Leap of Faith

Being a teenager is all about taking some risks. It's about going out of your comfort zone. Doing something spontaneous, a whole lot of crazy, with a pinch of wild for a concoction that's totally unbelievable. We're young and limber, so why not make use of it. Trying new things, conquering fears, and becoming a more worldly person is what we're all about.  Whether it's partaking in something you'd normally never do, talking to tons of random strangers, or eating new foods, it's all about you doing something novel. Load your parachute, brace yourself and prepare for the rush of your life, take a leap of faith.

People used to tell me that Wednesday was the hump day, I didn't know if that was some sort of sexual innuendo or those whales sprayed water everywhere to celebrate the middle of the week. All I know is I wake up, because my roommate and brother from another mother, has the bright idea of doing homework at 7 am. Let's just say it didn't work out, at all. At that time of the morning I'm like in "drunk" sleep, as in I'm cohesive enough to have coherent conversations, but words like candy, popcorn, soda, and love just get thrown about like a raving mad man. Maybe we'll try it again some other time, but I woke up and headed into the shower to get all hot and ready for the day. I'm talking belting out the serenading sounds of Pretty Ricky, Brian McKnight, and Drake  in the shower. I was hot and dangerous, looking like a denim and plaid picnic blanket and out to break some hearts. I head on over to Biology after almost being run over by an ambulance, that would've been ironic as heck. I can read the headline now, EMT's take out pre-med undergraduate student, son of doctor's - medical malpractice suit filed in wrongful death. After class is over, I zoom on over to HCOL (honors college class) where all this Hume, David Hume, talk is getting more than old. The guy talks about new experiences so of course I had to bring up my love for babies. You know how babies drink like Similac or mommy milk, and then they start teething and can start eating Gerber baby food, that's a life-changing event right there. Straight calcium versus mashed plums and mushy peas. And they go from soiling themselves in diapers, to making poopy on the toilet. Everyone in that class most definitely thinks I'm weird, especially when some car was blasting music outside the window and I couldn't resist the urge to dirty dance all up in my seat. Upstairs to get my life together, and off to lunch with Krabby Patty and Jakey Bear. We're like a tyrannical threesome, judging the J-Ants (a freaky hybrid of indigo jeans/pants), and giving awkward looks as always. Chicken curry, for your boy (sensing a trend here?) and it was time for us to part ways. Not going to lie, whenever I leave my roommate, a part of me wilts away inside. I love that boy. Back to the dorm to hang out during no man's time, and it was off to chemistry for another rousing lecture. It happened again, Mystery Model, the male-model looking dude who engages in a drive-by staring contest with me, struck again, this time, he gave me the Calvin Klein fashion week eyebrow lift. He may have won this round, but beware mystery model, this symbol of man-dom is coming back with a vengeance. Jandro, Krystina, Mireille and I walk to back to our home away from home, literally saying what's up to everybody, it must all that popularity. I took a moving punch from Petey Pablo, the kid better watch his back I'm going for the neck. Done for the day with classes, and I'm needing my daily dose of drama, so ABC Family's "The Lying Game" quenches my thirst for deception, betrayal, and good-looking people being bad. Soon it's time to walk on over to the student center and do something completely out of the ordinary, co-host a TV show. Like WTE who just happens to be on TV, this kid apparently. I was on the verge of hyperventilating, explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting, but no such luck, I faced my fear and waited for my countdown. After ranting about the Emmy's, giving my opinion on summer movies, I brought it all home with celebrity tweets. The best one being Mike Sorentino "the Situation" tweeted "I put the V in MTV" either his cut abs v or maybe it's his vagina. Oh, I said it, and we were live. On to some math homework and chemistry notes and night falls. Everybody comes out of hiding to congregate in the hallway, and playboy, Chasey-Chase'em comes to visit. Chicken wings are ordered, garlic and parm, and Jamaican Jerk (I know) for me, and manhood is restored. The room smelled of testosterone, athleticism, and brash blind courage, it was like an Old Spice Commercial. Typical DP, dougie session with Chase, Jandro, and Krabby-Patty and it was time to call it a night. I'm not one to go places by myself, but I walk the lax bro, Chase, back central campus with a heart-to-heart bro talk, and I lost my chapstick on the way back, fail on my part. Well light walk but you know I was still at a near run, I've seen Lifetime Movies, I know what happens on college campuses, but I make it back to my room, alive and well. Leap of Faith taken, and no backlash required.

