Before The Storm

Being a teenager is all about getting yourself ready for the major changes in your life. College is totally different from high school, and when people talk about independence you're literally responsible for every aspect of your life. It's kind of wild to think about. It's like the clouds are rolling in, the sky goes dark, and it's about to pour, and you're on your own. Manage your urges, rangle your emotions, and tone done your crazy. Let the rain fall down, come clean (BTW, Hilary Duff, as in Lizzie McGuire is most deff prego). Get ready for more collegiate antics and dealing with anxiety. Before the storm.

I have no idea how it's actually possible, but this past Monday was our first time of having class. It was more than a rude awakening, I'll let you know that I was bitter as hell to have to spend more time in class. Same old same old with heading off to biology after saying goodbye to Krabby Patty. Then it was my honors college class where I made my only point of the day talking about how Descartes wanting to redo foundations was just like an HGTV special where they just renovated and added some sparkle whereas, he really just wanted to draft and design a house from scratch, as all people should. Never have I ever lived in a house that we didn't construct ourselves, that'd be weird. So I come back to my dorm room to relax  and once again Jandro is up to no good. All of a sudden I see a big ass cockoroach, yup a fricken cockroach just chillin' next to my IHome. Needless to say, I jumped ship and got the hell out of there, come to find out it was a toy. What kind of person would think to bring that shat to college, only the City Boy, Jandro. So I'm hungry, and I realized my favorite food so far here is the curry chicken, that stuff is the ish. Rice, naan bread, and some spicy chicken curried just right, with a side of iced tea for a beverage. Jandro accompanied me to get it, and we come back to the spiral staircase lounge to eat and soon we're in a massive fight about whether or not Nestea is a soda. No negro, it's not a soda, it's freaking tea, it doesn't have carbonated water, which is what makes soda soda. I may or may not have jumped on the couch screaming up and down "eff your couch and eff you" Dave Chappelle as Rick Jame style, the kid just frustrates me on a daily basis. We got the feedback from multiple people including Westside Jake and Shy Dan (renamed Natty Dan or Dan the Man- the kid is a walking comedy show when he does speak). Night falls, and I wanted to do a little exploring so Jandro and I walk to the other side of our residence hall complex just to read off people's names and say hey. It's a completely different world over there, the rooms are different, it smells of rancid marijuana juice, and everybody looked vaguely familiar but the cloud of druggie puff created a haze. It was definitely an experience and reaffirmed that ain't nobody got nuthin' on Eastside Gang. Sky darkens and all hell is about to break loose, it's just before the storm.

Tuesday morning and I'm up and atom (chem joke, lololol) lacing up my shoes and my stretchy sporty shorts for another tennis class. The class is just awesome, it's fun, I learn a lot every time, and it makes me smell of man stench, as in Schweddy Balls (not the BJ's ice cream flavor). We were learning how to serve and it was an eventful day. Pretty Boy Evan with his quaffed hair and totally matching outfits, I don't know if the dude is sponsored by Polo Ralph Lauren or what, but I want some embroidered tennis gear, I'm talking US Open the Joteng collection. All I know is I was looking at the ground and Pretty Boy Ev- power shotted a full serve right into my ear, NBD, just laughed it off, but of course it would happen to me. Me being clumsy as always, served a ferocious ball right into Big Evan's gonads, yeah, it was that kind of day. I decided to be all proactive and grab breakfast for myself, no bib necessary. I showered and got fresh to death. So I'm in my room just dancing around to Victoria Justice's "Best Friend's Brother" in my plaid boxers (plaid for life, always) with the blinds open, and there's a full class of like ecology kids just plucking weeds or hoeing around something, but yeah they got a whole show that was all kinds of embarrassing. Next time, they'll be paying for that epic striptease. So I had my biology lab for the first time, and my TA is like from India, with an accent so thick you could chop off a slice and slab some butter on it and call it a sandwich. Eff that, I like foreign people, and can relate to them but it's still kind of frustrating to be able to barely understand her. I make it back to the spiral lounge, and guess who's in there Petey Pablo, Petey Parker, or just plain old Pete from upstairs, as in Pissing George's roommate (the story is not necessary) - that's one funny kid, not going to lie, he's got jokes for days. Soon Hannity Insanity brought her charisma and even Big Ben showed his country boy face and we kind of did some homework and told ridiculous stories as always. Nappy time hit, and somehow the group ended up in my room. Sam I am and I wrote our speeches for Hall Council elections and the official gossip talk was in session. So the love doctor has been at work, and No Crap Carolyn, Mabby and Hannity are looking for love, I'll deff be setting them up with any lucky bachelors that are worthy, no player-pimps, no douchebags, and a personality is preferable. There have been a few bros that might fit the bill, but who knows, time will only tell. Thunderstorms and wild winds, right before the storm.

