Oh My Gawd

Being a teenager is all about those moments that make your heart stop, head spin, and eyes water. Like is this really happening to me right now, is this real life, like seriously on the real, like right now, for real. Ever since I came to college, it's been a whirlwind of laughter, smiling and literally amazing times. The kids on my floor even changed my accent, and influenced me to screech the coveted "OH MY GAWWWD" with the country boy Big Ben accent. Watch the video for the perfect reenactment of my college catch phrase. Get ready for the walls to come down, truth to come out, and reality to strike. Like Oh My Gawd.

The truth is that college is nothing like I thought it'd be. It's nothing like the movies, or the webseries, or the Spark Life: College blog posts that I poured over in the weeks before I came to campus. It's so much different, so much more real, and so much deeper than I could have possibly ever imagined. The rest of the advice will hit home at the bottom of the post, but for now, get back to reading about the youthful life goes college. I wake up Monday morning to mother nature crying like there was no tomorrow. We're all bored with nothing to do, and all of sudden, Westside Jake, the preptastic character comes in soaking wet, and suggests that we go dance in the rain, so what do we do, uhm, just get decked out in ridiculous clothing, me in all white. Crazy Jake, our reisdent deejay, brings out his suitcase stereo, we grab my IPod and stand outside on the terrace to just dance. Shan-Dawg, Westside Captain Craig, DJ Jake, Model Abby, Nasty Nate and myself just busting out moves getting skin soaked wet like nobody's business. Probably one of the wildest things I've ever done, Step Up 2: the Streets has got nothing on Eastside Gang and friends. With no classes because of Labor Day, the group just layed around most of the day, which can sometimes be refreshing and much needed. I did some homework, as in typed some notes, and belted out tunes with the Brat Pack of PC, Shan-Dawg, Hannity Insanity (possible nickname). Mike Posner "Please Don't Go" and some throwback Michael Jackson (RIP) were the songs of choice. Throughout the day I got random visits from some of favorite people who happen to be seeing less and less. Big Ben stopped in from his ever busy life to talk bro and in came Ali keeping it competitive as always. Somehow, the entire floor ended up going to dinner at this on-campus restaurant type thingy, Brennan's and let me tell you their food is hella legit. I had this curry chicken salad sandwich and it was bomb. Guess who i sat next to, you guessed it, Jamocha Shake, aw shoot I just get some chills thinking about it. Such a down to Earth cool girl. After a good dinner and a hilarious chat, including Hannity's mug cup swipe. Jimbo and I had our daily recoup, the kid is pretty awesome, huge ego but a big heart to go with it, what's not to love, and he might quite possibly be good at everything. Then all hell broke loose as our tormentor Alejandro jumped wholeheartedly on top me as I was trying to sleep. Papa Bear flipped out and grabbed his water gun and went spraying, effectively wetting my entire dorm room (so worth it) while the kid spanked me with my own towel. In the chaos, Cullen (Twilight) stole my stuffed animal, Mr. Button Bear II, who is currently dressed in surgeon's attire, from my bed and hid him. I was literally raging, full on Hulked out, pulling a Jersey Shore, Rahn versus the Situation, just overturning everything and everyone. Needless to say I may or may not have disturbed my neighbors. Oh, I caught a glimpse of Lil/Penguin/Meatball/Mouse in the hallway, the sweetest girl you'd ever meet, and my day was complete. Oh My Gawd.

