people blind and irrational. It clouds judgment and shrouds common sense with a cloak of obscurity. It's truly unbelievable how much authority fear has in our lives, if and when we give it those powers. So many things could have been done differently, and we would feel more accomplished. The fear of rejection or failure is more than enough to prevent someone from being getting where they're supposed to be. But we have to be bold, courageous, and strong willed. We have to be willing to not let us, push back, and give it all we've got. What you have to do is tackle your fear. Take it down. Dismantle it. Take back control of your own life. Once you've moved past fear, the possibilities of what can be done are endless. You have to do choose to not be afraid anymore, or even better yet to ignore the fear that you feel and go after what you want anyway. It's all fun and games until someone catches vertigo.

(Shortened) List of Fears: Heights, Spiders, Snakes, Deep Sea Fish (because yo, those fish be crazy down there), Gorillas, Bees/Wasps (hell no I'm not getting stung), Police Officers (post-Trayvon means their only out to help certain people); *And there are the big ones: Wrong College, Never Finding Love, Wrong Career, Losing Friends, and all the mortality in between.

*You're probably wondering the context of this post. Well I hit up Kings Island, the amusement park located 5 minutes from my house, with my one of my best friends, Jeff, this past weekend. Not only am I afraid of heights, but it was hot as hell (like hotter than between Satan's ass crack on a summer day) and I just was not having any of it. We entered the park and made our rounds on almost all the rides. I hadn't been in like 3 years and I forgot just how terrified I was of all the steep hills, drops and loops. Let's just say tears were streaming, yelling was loud, and the sweat just kept pouring. I'm on all these rides, Jeff is not only having a great time but truly enjoying my complete and utter breakdown of epic proportions. At one point I was calling the Lord's name like it was the end of days. My goodness, but I'm still proud that I went on all of them even if I was scared the entire time. When we would get off of each ride, everyone would cheer and then there was me just flabbergasted and pouty. It started pouring rain so we called it a day. Oh vertigo, let me go.

The 20s are all about doing what scares you most. It's when we've gone further than we ever thought possible that we enter into a whole new level of life. We have to go just that smidgen farther. It's always so close but we end up shying away. When you tell yourself you can  do the impossible that's when all things become possible. It's all about will, hope and faith. Lock it down, get ready for it, and succumb to vertigo.

My blog post question for the day is ... what is one of your fears? I have so many, like most people I assume. I guess I'm afraid I'm not doing what I was purposed to do. Maybe I'm using my gifts incorrectly?


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