The Weekenders

Being a teenager is all about living for the weekend. When Friday rolls around and you can barely keep your eyes open, and all you want to do is head back to your dorm and just get absolutely wild as hell. Sitting in class is torture enough, no elbow room, it's hotter than the African Sahara, and the struggle to keep your eyes open is literally the perpetual battle between Mr. Krabs and the scum known as Plankton (enjoy that Spongebob reference). I'm going to apologize in advance, this post might be one of the longest ones like ever, but it's been a long weekend so suck it up and deal with it. We're kind of the weekenders.

This weekend was the first official weekend of my college experience, and let me tell you it was more than a barrel of monkeys of fun. After my gigantic chemistry class let out, you know I bolted back to the Homeland (maybe you haven't been keeping with the Joteng). Some of the peeps went to a concert by this dude, Brother Ali, apparently he's an albino rapper, with some wickety whack rhymes. It's like dinner time so we head to the new spot, the Marché in the L&L (Living Learning Center, like programmed housing, all I know is they have bomb food). So I grab some chicken artichoke pizza, and the group sits down to eat, two seconds later the fire alarm breaks off and everybody evacuates, but not before we grab all our food. Desperate we sit on the grass just the classic witty banter with Hannah, the girl geeks me out on a daily basis, Ali-Cat the most competitive girl ever, and she's good at everything, Carolyn (keeping it real whenever necessary), Jimbo (the tank), Meatball (cutest girl you've ever seen), Sam (the partner in crime), Nasty-Nate, and Alejandro (the wild ass). The mystery girl walks by, Jamocha Shake and City Boy Alejandro yells at her, effectively embarrassing me. You know I love me anything sweet, so instead of going out, your boy stayed in and ordered some cookies for delivery. Uhm, yeah, I said it, they delivery cookies here, it's kind of amazing. So, there's this girl, codenamed JaMocha Shake for her for long hair and pretty everything (yup, the Arby's milkshake thingy) who happens to live at the end of the floor, but on the Westside. I mean we're kind of involved in a gang war, and nobody need's a college version of Westside story. I mustered up the courage to write note saying, "Hey J, whenever I come from the gym you smile at me and say hi, so I wanted to give you this cookie, k bye, from J" and wrapped a cookies and creme cookie with it. The moment of truth approached and I knocked on baby girl's door, hoping she wouldn't be in but of course she opened it and read the note right in front of me. Uhm, can you say awkward. No worries, she thought it was cute, so all in all it was good. She came over to hang out in the lounge, and PC's friend, double A (Aaron, get it) and Vicki from the upper midwest (upstairs in the middle, duh) and I watched Bunifa MadTV YouTube videos. So much laughter and great impersonation, successful Friday night, I would say so. Your teenage blogger is growing up. I might be a weekender.

I went to sleep with a smile on my face and one step closer to exploring my teenage dream. I wake up on Saturday morning and the group has coupons to get some bagels. We talk the journey downtown, I may or may not be one to complain, but the trek is not as easy as it seems. It's straight downhill and of course I was overdressed, even while wearing a UVM t-shirt, like how is that even possible. So we get to Bruegger's Bagels, where I've of course never been, and I get a blueberry bagel with cream cheese. That stuff was the bomb, and of course I get some lemonade, the price $3.25, not even a large thingy. Dear parents, you son might have a problem. We all sit around on the top floor and my across the hall neighbor Shan-Dawg (that d, a, dubya g) tells the epic story of how she met Tim Thomas, yeah the former UVM student who won the Stanley Cup, so she's pretty much famous for getting a picture with him, and she's my friend, so the fame is bestowed on this kid also. From there, the girl grabs an application at Ben and Jerry's and we scurry for the bus to Wally World or Wal-Mart as normal people call it. Oh my goodness, let me tell you about the ride. So many people on the bus, and I end up standing, Sam was just laughing at me because I could barely keep my balance. I looked like a drunken mess, sweaty, disgruntled and off-kilter. Soon people filtered  off and the 20 minutes got us to the gargantuan Wal-Mart. What did I go to buy you ask, you know just some glowsticks, streamers, balloons, white t-shirts, Kool-Aid and Red Vines, the stuff of champions. The place was packed with college kids and some random characters, however, I did see multiple gorgeous babies. I can't understand why people can ever say babies are ugly, those kids are freaking super good looking and just fun to be around. They listen, smile and laugh at everything, like the ultimate friend. So we clamber back on to the bus where we meet up with the midwest kids like Vicky, Rachel who's pretty rad and happens to be doing ROTC, and Drew-Ski, great bus conversation and we make it back to the dorm. My current favorite 16 year old b-ball playing stud, Baby Tom, PC's little brother, brings us a bucket of KFC and a gallon of Purp Drank. The kid is awesome and hilarious, especially in his black wife-beater and his big ears. (Yes, purple is a flavor)Time rolls on an Shan-Dawg and I watch the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, the TV obsession keeps going. SD, NN and I visit the catholic center to see a westsider, Paul, strum some awesome ballads on his trusty guitar, totally worth it. Finally it's time to get ready for the highlighter party in the student center. Decked out in white t-shirts and glow bracelets, Crazy Jake (our resident DJ) brings out the party lights and plays some jams, while our entire Eastside Gang gets super hyper wild in the spiral staircase lounge, the rave went down. PC came around with Jakey Bear, and even our funny RA Kelsey joins in on the wildness. We're officially the greatest floor ever. We slowly migrate out of the building and I wait behind for Lil, the girl is so kind hearted and humorous. Uhm, more free glowsticks for the eff-yeah Program Board people at the student center, and highlighter drawing everywhere. Hannah and Dan taking some highlighter stripes to the face, and Big Ben with the Frenchman highlighter mustache. Uhm, we take the dance floor first and push to the front. My goodness, it was too much fun. All of us just dancing, making funny faces and laughing. Music blasting, bass bumping and party rocking. Norio and Shy Dan even showed out, tell me why we have such secret beasts. They played LMFAO and you know I blew up. Hilarious dance complete with smizing sessy glares, bumping with sweaty bodies and intense people getting rowdy rough. When the music went from normal to VT dubstep we dipped out after some decision making from Ali-Cat. The floor layed around in the hallway for a while, and the more adventurous of the group went downtown to a party, while the rest of us showered and became new again. Yeah, my clothes were more than sweated out. Classy Carolyn, Twilight Cullen, Shan-Dawg, Pat-Pat and I decide to wait for the stragglers and hang out in the lounge. 3:30 am rolls around and the rest of the posse makes it back, safe and sound. Shy Dan no longer timid, just funnier than humanly possibly and a new scale to  judge everything on. Hannah as chill as ever, and Ben and Ali their usual playfully abusive selves. Westside Jake made an appearance for a long conversation on his ingenius social tactics. Carolyn was killing me with her eye rolls, and Jandro and Model Abby made it back safe and sound. Beddy bye time came at a strong 4:32 in the am, so we the weekenders or what?

