The Homeland

Being a teenager is all about feeling comfortable in your surroundings. College is a completely weird place to be in. You've already got your brand spanking new fam-bam, and you leave the home nest to go out and about to do what you gotta do before flying on home. Leaving your dorm is kind of nerve racking, not going to lie, every morning I feel sick to my stomach to know that I'll have to venture off into the the scary world where nobody knows your name. Uhm, get me the heck out of here and let me and let me head back to the homeland already.

We finally started our classes, and let me tell you, it was nowhere anything it was cracked up to be. Such a mess. Everybody in all my classes just says hey and what not but doesn't really know anything about me, or me about them. We're barely even acquaintances. Then there's that super awkward moment when you can't tell anyone age anymore, as in all the time. You look lost and everybody else seems like they're having the time of their lives. You wonder if it's that obvious that you're just a little first year, wide-eyed, optimistic, and  known for running in packs. Lectures are the craziest thing like ever invented. Please fill me in as to why there are over 200 young adults, squished like meatballs into these seats, elbows touching, legs cramped, and asses uncomfortable from the wooden seats in my chemistry class. Who the heck thought it would be handy-dandy to just hang out for 50 minutes on a flat piece of wood, my booty meat can't handle that. And there's my math class, which feel like your journeying unto the end of world for every walk there. It's on like a slave ship, 50 of us, looking ridiculous and sweating it out, like good gosh, it literally hot as hell in there. Forget reviewing algebra concepts, I want some tall cold glass of blueberry iced tea and a light mist of rainbow water. My biology class is at least air conditioned and I understand what the dude is talking about, however, the desks are so small I look like a gargantuan giant sitting in them. I'm an average sized person, and my notebook barely fits on the ghetto attached table, sketchtastic much. And of course there's my honors college class with Danny Boy, Ky-Ky, Pheebs and a whole lot of other kinds of characters. It's pretty much a constant debate, so many opinions, and such strong, passionate personalities, I can see it getting ugly quick. Today, I compared Henrietta Lacks to a Lifetime Movie, baby girl deserves to have her own LMN True Movie Thursday ya hear. But the kids in the class deff seem cool, Tayna we might be in on the same wavelength, even new kid David reminds me of my old friends from high school just a chill dude, and Sommer, a truly down to Earth girlie. Class ends and everybody peels out, heading back to the homeland.

When it seems like everybody knows everybody, I mean everyone knows literally everyone. And there the random people who happen to know your name, "Oh, we're facebook friends, of I've seen you post in that group" - well shoot, if I know my celebrity status I would already be running this place instead of scurrying back home to the Eastside Gang at the end of each day. But let me tell you, walking back from class at the end of the day knowing you'll get to see the wildness of your floormates is more than enough motivation. I pretty much sprint to get back to my dorm, and that's okay, I've got the clique waiting for me to solemnly swear that up to no good. Like the other, done and done with purchasing random stuff from the bookstore, and out of nowhere my buddy/roomie Pat-Pat (yeah, it changes o a daily basis) comes all skate boarding down to the underground railroad tunnel. It just caught me off guard to even see someone I knew. But let me tell you, it gets better. No, it gets more than better, I promise you'll find your place in college and find people who you really gel with. Everybody is still just as awkward as you, but you'll get there soon enough. Just let it happen, people try too hard to make a lasting impression, if you're memorable (we all are, and don't ever forget it) people will want to know you. Stop the passport and hang out in the homeland.

You've got the moral for the day but the college antics just keep on coming. Yesterday, I went to din-din with Big Ben, Lil who has now been dubbed meatball and penguin (the girl is like a miniature package of awesome, like a full grown Rugrat with spunk and compassion), and Jimbo who just happens to know it all. It's always great to hang out with the group, these kids are too awesome for words. There's never a dull moment. I walked in to the lounge and everyone is playing "Lava" and it got wild, fast, teenagers on tables, shelves and chairs just trying to escape with imagination. Afterwards there was the short-lived but wildly epic game of tag that took place throughout the first and second floors. I'm talking full on speed racer type of stuff, like everybody sweating out their clothes type of stuff. Austin poured on the speed and even Norio pulled a few tricks out of the hat, but it was something I will never forget. It sounded like a stampede and it most definitely woke up the entire two floors, no worries, just the Eastside Gang being wild as always. And of course, there's always the hang out sessions that take place, Hannah (the girl is just cool, like the definition of a cool girl), Model Abby combines to become Mabby (for her ANTM perpetually flustered cheeks), Sam I Am (and that's who she is) and Classy Carolyn holding down the fort. Who could forget Shan-Dawg (Labradoodle breed). Sitting around being silly on a nightly basis has made my college experience so far unforgettable, and it hasn't even been a full week yet. We've even made some friends in other people like Westside Jake or Preppy Jake, and even in our own group Hazel (who I call Nutella, but she doesn't know yet). I'm telling you there is no place like home. Everyone deserves a floor like mine, it makes college more than worth it.

Being a teenager is all about taking a chill pill. College can be more than overwelming, there's so much to and it seems like very little time to get it all done but don't freak the freak out. I've got this, you've got this, my friend is by right (It's Friday). You can do it, and you will do it. Only if you make some friends and stick with them. Your floormates can be your built in security system, but only if you let them be.

My blog post question for the day is ... what do you like most about college? Uhm... yeah, so pretty much everything and everyone. The place is hella legit.

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