So I saunter off to math class, which is still hotter than hell itself. I don't know if the devil just hangs out boiling our room like a pot of hot lava or what, but I can't handle sitting there sweating like a pig waiting to be slaughtered, unbearable. Afterwards, I had the displeasure of having my first chemistry lab. Like damn, no break for dinner at all, I'm hungry kiddies. So I almost thought I had class with the lax bro dude who looks like Ryan Reynolds and Jimbroni, but no such luck. My TA was actually pretty chill, either late 20's or early 30's, as in old, but not ancient, he had a shark tooth necklace, and his name was Graham (so modern) with a last name of Olgivie (Professor Olgivie from the Moesha spin-off, the Parker's anybody - only UPN). We were assigned lab partner, and I'm telling you, even though I may be perpetually a mess, I have some amazing luck. I get placed with this super chill dude, Dan (so many Daniel's) who I will be calling Danny Boy. A sophomore who I happen to have a lot in common with, we instantly clicked and shared the work evenly, as it should be. Dear life, thanks for being awesome. We finish our lab early and we dip out just chatting it up back from central campus to our world on athletic campus. Time is off the essence and Jimbroni, Pat-Pat, Jandro and I hit up the Marché for din-din. Jandro pissing me off as always sliding salt all over me. Jimbo's friends from high school, triplets no less, join us for dinner with their Shore style - level 5 stalker swoopy haired lover boy in tow. Awkward as hell when people sit with you but you don't talk to them, like get that out of here. If you have nothing to say, then you serve no purpose in setting near me, take that Descartes. I made it back for Hall Council, where talk of projectors, midnight brinners, Halloween festivities and dances were brought up. Big Ben passed out from tiredness, Natty Dan just causing some strife by rejecting the pots and pans idea, IDC, the kid is hilarious. So Sam and I were elected, with No Crap Carolyn, Ali Cat and Meatball making the executive board. Upstairs to have my nightly dance party with Shan-Dawg, thank goodness for her, or my life would be nowhere near as fun. Party Rock Anthem and More the songs of choice. Then there was the ultimate hangout session, where the entire clique along with Petey, and JaMocha just chilled in me and PC's room. Funny stories, Jandro harassing me, that punching game blow for blow which ended in a massive bruise for my boy Jimbroni. Carolyn falling over in a chair, the lightning raging outside, and just a generally chill time, how college should be. After eating a few of Jimbo's maple (of course) cookies, Ali-Cat, Mabby, Big Ben, Jandro, Shan-Dawg and I ran outside to just splash around in the rain and puddles. Childlike and so awesome. Afterwards Twilight took some photos worthy of my modelling portfolio, Abercrombie and Fitch, I'm coming for you. One last bro talk with Sparkles, Jimbo, PC, and I before beddy-bye time, and the storm passed.

Being a teenager is all about working yourself up for nothing. I was super nervous for labs this week and for no good reason. While college may be getting harder, if you've got your solid group of friends and you understand what you have to do to get things done, then you'll be more than fire. X-Men Storm style conjure up a rainbow and call it a day.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your biggest little worry? As of now, it's being able to stay ahead in all my classes, it'd be embarrassing to fail at life, academically and socially.


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