Waking up on Thursday was a rude awakening for sure. Thank goodness I had tennis as my first class of the morning, or else I probably would have flat out dropped out of college. I get my jock on, not literally, figuratively kiddies and head on over to the tennis courts. This time the entire gang is here. We work on our serves some more, and play this game, King of Court. Whenever Big Ev serves it's pure fear, like lightning about to strike. Then there's Pretty Boy Evan who finally made another appearance in class, I missed the kid, and he wouldn't let me forget it because our rally was totally beast. I love that class with all my heart, Becky, Gina (who looks like Nickelodeon's Victorious star Daniella Monet), Lysser, Katie, and of course Nasty-Nate. It's just genuine fun, everyone has this Fired Up, rah-rah, peppy attitude, infectious and awesome. I came back home to shower and get rid of hte man stank, only after doing the customary "Jump On It" dance move on the loose block outside. Soon Jandro and Krabby Patty were passed on, this is late morning mind you, and I take the time to watch the season premiere of SpikeTV's Blue Mountain State. It's so wrong in so many ways, but it's so many and so disgustingly foul that it's my guilty pleasure. Soon it's time to head to the student center to meet up with playboy Chase for lunch. A sweet and sour chicken wrap with some mediocre chips, and watching YouTube videos and just palling around until Jandro pulls the biggest buzzkill of all time. The dude grabs Chasey-Chasem's MacBook by the screen and shatters it to leave a spot of messed up pixels, such a party foul. Jandro is now Chase's indentured slave, only he could away with it. We part ways and go back to the dorm but not being super popular by saying hey to Westside Davey, Northside Tanya, Sommer, and even Christopher James. It's great to know people. I come to lay to on bed and study for math class, but somehow I end up passing out. Compound interest functions and exponents can suck a huge one, tell me why I dream of playing Wimbledon against Pretty Boy Evan, I must have been hallucinating. I wake up to Jandro reinserting the window screen after knocking it out with his failure of lacrosse skill. "Bigger" as in classic Biebs gets me ready for afternoon classes. A walk with Lilia and Jimbo grilling Mister Popular about his love life. Somebody wouldn't DTR (define the relationship) just playing the field as he says it. Math class was intense, I finally understood logarithms, like after all my years of high school, my lowly graduate student for a teacher breaks through to me about math. It's not that hard. I freaking aced that test today, I literally walked away with a goofy smile on my face. Tell me why on the bros in that class literally looks like ABC Family's "Greek" Jake McDorman. Why does everyone at this school look like celebrities, I can't even handle it anymore, my heart leaps and I get starstruck and then I realize they're just normal people. After class the Chase saga continued with a quick chill talk before plen. This professor comes in spewing facts about his discoveries on mice exercise, all I heard was Pinky and Brain and images of An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. At least I got to eat Jelly Belly Jelly Beans while hanging next to Joelly-Bear. Again, I realize this kid two rows ahead of me looks like MTV Teen Wolf's "Stiles" as in Dylan O'Brien, I almost freaked the freak out an asked for an autograph. Pull the line and soar above the rest with a leap of faith.

The lecture ends and the Eastside gangs takes to the student center to get our grub on. Some well deserved chicken kashmir (like those expensive sweaters) and we sat in the grown up section, upperclassmen watch out, we're coming for that top spot. Back to the house-home and a cleaning spree turns into a shouting match, as always between me and Jandro. The jackass was complaining about my mopping prowess, excuse me for not being Mister Clean, but I'm not a creepy bald man with a single earring, or the Pine Sol lady, do I look like a hefty black woman with a powerful smell of sense? I clean because I can, not because I have to. Afterwards it was a few games of UNO gone horribly wrong, apparently all of us had different rules for playing creating a language barrier, #awkward. So Petey Pablo comes to hang out, that's one super chill dude right there, and his healthy appetite geeks me out. After trying to convince him he was part black, the lax stick gets passed to Jandro. All you hear is a moan of pain and Jandro collapsing in laughter. Petey took a tennis ball to the sugar cubes and stirring stick, let's just say, his coffee beans ended up being smushed to smithereens. #NeverHaveIEver seen so much pain, an epic ball tap, and Petey's face was bright red, proving his causianality - us colored people don't change colors based on emotion. JaMocha Shake comes to hang out and do some homework, and printer some papers. Every minute spent near that girl makes my heart beat uncontrollably, my palms get sweaty, and my knees go weak. Dear Babe, I may or may not be in love with you. Nonsense ensues. Jandro running around with borrowed under garments, taking beach balls to the face, and just a regularly teenage hang out session with Norio (the kid is getting sassier and sassier, I'll challenge him to something sooner of later), Shan-Dawg, Hannity Insanity (the girl taught me how to Spongebob), Mabby, No-Crap Carolyn, Sam I Am, with a guest appearance by singer/songwriter Ky-Ky. Long night, great time and beddy bye time, but not before a visit from Jakey Bear, and Sparkles. You gotta be ready for whatever, and whenever, life waits for nobody, leap of faith.

Being a teenager is about taking advantage of every moment that comes to you. It's about getting the most out of life and choosing to go out of your comfort zone. We all need friends who get us to try new things and expand our boundaries. Get out there and take a leap of faith.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's something out of ordinary you've done recently? Pretty much my entire college life, I feel so different from my high school years, my middle name might be wild now.


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