Tuesday I wake up to PC making the funniest face ever, like "damn, I'm awake bruh bruh." I scurry off to tennis class, yup, I'm taking tennis, it's literally so awesome. All the kids in my class are seniors, Big E - the dudes a freaking tank, Pretty Boy Evan, late to class but always dressed to impress, and the girls, Lysser, Beotch (she wanted to be called anything) and even a girl who looks like Daniella Monet from Nickelodeon's "Victorious." We learned the backhand today but not before I chased after a ball and my shoe came off, effectively resulting in me landed flat on my face, deff super embarrassing. Oh, Naty-Nate joined me in my tennis class, which makes me feel even more secure "Yeah, Tennis" is what we yell at all times. We walked abck ot our domr, sullen, and sweaty like nobody's business. After a shower let it be known that I'm cutting down my shower time slowly but surely, I went to b-fast with my homegirl Sam, Jandro and No-Crap Carolyn (classy as ever, but the girl doesn't play games, she's legit, deal with it). Awkwardly our usual spot was half-closed so we went to this little bakery type place and I got a croissant (little brie on my croissant) with egg and cheese, and the lady that made it for me was more than nice. People like that really make me happy, keeping me cheery at all times. The devil incarnate (a hyperbole of sorts) went back for seconds so we ditched him, it was literally epic. After the teddy bear pilfering, a little revenge was in order, so I took 4 pickles and hid them all over Jandro and Twilight's room. They cause insomnia on a nightly basis. The smell was sick nasty overpowering and if I do say so myself, completely foul as hell. I dipped out and met up with a friend from orientation. The kid is a load of laughs, from Jersey, former lifeguard and all around cool dude. We got a wrap from the legendary ginger dude in the Davis Student Center, and ate outside. It was my first time hanging out with anyone outside of my floor, and it went more than well. Catching up on each other's lives is always necessary. Totally, oh my gawd.

The night starts out and we run as a posse across the street, J-Walking is the new thing to do, to the student center to try some new food. I had this curry chicken with rice and flat bread. Oh my gawsh, it was poppington. Spicy and fully flavored, the way I like it and my potential crushes. Back to the dorm to drop off leftovers. So Krabby Patty, Double A, Hannity and Shan-Dawg hve some of those singing pipes so they want to try otu for the singing groups here at UVM. The majority of our floor came to support them, maybe a little to enthusiastically, as in us yelling as loud as possible. Shandee took charge and probably killed it, we were just sitting there quaking with anticipation. Oh what a night. After the deed of booming ballads was done, we came back to our complex for a hall council meeting. It just happens to be only made up of the classy kids from our RA group. After gorging ouselves on cheddar cheese popcorn covered in black raspberry ice cream, this guy's invention, Big Ben suggested a projector for our lounge, and I suggested prom type shindigs and dining facilities. Soon the campaign for leadership positions will be on, no holding back, Sam/Hannah/I will take anyone down for those positions. Tonight, I decided to finally muster up the courage and properly introduce myself to the Westide Crew. Those kids are wild as heck, and pretty cool on the real though. David, grinding up a wall instead of standing normally, Geoff going at it with high school rivalries against Jimbo, Lila, as happy and smiley as ever, Harrison trying desperately to finish a paper, Sarah being embarrassed by a possible crush, and the rest of their group of crazy kids. I may or may not have paid a visit to JaMocha Shake, tell me why the girl looks on point even when she's not trying (long hair, don't care, chillin' with no make-up on, that's when you're the prettiest). After some socializing, Jandro threw some coupon books at me that I Matrix style dodged, no worries. You won't even believe where I'm blogging from right now. One of hte dining halls, affectionately called by me H&M (Harris-Millis) is open 1 am Mon-Wed, and I was hungry so I came for some late night snackage. Apparently, the place is referred to as the "Grundel" - I'm a doctor's kid, as in medicine is what I know, but how was I supposed ot know that the grundel is the growdy area of no-man's land in that special area, awkward. The place is jammed packed with drunk off milkahol (kids pouring beer from a sketchtastic flask into milk), glazed over druggies and stupid yolked jock straps. Me wearing my sweatpants in public, social faux paux but whatevs, when in college right. Uhm, oh my gawd.

Being a teenager is all about completely freaking out whenever possibly. It's about yelling unbelievably loud and staying dumb stupid for as long as possible. People are going to look at you, so you'd better give them a show. Walking careless on rocks, dancing to no music, and jumping like an antelope, it's what we do. Keep it wild people. Like Oh My Gawd.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the funniest thing you've done in a while? The Jersey Shore face with Sammie "Sweetheart" crying and complaining about her Rahn-Rahn juice being spilled (only phoenetic spellings here). "Your traumehizing meh"


  1. haha your blog post is so funny man, real. i dropped college for 2 semesters now, but been scoping around and going to get back to it, and it was a fun read that encourages to just be yourself while in this life phase, going to college can be too difficult only if people want to. :P


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