Road Rage

The 20s are all about going places. It's about getting from point A to B with some adventure along the way and as little ridiculousness as possible. Sometimes it's the destination and other times it's the journey. Either way, you learn something almost every time, but not always. Sometimes a drive is just that ... a drive. And when you mix nonsense with driving you get road rage. Let's hit the road.
Things I Hate About Driving:
1) Slowpokes - I need you all to go the speed limit at least. Like I have places to go, people to see and stuff to do. Move bish get out the way if you're going to creep along like a sluggish snail. Ain't nobody got time for that.
2) Weather & Heat - When it rains, the wind blows, or the sun shines too bright people act like they're driving capabilities magically disappear. The foolishness just flood like the damn streets. Like get a grip, shut up and drive. It's some water, turn on your wipers, brace yourself and go. Wear some sunglasses, whip out your visit and get over it - acting like it's the desert out there on the road, get out of here with that.
3) Emergency Vehicles - So fire trucks, you're almost never necessary so take several seats. Ambulances you're big for no reason and if you're coming the opposite way I'mma be chilling, like going about my business. Y'all should have a special route or underground railroad passages or something. Your noise is annoying as hell and the bright lights scare the hell out of me, acting the 5-O or something. And then there's cops, we all know you're not really going anywhere, stop cutting through traffic and abusing your power. Please get your lives and get over yourselves.
4) Ass Riders & Weavers - I follow the speed limit unlike the majority of American, I'm right on it so deal with it. Trying to car hump me will do nothing for you. If you've got a problem go around, you ass riders are the worst. I should tap my brakes and teach you a lesson. Weavers, the road is not some basket you can just thread, bob and weave through. Slow your roll, get it together and chill out. Cutting from this lane to that, it's mind boggling and dangerous as hell. Unless someone is mortally wounded or a woman is about to give birth, I can't think of reasons for you to be zooming like a supernova girl.
5) Driver's Music & Car Choice - If I'm driving, I choose the music ... end of story. Lastly, just because someone aka me is driving an expensive ass car does not give cops the right to pull you over (even if the person can afford it) without good reason. Just because a black person drives an experience car doesn't mean a thing, stop staring, close your mouths and get on with your life. Cops, if I'm not speeding or disobeying any laws, and you pull me over we all know it's racial profiling. Search my car for what? Get a warrant and see me in court.

*Lastly shout out to the people I also usually (keyword there) can't stand while driving. Old people, like you're not going anywhere and you're moving slow - GTHO. Truck drivers - you're aggressive as hell for no good reason, and you're nothing but big bullies. Take off the denim vest, and remove your trucker hat, homeboy this is not tetris - don't try and box me in. Teenagers, stop the freaking texting, snapchatting, vining - all of it while driving. It's NEVER that serious. It can ALWAYS wait. Turn down the music some to listen to the sounds of the road, keep your body parts in your car, and limit the amount of people - easily distracted much. Like damn, you all give young people a bad name with plenty of reason. Road raged.
The 20s are all about gearing up and getting out there. It's about ranting, raving, and letting it all hang out. Sometimes, you've just got to hop in your car, and clear your head. Go down your favorite hills, zoom around that sweet bend, and park it when it's all been said and done. Make way, road rage coming through.
My blog post question for the day is ... what's your biggest pet peeve about driving? The whole process kind of is annoying, I'd rather be driven than drive myself anyhow.


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