Sunday morning, and I wake up to another wacky face from PC and it's time to get ready to head down to beach. Mother Nature is a mean bia, and so rain began to fall to it was back to the L&L for an egg muffin with Sam and our across the hall floor mate Mireille (pronounced Mur-ray)Laundry. Just watched some identical twin dudes sharing some Hood (a brand) milk straight from the container. It was like a mirror, full beards in all. Back to do some laundry. So I've been doing my own laundry since I was 8, independence people, learn it, but the washer/dryer at my house is like legitimate with tons of cycles and personalization. I go to laundry room and there's a do-do, as in fecal matter, stained pair of boxers on the only free washer. Foul as hell, I move it and put my stuff in on the woolen cold wash setting. I transfer the clothes into the dryer, and of course the one shirt I forgot to prerinse before wearing stains all my white clothes pink. Like WTE, I know what I'm doing, but apparently the mediocre machines pulled one over on me. Heartbroken with some mountain fresh clothes, I got ready to play tennis with the majority of the floor. Off to the gym to rent some rackets, and purchase some balls, a fiasco of epic proportions. After watching some intense games, Ali Cat, fierce as ever, suggests we play around the world, wicked awesome idea. After being double crossed by Alejandro, the energizer himself, I was out, bitter and poutty. Shy Dan, the all around athlete, wants to play b-ball so we play a game of knockout, with him getting out first, uhm, oxymoron. Hannah, of course won the thing. Then 3 on 3 turned into 4 on 4 and then 5 on 5 full court basketball game. 6'7" giant Ben is goofy as ever taking basketball to his country boy face. Ali pushing people like nobody's business. Lil, running around with her funny self. Jimbo and Dan running train and making moves. Me, Carolyn and Sam, just kind of there, no worries. Another long shower, yup, broke my record of twice in one day. Din-din with PC and Jakey-Bear, and their cool friend, baguette sandwich and I put my bartending skills to work. Uhm, mix your iced tea with Sprite to make Tite, the mixed drink of this college kid. Krabby Patty and I took some initiative and vaccuumed our room, and the hallway and the lounge, passed it around the floor and were done with all that maid-ish. Downstairs to epic fail at fooseball with Norio as my teammate only to be replaced by good at everything Jimbroni, versus the dream team of Dan the Man and Hannah. Learned some billiards basics with Nasty-Nate, Sam and Twilight and then there was the pizza ordering. Kind of a huge mess, ordering Domino's online was a full production, mushroom and spinach for me with sharing with even some Westside kids. Finally we decide to play manhunt or some kid of chains and whips exciting game outside in the dark. Krystina, Austin and Mitchy-Mitch joined us for an out of control game. Kind of a huge mess, blob tag and running around like mad-men. We ventured over to druggie central, as in the amphitheater to be entertained by some screwed up kiddies, just learning some new things on a daily basis. Weekenders right there.

Being a teenager is all about making the most out of your weekends. College weekends can be anything you want them to be. It's all about managing your life and making your choices. You have to be conscious of who you're around and if you're uncomfortable it's okay to chuck the deuces and scram. Ain't nobody going to judge you for staying sober, substance free or baby-less. Weekenders unite. Oh, and don't forget to vote for Eastside Gang member and UVM SGA candidate Joely-Bear (Joel K. - here if you're a student The Voting Link)

My blog post question for the day is ... best weekend activity? Just hanging out with everyone is more than enough for me.


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