Scripted Reality

The 20s are all about writing the script to your own life. Unbeknownst to most people, you have control over what you say. People act like there's cameras following them around watching their every move and recording their every word (okay, that may or may not be actually true but that's besides the point). You're responsible for yourself. You may be the star of the reality that is your life, but it's unedited. This isn't scripted reality.

Reality TV is one of the most American things out there next to our Kraft Singles cheese, Manwich sloppy Joe's and unsightly distrust for our super shady wire-tapping, computer hacking, phone eavesdropping government (NSA leak shade thrown). Our culture is obsessed with celebrities. We love to see people start from the bottom and rise to fame, but evne more so do we love watching people fall off the pedestal we put then an shatter in a like a bajllion pieces. Reality TV meltdowns are absolutely legendary, crazy people literally going mad right when cameras are conveniently located mere steps away. My question is why do we care so much? I can't place my finger on it but our society truly enjoys idolizing people and knowing their every waking move. Celebrities, their good looks, their money, and their connections make them "more important" than other people (at least "more interesting" - yeah but not necessarily). It doesn't make any sense, who cares. Please someone answer me, who actually cares. Extraordinary people doing ordinary things, and that makes them interesting because ... the reasoning is beyond me. I just can't comprehend the obsession. The episodes are all the same, some kind of drama is manufactured. The big incident occurs and the rest of the episode more often than not is spent rehashing what's gone down in a tedious play by play - but did we or did we not just witness the same nonsense you're complaining about? If I wanted to watch white people bicker about superfluous things I would watch the View. The best part of so-called reality TV is the script. If a show has to have a casting call, it's scripted - end of story. You're not being yourself, you're playing a character (loosely, and I mean looser than Miley Cyrus's sanity in the "We Can't Stop" music video, based on you). Plot points are manufactured so almost every episode has a purpose. The conversations are unrealistic, choppy and forced. Why not tell them their falsehood is showing and they've missing their cues. Multiple takes are done and local business have to be sequestered before castmates can enter the premises with crew in tow. Microphones are attached, cameras watch your every move and catch all the sounds of your life. The best thing is watching people video bomb in the background. Phone conversations are always on speaker, the favorite food joint is revisited many a times, and friends are bound to become backstabbing enemies. Real people, as in those who aren't on TV, who work at the places cast people pretend to work at know what actually goes on. We care so much about reality TV and media in general because it's out escape from our daily lives to observe, ogle and obsess over the madness that is someone else's life.                                       

The entire thing that prompted this post was me making the mistake of watching ABC Family's newest show "the Vineyard" a "reality series" chronicling the lives of beautiful twenty-somethings spending the summer in Martha's Vineyard. So like every other reality show, good looking white people with privileged people problems and frivolous drama. I was like, haven't I seen this show before. Yeah I have it's called the Bachelorette, Laguna Beach, the Hills, the City, and every other reality show out there. This one can't even pass for not being scripted, the randomness isn't weird enough to be real. They even have the token black girl, the only person of color (she bad though and could get it) in an otherwise perfectly alabaster setting of booze, sexcapades and bumbling Neanderthals oblivious to the perils of the real world. Don't get me wrong, I like reality shows. The Real World and the Challenges are pure entertainment, along with Big Brother (this season's cast of blatantly racist bigots is out of control though), and the Amazing Race are where it's at. The thing is, you switch over to African-American led reality series like Braxton Family Values, Love & Hip-Hop, Basketball Wives and the nonsense that goes on (as in grown people cussing each other out, physically fighting, and laying down diss tracks) is taken out of context and applied to all those who resemble them. It's an outrageous double standard. Jersey Shore - we all know very few people actually like those juice heads, so take the rest of these reality shows with a grain of salt. I'm unashamed to watch Giuliana & Bill - my all time favorite celebrity couple (Duke is one of the cutest babies, period) and Tia & Tamera (natural hilarity ensues in their daily lives) but all these staged commentary interviews, confrontations and clever editing makes you wonder just what is and is not scripted reality.

The 20s are all about holding yourself accountable for what you do and say. That's what real maturity is, owning up to anything and everything that comes from you. We all play a part in what goes down in our lives, when we can stop blaming literally everything/everyone else other than ourselves, that's when we're ready for the reality show known as our lives to be viewed and critiqued by the public. As Lauren Conrad yelled "You know what you did" - we all know, this isn't scripted reality ... or is it.
 My blog post question  for the day is ... what's your go to reality TV show? What Would Ryan Lochte Do is pure stupidity, but the faces he makes and the nonsense he speaks is pure reality gold - it's so ridiculous that it can't be scripted.


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